Slow motion memory

Tears flow from my eyes.

I look up to a picture that dampens my cries.

A Memory framed from a moment in time.

Thoughts sink deeper as

You enter my mind.

A picture of you at the beach

Is never out of minds reach.  

From the click of the camera

To the tone of your laugh

I slowly remember your beautiful path.

The picture paints a memory of you.

My love paints.

With a different point of view.  

This memory is where we will meet until we are together.

I will find you there in good or bad weather.

Thoughts from that day the sky was blissful and blue.

The sun simmered off the ocean.

It was a special time for just me and you.

Anger, frustration

the fear of us apart

Cuts deep into my heart

Now You travel above to enjoy gods Serenity.

One day we will meet again.

But for now, I will take peace knowing you are.

 in my slow-motion memory


Submitted: May 22, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Samman. All rights reserved.