Hunt of Flame

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Long time ago, there was a legend called the legend of the Phoenix. According to this legend, the Phoenix lives near Flammel Town and it has what mankind strive the most: immortality. Those who succeed in making the Phoenix do his/her bidding will gain its immortality and also an ally. However, the people of Flammel Town didn't believe the Phoenix's existence and thought it was just a myth. One day, a man came to Flammel Town to seek the Phoenix for his ambition. This man is Kezer Fane and he is known for his mad ambition. The people of Flammel Town think he's crazy for believing in that myth. Because of his ambition, he ignore them and climbs to the top of the valley near the town where the Phoenix was and hasn't return. 3 months later, a boy named Atorie Valiant wanted to prove the Phoenix's existence. Along with his friends, a journey in search of the Phoenix start. Will he succeed in proving that the Phoenix exist?

The Beginning 

  Long time ago, there was a legend called the legend of the Phoenix. According to this legend, the Phoenix lives near Flammel Town and it has what mankind strive the most: immortality. Those who succeed in making the Phoenix do his/her bidding will gain its immortality and also an ally. However, none has ever succeed and the Phoenix has been feared by the people of Flammel Town for centuries. One day, a man came to Flammel Town to seek the Phoenix for his ambition. This man is Kezer Fane and he is known for his mad ambition. Due to his ambition, he climbs to the top of the valley near the town and hasn't return for 3 months until today. No one knows what the Phoenix did to him but they believe that the man must have been killed by the Phoenix. Everyone believes that except Atorie Valiant. Atorie Valiant, a boy known as the Arcadia prince's doppelganger with the same face as his and hence the last name, he isn't afraid of the danger he faced. He is a short red haired boy with black eyes, and tan skin. He always wear brown shirt, black baggy jeans, white laced black shoes, and he has air pilot's goggles. That day, Atorie was looking at the top of valley when his friends approach him. "Do you think the Phoenix will accept me?" Atorie asked him. "Well, I doubt that...I don't think he will accept you as its master...," Shuto said. Ribka and Rekai gave a nod. "You know what...I had enough of just standing around and do nothing. Shuto, Ribka, Rekai, we are going to the valley where the Phoenix lives," Atorie decided. "What?!" The trio said. "Are you crazy?! Do you know what it would do to you?" Ribka yelled. "I know that! But I can't just stand here while the Phoenix is roaming. I'm going there no matter what," Atorie said. "Let's prepare everything! We go there tomorrow by sunrise!" Atorie said. He tells his friends to go home. Atorie runs to his home and prepare everything for tomorrow. "I have knife for self-defense, first aid and some foods for the journey. All right, everything's set!" Atorie said. Atorie look at the window. "Damn, it's dark already!" Atorie said. Atorie closes his bag and go to bed quickly. The next morning, Atorie gets up and take his bag. "Let's do this," Atorie muttered. Atorie takes a deep breath and go outside to meet the others. "Atorie!" Shuto run to Atorie while waving his hand. "Shuto, you're early today," Atorie said. "Ribka and Rekai are coming too...They will be here in a few minute," Shuto said. After a while, Shuto sees Ribka and Rekai from afar. "They're here," Shuto said. "Atorie, we're ready," Ribka panted. "Let's go!" Atorie said and they run to the valley. Atorie suddenly stop. "Uff! What's wrong?" Rekai asked. "We have to climb up. This is going to get rough," Atorie said, looking at the rocky path. Atorie rubs his hand and start climbing slowly. While climbing, Ribka starts complaining. "I never thought that climbing would be hard," Ribka said. "Just keep going, we don't have much time," Atorie said. "(Sigh) Alright," Ribka said and continue climbing. As they get closer to the top, Rekai feels something eerie. "Something's coming," Rekai commented. "What?" Atorie said. He sees a shadow comes out from the stone's gap behind them. "We're trapped!" Shuto shouted. Atorie readies his knife. He tries to attack one of them but nothing happened. "It passed through?!" Atorie panicked. As they panicked, the monster leap on them.

