---> "BEWARE of GANON'S T.V. ZONE ! " ----- Secret Underground GRANDPA: 'Frosty Factory' ! --+-- ''ESCAPE from UNDERGROUND SLUMS #16 !'' --- (Video game: PART 2 - GaNoN !)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

---++------ ''BEWARE of GANON'S T.V. ZONE ! '' ----- Secret Underground Entrance: 'Frosty Factory of GaNoN' ! ---+++--------- ''ESCAPE from The UNDERGROUND SLUMS !'' -- (Video game: Site 16 !) -------- PART II: COMPLEX of GANONDORF ! ------ Secret Underground Grandpa: ''FIND LINK ! ''





"Welcome to Night-ZONE!  My title name is Xari.  I am your  Guide to the Underground Basement Area of Ganondorf's FACTORY and VORTEX Bridge.  Room of Disillusion complete.  To access your map, please mentally select menu and a list of available options will appear on a telemography screen before you.


Lifepower and levels lie in the stats menu.  Leaving Room of Disillusionment.  Now entering Phantasmica Dementia: Dark Factory Chasms.  The Vortex of Paramnesia lies beyond, encircling the ninth dimension of Ganondorf's Bridge," 

A robotic voice resounds from your neckbrace. 



Finishing its speech, it grows silent, the lights slowly growing dim in the neckbrace. 

 An unknown, phantasmic sound resounds forth in a cacophonous discordance from out of the darkness, and you shutter in terror, gazing around fearfully.


 An unidentified, dark void of glittery blackness lies before you, as a bizarre, crooked bridge with a walkway, glowing in bioluminescence, leads forth into another low, crooked passage on the other side of the vortex room.



Glistening pipes are built into the low ceiling of a crooked entrance to an underground area.  - Specks of colorful glitter and shiny graffiti cover the crooked ceiling of the underground entrance.


Nearby, abandoned spiky vehicles and motorbikes  are sitting along an industrial glow-in-the-dark roadway that is leading downwards into the secret blackness.  Neon pipes and large vents are covering the strange industrial walls of the space. 



 Bizarre flashing lights shine on and off erratically from windows in strange industrial factories. 

 Bizarre, glow-in-the-dark churches are built above in the alcoves, in what appeared as an underground district, eventually leading into the beginnings of some kind of industrial slum-works facility.



Other bewildering machines and buildings lay sprawled throughout an underground area before you.

A black and white checkered pathway led along a bulky ledge, speckled with glitter, into the entrance of an underground 'Parking Garage' with a glowing pink mushroom and a pointy Christmas Tree and Mine Entrance (Faxandorf Mine) nearby.

Strange industrial fans, covered in neon snow and glittering icicles, were built into the red-cement walls and were decorated in what appeared as twinkling Christmas lights.



  Much of the space was dimly lit up in these glittering Christmas lights that were strung from pipes, ledges and tunnel openings alike.

Other flashing and sparking neon signs lay shining above waterfalls that were foaming and glimmering in the darkness. 

Pointy and bizarre 'Houses' rested on many of the glittery ledges, covered in aromatic snow, in the frosty chasms down in the blackness below.




Above a neon-lit roadway leading into a tunnel, with neon bridges, walkways and pipes, lies a flashing electrical sign, which constantly changes colors, reading, "To Night-ZONE" in crooked letters. 

 Glistening sparks of electrical brilliancy flash from the sign as it shines from behind the foaming waterfalls.




Another flashing pink sign glitters in nightmarish radiance nearby and it reads, "Entrance Down Into Site 16: 86 Miles!". 


A number of bewildering underground industrial ice-factories are seen in snow-filled ledges far above within the mysterious darkness.

They have bizarre chimneys peeping forth from their pointy roofs, puffing forth in a fragrant steam mixed with colourful smoke.




  Far in the distance nothing is discernible, except for what appears to be glowing red industrial pipes of avant-garde construction resting upon alcoves and snowy enclosures in the darkness above.  They puff out a rainbow coloured steam which is very tantalizing and alluring. 



Bizarre machines, whirring forth in constant activity, rest below in the darkness, on the other side of the walkway, near the next passageway.  Their biomechanical exterior bewilders you, as their form and construction resembles nothing ever seen before. 

 Two long pointy spikes, resembling rabbit-like ears, stick forth from each side of the top of the whirring machines in a bizarre manner.



 Blacklit lights flash on and off from within them.  A red smoke puffs out endlessly from numerous vents and chutes on the exterior of the machine in a curious manner. 



Below the walkway lies pitch darkness, with only a monochrome ladder leading downwards to a crooked neon-walkway.  Nothing else is discernible from far below in the fragrant blackness, except for colorful specks of glitter, like a star-lit night sky.



Directly below your sparkling ledge lies a strange 'Cigarette Machine - Ganondorf's X86' sitting next to a crooked stop-sign and polka-dotted fire hydrant peeping forth from a mound of fragrant glitter.

A flashing neon sign is built onto the graffiti of the bulky wall directly above this.



Further along this passage lies the entrance to the 'Pipezone Vault', which is guarded by a handsome and very masculine African-American gentleman, known as "LINKY", who is the guardian of the 'pipeway vault #1' of the underground.


He is adorned in a glittering 'stovepipe hat' and has sweaty purple hair, with spiky and sleek bangs that hang down in front of his face, and wears a bizarre outfit of many colours!  He also has on a pair of icy-pink, frosted 'industrial boots'.



From here you may select a pipe that will lead you further into various secret regions of the underground 'Matrix of Ganondorf'!


  You may even find your own icy-pink limo or bizarre Mitsubishi vehicle, covered in flashing lights and pointy spikes, that you may use to explore the mysterious underground entrances into the parking garage facilities and ''Frosty Slums'' of the underground Factory of Ganondorf's SITE 16 !




Perhaps even locate the whereabouts of the  legend (map) that will show the hidden entrance down into the  ''Secret Underground Matrix Division''?


 However, beware of Ganondorf's ''SECRET DARK POLICE'' !





  Sparkling darkness reigns supreme and absolute within this unknown underground area.


Glow-in-the-dark syrup drizzles from a vent above, down onto the flashing hair of your head.  Glitter covers your decadent eyes and face.  A bizarre strobe light is flashing on and off quickly from within the dark area that you are standing in.


Sparkling smoke wafts upwards from the vents, glittering throughout the warm, roaring darkness.  It's time to descend.





 Into the furthest regions of the unknown you must embark.  Into an anomaly, known only as  ''THE NIGHT-ZONE MATRIX of GANONDORF'' !.









COPYRIGHT ©2019 Zelda V. All rights reserved.

Submitted: May 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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