Bring A Handful Of White Mustard Seeds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

This a famous story which is very much educational and also it mixes with spirituality and reality of the world. Thanks for reading!

Bring A Handful Of White Mustard Seeds


- Indranil Majumder 


Once Lord Gautama Buddha went to Shravasti (an ancient Indian city now located in the state of Uttar Pradesh). There one day in the early morning, he was sitting and perhaps meditating near a river shore.


 Suddenly, a woman (with her dead son) came to him and said, “Oh Lord, please bring my only child back to life.”


 - What is your name, dear?


 - I am Kisa Gotami.


Kisa Gotami was the wife of a wealthy man of Shravasti. After losing her only son, she desperately started to find someone or some holy person who could help her by bringing back life to her dead son. Due to this heavy sorrow, she had lost her mind. Seeing her tragic condition, an old man told her to meet Gautama Buddha. Thus, she came to the enlightened soul to get her dead son back to life.


 But Gautama Buddha refused, he said, “No, I can't do that dear Kisa Gotami. It's the law of nature that anyone who comes to this Earth must leave.” 


 Kisa Gotami then desperately requested him, “But Lord, I will not hear anything like this from you. You have to bring my son back to life.”


 - Alright dear, then bring a handful of white mustard seeds.


 - I will surely bring it right now, Lord.


- Listen Gotami, you have to bring the mustard seeds from that house only where no one had died before.


 - Okay my Lord.


Then Kisa Gotami went to bring the white mustard seeds from the said type of house. 


- Can you please give me a handful of white mustard seeds? 


- Yes of course, why not? But what will you do with that handful of mustard seeds?


- I will give that to Lord Buddha, he will bring life back to my dead son's body. Well, did no one die in your house? 


- Oh my God, what is this girl saying? Is there any house like that in this world? 


- There must be. Now, I will go to another house.


 In other houses, the same thing happened. Kisa Gotami desperately went from one house to another but couldn't find any house where the family member had not suffered from the death of their beloved ones. At last, she realized that “There is no house which is free from death or mortality. Man is mortal. I have to surrender completely at the feet of Lord Buddha. How ignorant I was! His kindness opened my eyes to knowledge today.


After the realization, Kisa Gotami comforted and returned to Lord Buddha.

She said, “I have come, oh Lord.” 


-Have you got the mustard seeds? Please give.


- Lord, you already know that it is impossible to get that kind of mustard seed. There is no such house where death never entered. I was ignorant, you have opened my eyes. Oh Lord, please be merciful upon me, please shelter me to your holy feet.


Lord Buddha smiled and replied, “What is your fear Gotami? Please utter:–


Buddhang saranang gachhami,

Sanghang saranang gachhami,

Dharmang saranang gachhami. 


From now, you too become a Bhikkuni (female monastic) of Boudha sangha.”


Kisa Gotami replied gladly, “ Oh Lord, I am blessed today, I am very much acknowledged.”


- But Gotami, I have to leave for kapilavastu now.


 - Oh Lord, I won't stop you anymore. Have a nice and happy journey.


 “Buddhang saranang gachhami….”


Submitted: May 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Indranil Majumder. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

The continuing lesson is life...loved the piece Indranil.

Fri, May 21st, 2021 10:16pm

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