the last stray

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a young kid who is bullied in school is tired of getting harassed. so a group of kids encourages him to join there club. once he decides to join this club his life spins out of control

Part 1: Taking of the innocent

Chapter 1:Family Matters

Chapter 1: Family Matters

Shark Bay, California

Summer Street

January 14th 2006

Monday 6:00 A.M.

Guiding her cherry red lipstick across her plush lips Noreen Emily Smith Rizzo was getting ready for work. Noreen works at Eco Square a company dedicated to keeping the beaches clean and the marine life safe. Pushing out the chair Noreen stepped aside pushing the chair back in and admired her long green dress that she got a couple days ago.

Turning away from the mirror she walked towards the bathroom door. Opening up the door she stepped into the master bedroom stepping over Rusty the families red, orange sibrian husky as she walked over to the bed.

She picked up her palm pilot seeing that she had a couple dozen emails from work. Not really wanting to reply right away she set her phone back on the bed and walked to the other side of the room where her husband was getting ready for work.

“Hon” She stopped a few feet from her husband, “How do I look?”

Leonide turned around and smiled at his wife’s long legs to her neat hair, “You look like a fresh rose on a beautiful morning day.”

“Ah thank you hunny” Noreen said walking up to her husband and kissing him on the lips, “So what time will you be home tonight?”

Leonide thought for a moment scratched his soft chin, “Not sure captain wants us sitting on the gangs tonight. There making some big moves and we got to stop it.”

Noreen shook her head thinking that these gangs were a problem in the community, “It will never stop” sighing, “I’ll save you a plate for you.”

“Thanks babe” Leonide said kissing his wife on the lips, “Now please tell the girls that I love them and tell my son that everything will be okay” Leonide turned around grabbing his gun out of his safe and put it in his holster, “Call you later babe” Leonide closed the safe and walked out of the room.

Noreen was happy that she found Leonide. If she didn’t she wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

Noreen turned around to Rusty seeing her wagging her tail, “You ready to start the day girl” Rusty barked quickly getting up and ran out of the room with Noreen right behind.

Walking down the hall Noreen stopped at the first door hearing her oldest daughter Sidney humming which meant she was in a good mood. Knocking on the door Noreen stood back with Rusty.

The humming stopped and the door opened and the bright blue eyed hopeless romantic came out smiling from ear to ear, “Good moring mom, morning Rusty.”

Rusty barked

“Morning hon” Noreen said folding her carmel colored arms, ‘You seem to be in a good mood.”

“I am” sidney said flipping her blond hair to the side, “I just found out that Jackson wants to take me to prom. I Can’t wait to say yes.”

Noreen smiled happy for her daughter, “That’s great hon. I can’t wait to see you all dressed up, so do you mind making breakfast this morning.”

“Not at all” Sidney came out of her room closing the door, ‘Oh before I forget I caught my lovely brother in my room reading my diary. Can you please tell him to not read my things when i’m not home.”

“Yes I will” Noreen said.

“Thank you” Sidney kissed her mom on the cheek, ‘Come on Rusty let’s get you fed” Sidney and Rusty walked down the stairs.

Noreen continued on quickly stopping at another room hearing rock music coming from the room. About to knock on the door the door swung open and daughter Camille came out surprised to see her mom.

“Mom hi’ Camille said running her small hands through her black bushy hair, “Was the music to loud.”

“Oh no” Noreen shook her head, ‘Is that Pixie of crap.”

Camille nodded her head, “Yes it is” Camille smiled, “We finally got a radio station to play our music.”

“That’s great hunny Noreen said happily, “Your’re on your way to stardom.”

“Doubt it” Camille said doubting herself, “We had to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to put one song on the radio. Who even listens to Shark Bay Radio.”

Noreen smiled setting both of her hands on her daughters shoulders, “Don’t cut yourself short Cammie. You can do anything that you want to do do even if its a shady way to do it.”

Camille smiled knowing her mom would support her with anything that she did, “I really appreciate that mom” Camille kissed her mom on the cheek, “Now if you excuse me I have to finish getting ready” Camille walked past her mom and quickly turned around, “Oh before I forget found Roscoe in my room playing with my guitar with his cheeto dusted hands. Can you please tell him to wash his hands before touching my stuff. Please and thank you” Camille turned around walking into the bathroom.

Noreen walked into the room admiring her daughters artwork when she saw one that wasn’t like the others, “O” Noreen said sternly, “Who did this?”

