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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of creative writing tweets, including the prompts that they were written for.

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5/20/2021   She loved that sweater. Buttercup yellow, she said it made her think of sunshine even when it was raining. I... Read Chapter


5/21/ 2021   Greed Never satisfied, humanity seizes land in its fits of greed.   (haiku – greed) ... Read Chapter


5/22/2021   Slashed So viciously slashed; stumbling down in red abyss when razor-blade kissed.   (h... Read Chapter


5/23/2021.   Fragments A snippet of memory is all it takes to bring that moment home.   (13 wor... Read Chapter


5/24/2021.   Standing Her Ground She watched them approach, every movement conveying that they would not let her escape.... Read Chapter


5/25/2021.   Quaint The locals seemed to view her as quaint. A bit strange; different, yet harmless all the same. No... Read Chapter


5/26/2021   The Hunger She made up her mind. Hunger gnawed day and night but she’d change fat to thin. &nb... Read Chapter


5/27/2021.   Resisting change - futile... but tempting.   (5 word poem – change)    ... Read Chapter


5/28/2021   Chatterbox She chattered on, words that meant nothing to anyone else - bombastic and verbose. ... Read Chapter


5/29/2021   Disappearance He said he would always be here, never would he disappear, and yet I’m sitti... Read Chapter


5/30/2021   Testing “This is just a test.” So said the announcement. Wrong - our lives on the line. &nbs... Read Chapter


5/31/2021   Owl By Night If I was an owl I’d embrace the moonlit hours instead of sleeping.   (Ha... Read Chapter


6/1/2021   Drama Why the DRAMA every day? I barely dare speak, knowing that my words will be turned ... Read Chapter


6/2/2021   The Kingdom The Kingdom... the Kingdom... What could one say? The whole place corrupt in every way. T... Read Chapter


6/3/2021.   Rickety Bridge The bridge spanned across the gaping chasm; worn, frail - better not look down. &... Read Chapter


6/4/2021.   Melancholy Moment There’s a melancholy moment when she sits and hangs her head, before she shakes ... Read Chapter


6/5/2021   Questions The world is full of questions that have multitudinous answers. It simply d... Read Chapter


6/6/2021.   Tired I’m tired today. Wish I could blame sleepless nights - wouldn’t be true though.  ... Read Chapter


6/7/2021.   Such Cruelty Not one tiny drop of empathy had he. I know, for how else could he show suc... Read Chapter


6/8/2021.   Imprisoned Why would they have tossed us into a cell with a coil of rope? The window is high up in the w... Read Chapter


6/9/2021.   Words As Weapons I’d like to pluck those words, then hurl them - spraying back the bullets... Read Chapter


6/10/2021.   Monument The monument stood, impossible to miss, drawing all eyes towards something strangely c... Read Chapter


6/11/2021.   Sleeves Rolled And Ready One task completed; rolling up my sleeves, ready to take on the next. ... Read Chapter


6/12/2021.   No Rest There’s no rest for me. A wicked previous life? Paying the price now.   (hai... Read Chapter


6/13/2021.   Camouflaged so well; almost as much of a stick as he walks along.   (nature prompt – sti... Read Chapter


6/14/2021.   The Nightjar Not easy to see, the nightjar swoops across skies at dawn and at dusk.   ... Read Chapter


6/15/2021.   A Guardian Chopping down a hazel tree can seriously damage your health, especially if Bile Ratha sees you d... Read Chapter


6/16 2021.   Broken I’ll watch your attempts to break my heart and my mind - can’t break what’s broken! ... Read Chapter


6/17/2021.   Tick...Tock... Stop the clock. Tick...tock...tick...tock... Time passes in the blink of an ... Read Chapter


6/18/2021.   Daisies Daisies on the lawn might get mown down; tomorrow they’ll make their return.   ... Read Chapter


6/19/2021.   Excuses Please don’t try to make excuses for what is inexcusable. It never works, you know. B... Read Chapter


6/20/2021.   Family Feud They never could see eye to eye. And if they should, neither side would admit it, for that feud... Read Chapter


6/21/2021.   Scrub-land I don’t like the term - scrub-land – like it needs cleaning when it’s flourishing.... Read Chapter


6/22/2021.   It’s Hot! The jalapeno looks cool, making the spicy kick unexpected.   (nature promp... Read Chapter

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Mike S.

fine poems based on the prompts, Hull

Thu, May 20th, 2021 8:56pm


Thanks, Mike.

Mon, June 7th, 2021 9:35am

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