Ephemeral Stars

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a poem that I wrote about the different stages of life. Life is sometimes smooth and sometimes rough, sometimes good and other times it gets really bad. Here in this poem, I tried to connect life with different seasons. Every stage has a good and bad :)

 Shining Ephemeral Stars


You might say

Yet life has its own way

Carved by every step you take

It makes exquisite mistakes

Yet when the colors of life

They own their ways

When they show you what’s in your way


The awakening sounds of life had begun

The songs of beauty had been sung

The dancing pleasant blissful clouds

The glistering rain drizzled from above

Glimmering spirits and eyes of gold

Like a fiery phoenix, joy was allure

Yet time never waits for anyone at hand

And in this case too, it went to the next land


A magnificent sun burned through hearts

Cloudless nights of haunting stars

Love birds and heat

Like a blazing steady beat

Time seemed not to pass

Yet know, it’s coming with a wild contrast

When the chill of wind gust by

Moving on as it mystifies


You feel you have lived, and lived enough

But life never abides to your rules neither mine, dear love

The flickering of flames had just begun

Yet put out by the cold, it stung

Hazel blades flew with the gale

A feeling of bleak, a dark shimmering veil

Hardships come and hardships go

And time will pass and then comes the afterglow


A leafless cold, a snow kissed shiver

The biting ice, the teeth that chatter

Something seemed to calm you though

With the unending darkness, you have no shadow

Life seemed blissful. Carless and fun

Then came love, thought that begun

Life has stopped bought you to its edge

Now close your eyes and let it end.


Seasons change and so does time

But learn to bend

And love your life

Sometimes it’s hard

Yet happiness comes

Know that you’re not the only one around

Cherish the moments that live on

Remember you are a unique one...

Submitted: May 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sanuthi.N.W. All rights reserved.

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