"Heads up!" Someone said. A flying figure swoop down through the monster, and casts enormous light which scares them away. "Wow!" Atorie amazed. The figure lands in front of them. "She's a wizard," Ribka said. "Hey there, my name is Merlinamy. Call me Merlin," the figure said. "Thank you for saving us," Atorie said. "Don't mention it," Merlin said. "Oh, I almost forgot. Since your weapon had no effect of them cause they are what you called ghosts. I'm giving you this," Merlin threw a dagger and Atorie catch it. "What's this?" Atorie asked. "Ritual dagger, that thing can harm those monsters—," Merlin stopped talking when the monsters appear again. "These monsters never quit, do they?" Merlin irritated. A ball of lightning appears on both hands. "Take this, Lightning Bolt!!" Merlin casted. Bolts of lightning destroy them in one hit even when one of them tries to leap on Atorie. "Hurry, get going!" Merlin said. Atorie slashes several shadows as they climb, Merlin also did her best to keep everyone safe. Arriving the top, Merlin and the others hide behind the rock as they saw Phoenix. "That's the Phoenix," Merlin said. "Yeah, Atorie was planning to make a contract with it," Shuto said. "Contract? Wait, you mean you plan to command it just like with a demon?!" Merlin said. "Yeah," Atorie nodded. Merlin look at Atorie's eyes and she can tell that anything she said won't change his mind. "Very well, I shall help you," Merlin said. "Great!" Atorie said. "But, promise me that you will always be you no matter how many spirits you have fused with. You hear me?" Merlin warned. "I don't really understand what you said but I will be careful," Atorie said. "Good," Merlin said. Atorie and the others lean up from their cover. They see Kezer still fighting Phoenix despite its refusal. "Phoenix, I want you to obey me! I will keep coming for you until you finally obey me!" Kezer yelled. Phoenix swing its tail feather on Kezer and Kezer hold onto a rock's edge. "Gah!!" Kezer tried to pull up. While trying to pull up, the Phoenix approaches him and stomp one of his hand. "Aghh!!" Kezer screamed. At that moment, Atorie and the others comes out. "Phoenix!!" Atorie called. The Phoenix turn his head on Atorie, his eyes widened in disbelieve. The Phoenix faces them and walk closer on Atorie. "You...You look familiar...Prince? Is it you?" Phoenix asked in Atorie's mind. "No, I'm Atorie Valiant. I was born with the same face as his, they call me "Prince's doppelganger". That's a bad calling name," Atorie said. "I left the prince many years ago and now I'm looking for someone with the same potential as his. You are just the right host for me. You're now my master, I'm yours to command. Allow me to test if you can control my power," Phoenix enters Atorie as a spirit.  "The Phoenix chose him just like that...We don't even have to fight it," Merlin gasped. Atorie's eyes glow as bright as Phoenix. "First, I want to see what you will do to that struggling man over there," Phoenix spoke in his mind about Kezer. Atorie approaches Kezer who was about to pull up safely. "The Phoenix chose you?! Unbelievable! He chose you instead of me!" Kezer angered. "Kezer, I'm going to punish you for using force to get Phoenix to obey you. Phoenix!" Atorie's voice sounds like a roaring flame. Phoenix  pulls him up to the sky while regenerating flames around his wings. "He's going to burn Kezer! Look away, guys!" Merlin said, covering their eyes. As she thought, the Phoenix sends inferno wind on him. "Is it over?" Shuto asked. Merlin opens their eyes, and Ribka closes her mouth. "How terrifying," Ribka said. Phoenix returns Atorie and he blacks out. "Atorie!" Merlin and Rekai approached Atorie. "Atorie...Why? Why do you choose to be its master?" Shuto thought fearfully while looking at Kezer's ash. "Shuto, Ribka and Rekai, we are carrying him back to his house," Merlin said. Shuto, Ribka and Rekai help Merlin carry unconscious Atorie home.

The next morning, Atorie wakes up and went outside of his bedroom. He sees Merlin sleeping on the sofa in sitting position. "Ah, you're awake," Merlin said. "What happened?" Atorie asked. "You don't remember? Well...yesterday, you were controlled by Phoenix as soon as you made a contract with it and this is what happened," Merlin shows Atorie a small bag of ashes. "What in the heaven?" Atorie shocked. "I did that?"Atorie asked. Merlin nodded. "You burned Kezer with the Phoenix's help to ash and afterward, you suddenly black out," Merlin said. Afterward, Merlin closes the bag and throws it to the trashcan. Merlin pats both of her thighs and stand up. "Now then, before I leave, I told  everyone to gather here. They should be here any minute," Merlin said, putting her fists on both hips. After a while, Shuto and the others arrive and they brought a camera. "Atorie! Merlin!" Ribka said. Rekai approaches Merlin and says in calm tone,"You told us that Atorie has recovered. You planned to leave...Are you?". "Indeed...That's why I told Ribka to bring the camera as a memory before I leave," Merlin said. Merlin puts the camera on a tall round chair and sets the camera. "Done! Everyone gather around Atorie," Merlin said. Shuto, Ribka, Rekai, kneel around Atorie. Merlin kneel beside Atorie and says,"Say peaceful day!". Merlin use her magic to start the camera. "Peaceful day!" Everyone said. Merlin and the others gives a big grin. The camera flashes at them and a photo of them emerges from the camera. Merlin puts the photo in a frame and puts it on the wall. "Well, I'm going back to my world now, see you later. Ciao!" Merlin said and jump in to the time gap. As soon as Merlin left, Shuto turns at Atorie and says,"I'm going home, see you later. Shuto, Ribka and Rekai leave Atorie's house. Atorie looks at the photo. After a while, Atorie tries deep meditating. In the middle of his meditating, Atorie opens his eyes with a smirk. His eyes are yellow and a white streak appears on his red hair. Two shadows looming behind him, one is the Phoenix and the other is a spiral horned demon smirking in the darkness. "Hmhm...I have awakened from my slumber. Let the chaos begin!" the demon said through him.

The End

Submitted: May 19, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Amy Symilton. All rights reserved.

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Vance Currie

This is a very good story, Amy. I could imagine sitting and listening to you reading it to me aloud. The long paragraphs make it a wee bit hard to read, but that is something you can learn with practice. The best advice I can offer at this stage is to observe how other writers format their work, such as starting a new paragraph each time the dialogue switches to a different character. Simple example:
'Is it going to rain today?' asked Sally.
'No,' replied Tom. 'But it might rain tomorrow.'

Wed, May 19th, 2021 10:03pm


I still had a lot to learn to be honest but yeah...sometimes I intentionally make the dialog kinda confusing cause it's hard to imagine a better dialog. Hunt of Flame was the third novel I made in Junior High School but I didn't check it again for a while now. I will probably do a bit of recheck again and see if there's a mistake within the story that I need to fix. After wasn't easy making the opening of the story even after all this years of writing stories cause it also depends on whether my imagination could flow really well or not while typing the story. It's hard to get the imagination flowing nowadays. I thank you for the reminder at least. I will recheck the story again later :D

Wed, May 19th, 2021 5:56pm

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