“Who do you think” Olivia turned around taking off her glasses, “you say you’re going to talk to him about touching our stuff” pausing for a moment as she stood up, “It works for a couple of and then back to messing with our stuff” Olivia shoved her hands into her red pants pocket, “You should really take him to see a therapist.”

Noreen shook her head, “No I don’t want to do that. I’ll figure something out.”

“”Figure it out soon” Olivia said, “Because i’m tired of having most of my paintings scribbled on” Olivia turned back to her easel and continued her work.

Noreen sighed heavily walking out of the room tired of having her oldest daughters pick on their brother.

Noreen continued down the hall when she smiled seeing her youngest daughters Adrianna and Tatiana came out of there room,

“Morning girls” Noreen said happily.

“Morning mom” both girls said in unison.

“Mom” Adrianna curled her black curly hair, “Can you please tell Ms. Drama queen that girls don’t always have to wear makeup.”

“Well they do if they want to look pretty” Noreen commented, ‘But in your case mud is your makeup.”

“See” Adrianna looked at her sister, “I'm pretty no matter how dirty I get.”

“Whatever” Tatiana shrugged, “I just don’t see why you love to play with the boys” Quickly folding her arms, “Girls are so much better you know.”

“Tru dat” Both girls clasped hands and laughed.

Noreen smiled glad that her daughters settled their little argument, “So What time am I picking you two up?”

“Well Ms. Cladwell the play director is holding auditions for a play” Tatiana said, “So pick me up at 4:30.”

“Okay” Noreen looked at Adrianna, “What about you Daredevil.”

Adrinna took a deep breath, “Bobby’s mom is taking us to the track after school and then she’ll drop me off around five.”

Noreen sighed wishing her daughter would tell her in advance when she was going to the track, “Alright, but please tell Michelle to call me next time when she wants to do that.”

“Okay” Adrianna hugged her mom and step aside so her sister could do the same” 

Both of them linked hands and walked down the hall and went downstairs.

Suddenly the whole house shook when Noreen’s teenage daughter came out of her room, “Mom I cannot deal with that rat in my room” Karman said running her hair through her luxurious blond hair, “Can we please send him to the circus.”

“Karman Angelique Rizzo” Noreen barked, “You’re brother is not a rat and were definitely not sending him to the circus.”

“Okay fine” Karman quickly folded her arms, “Send him to grandma’s i’m pretty sure she can deal with his ass.”

Noreen shook her head, “Karman why do you have to be so mean to your brother. He’s already going through enough at school.”

“Uh he’s annoying, he plays those stupid card games, he reads, and he’s annoying” Karman said.

Noreen threw her head back feeling a migraine coming, “Karman can you please do me a favor just for today.”

Karman knew what her mother was about to ask was going to ruin her reputation.

“Just keep an eye out for him today,” Noreen said, “I’m afraid of what he’s going to do to himself.”

Karman thought for a moment, “Fine, I'll do it, but I better get Green Day tickets and a trip to italy for three months.”

“How about I just get you the Green Day tickets?” Noreen said.

“Pleasure doing business with you” Karman kissed her mom on the cheek and walked down stairs.

Noreen sighed heavily walking towards the room her daughter came out of and knocked on the door and opened up the door seeing her curly haired son reading a book.

“Hi hon.”

“Hi mom” he said putting down his book and looked up with a slightly faded bruise near his eye, “Is breakfast ready?”

“Almost” Noreen said folding her arms walking in, “Sidney is making it.”

“Ew” Roscoe stuck his tongue out, “I hate it when she makes those cranberry pancakes.”

Noreen nodded her head, “So are you going to have a good day at school today.”

“Doubt it” Roscoe said taking a deep breath, “I rather die then go back there.”

“Hey” Noreen barked setting her hand on her son’s arms, “If I never had you I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”

“Sorry” Roscoe apologized, “I just don’t know what to do.

Noreen didn’t either. She had talked to the principal about what was going on with her son, but he said that he had to catch them in the act. Which was bullshit.

“How about this” Noreen paused for a moment, “When they are beating you up think of me beating them up.”

Roscoe smiled from ear to ear, “Now that's going to be funny to see.”

“Yes it is” Noreen kissed her son on the forehead, “I’ll see you downstairs in a few minutes” Noreen turned away walking out of the room concerned for her son’s future.


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