the pickup

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

loose girls looking for a cheap night


The Rammed Inn. Real name The Old bush is a notorious gay bar specialising in somewhere to latch onto someone of similar sexual persuasion.
Not restricted just to the gay fraternity but to anybody wanting a good night out with cheap liquor and company just as cheap.
Thursday night is "Grab a granny night" or grandad for the ladies.
Rob, Bill and Ben are frequent Thursday night visitors.
With their names, they are called the flower pot men with Rob the unenviable Mr Weed.
Rob has had a lottery win and is splashing the cash attracting the attention of the newly arrived ladies.
The girls mingle amongst the flower pots and listen to the ongoing conversation.
The lottery winner shoots off to the bar to get the round in again.
Bill exclaims "He is going to have his head knocked in and robbed if he keeps this game up,"
Tracey overhears and questions "What`s with the weed tonight?"
"Keep it to yourself but he has had a bit of a lottery win and is celebrating tonight before he goes on a long-awaited holiday tomorrow."
Bill pipes in "He wanted of us to join him, all expenses paid but I don`t fancy sharing the same room with him let alone his bed."
As the night wears on Rob is getting more and more inebriated much to the delight of Tracey.
She sees a chance to muscle in on the weed.
"So where are you going on holiday then Rob?"
He retorts it is supposed to be a secret.
She offers to accompany him if he wants as she is at a loose end.
"I`ll be no good for you young un, I am away early in the morning and I haven`t got time waiting for you to get out of your bed."
Quick as a flash, she says I could stop at yours.
"I have only got a double bed, You would have to share it."
Bright-eyed she gives him a wink and whispers "That's okay with me."
Arrangements are made for the short walk to his flat.
Putting his arms around his drinking buddies he bids them a good night with a grin.
"Well, I blew that £120 lotto winnings but at least of got my fishing buddy. Whose turn is it to be the lotto winner next week?

Submitted: May 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 oddarch48. All rights reserved.

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