A letter from God

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

The following is inspired by Gods word but is subject to be inn error. I wrote this from the heart and with love to all who read it.

My dear child,

I know who you are and what your going through. I know what has happened to you, and I know where your are going to end up. After all, you are my child and I created you!

When you where in you mothers womb, I carefully and miticuasly put you together. Even before that moment, I had thought of you. I waited for you to arrive long before you were even a thought in your parents mind. And even then I had a unique plan for you.

Many plans have I made for you my child. Plans to bring you love and plans to prosper you.

When you were born, I was very pleased with you. You had the color of skin, hair, and exact look I wanted you to have. I made you so beautiful and you were mine and I was yours.

You began life so happy and filled with joy and a sense of wonder. Just the way I wanted you to be. You are a greater creation then every star, planet, sun, and moon and all that is in them that I ever made. In fact, when you are compared to these beautiful things, I am a saddened and hurt. You are far more beautiful then any of these things. You are in my image.

I know the pain you feel. I know of your loneliness and longing to be filled. Make no mistake my child. Only I can do this for you for all good things come from me. Look around. You can see my beauty in all kinds of things if you can see them.

Many cannot see my beauty because they are too focused on where I cannot be. Where there is evil and darkness, I cannot be. But many times you have sought for me in these places. I am not there. I have always been near you and with what is good. I have always been with my creation because my ways are good and perfect.

May dear Child, man had hurt my creation and because of this, hurt you.

But I wont let you be broken forever. Your full healing has already been prepared. I want to give it to you. I want your joy to be full and your pain to be completely erased. But my healing for you isnt always gonna be for this world. This world will not last, but my kingdom is forever. When I fix my creation, it will be forever. When I fix every brokenness your fall brought you, it will be forever.

Through your life, you made many mistakes. You hurt me with your words of hate towards others, and your ignorance of my clear instructions. You hurt yourself as well and therefore hurt me.

At times you have spoken wrongly of me, and many have misrepented me and misunderstood me.

My words for you have been skewed and twisted.

Sometimes, you have even called my goodness, evil.

Nevertheless, I love you still.

Nevertheless I have seen the faith and instruction your parents planted inside you when you were young.

These things are still there my child, and will never leave you, for these things, faith, love, and truth, are part of me and I will never leave or forsake you.

You have grown beautifully and in time will grow even more so.

The good seeds I put into you will grow and flourish more in time.

Though your faith is small, remember how you have planted in your life.

A seed takes time to grow my child. Does a farmer plant and wait by the dirt until his crop grows? No! He tends to other things and waits patiently.

You are doing well my child. You dont have to be great. For I take weakness and make it strong.

Look how far you've come! I am very pleased!

But be aware. Many wolves seek to eat you. The biggest wolves are often dressed as the gentlest of sheep for they know there craft and how to be crafty. They use you for what pleasure you can give, and try to make you one of them. They eat you until you are useless or until one greater can take your place. Be aware my child for I dont desire to see you hurt.

Be patient dear friend. Be mindful and wait on me dear child.

I am still coming for you and my reward is with me.

Dont give up and love yourself as well as others and as well as me, for those who seek death, I will let them find it forever.

But for my dear children, they will live. They will be filled with there hearts desires. They will never want.

I am with you and for you my loving child and will not destroy you, even when evil is on every side.

I raised my son Jesus who was hated, and just as he was forsaken and killed, so will the world seek to harm and abandon you.

But I am with you always and forever. Your are already victorious. The war you fight has already been won.

I love you my dear child. Endure and never stop believing this. May my peace, love, and joy be with you through Jesus my son for all time.

Submitted: May 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Penetentman. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

This was very comforting. I know many of us have lost our faith. I personally no longer believe what i was taught as a young child.
But i do try to stay strong and have faith that there must be some kind of plan.
You are an inspiration to me.

Sat, May 22nd, 2021 6:42am


Thanks. God wants us to help eachother that's for sure

Sat, May 22nd, 2021 1:55am


Nice Book,it's nice and i'm inspired.

Sat, May 22nd, 2021 12:13pm


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it!

Sun, May 23rd, 2021 3:24pm

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