It's Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

My first writing piece, short story on loss and the struggle of overcoming it.

A girl stands alone, wearing a simple black and white dress. She bears a bouquet of pale red lilies, along with a picture of a clean-shaven man dressed in a red, luxurious tuxedo. 

She leans down and places the bouquet at the bottom of a tombstone, along with the picture.

"It sure is pretty, isn't it, Honey?" she said. Her voice calm and stoic.

"These flowers were our favorite, even if they did" - her finger snags on a thorn - " hurt a little."

" I never wanted to leave, but what choice did I have? Stay here and rot?" A shiver runs through her body; she turns and looks at the hill, seeing nothing but storm clouds above.

"I've never forgotten you, Peter, and I couldn't. Those years we spent together were the best of my life.

"But, I needed to move on. If I didn't, I'm not too sure if I could have lived with myself. This place reminds me of you too much." She says heavily, tears slowly falling down her eyes.

"You know," - she falls to her knees - " I never wanted this, it was just supposed to be me, they said if I did what they wanted, we could live has a family," she says, with tears welling up in her eyes.

"It was never supposed to happen this way; it should have been me, not you-"

"It was though, Margert; you did pay the price," a clattery, raspy voice says from behind. 

Startled, she slowly turned around, facing the person who ruined her life. Dressed in a scruffy tux, with a crimson neck-tie and scorching red eyes starring straight into her soul.

"Don't you dare say that to me! This" - she points to the grave - " was not what we agreed on!"

" We said the price would be steep; we said; you could live as a family after it. You never asked what the price was," he says, looking mildly annoyed.

"But he was family! He should have never died! You - "

"We did what was promised; you wanted to live as a family. Now you can." Gesturing to the grave, looking intently at her, he said: " Did you ever actually consider him family? Did you ever enjoy his company before he died? Could you have lived peacefully, even if he was around?"

"So what if he was a little rough with us? It was just because he loved our family! He wanted the best for us. Th-that's it, he just..... wanted the best for us." she says, slowly turning towards the grave. 

"How could you, someone so heartless and cold, understand my love for Peter!" pouring out her heart; as she collapses in anguish.

"Was that love, though? You seem to think were soulless. You know we have a process to decide the best price for our contractors. We look through everything, from your memories to your history, even considering your thoughts and wishes. This " - gesturing at the ground -" was the best result." It starts to spit over the cemetery.

"Death?" - she mumbles -" That was the best you could do? He had his issues, sure. But he was once good; he still is good. Now though, he's gone. He will never get a chance to change because you freaks decide that the best thing for him was death. As if this was the best for everyone involved. Well, " - she turns around, her eyes meeting his. Her face a mess of tears and makeup, his emotionless and bright - " does it look like it worked out?" She spits out; with as much spite as she can muster. Their eyes lock, each staring intently at the other. 

"Are you done now?" he states, not showing any regard for her emotions. 

"No, I'm not! I might never be!" she shouts, fueled by rage.

"Of course your not; it's been how many times? - " looks down at his watch - "Around 500, maybe more. You start to lose count once the feelings grow numb on you." He says plainly.

"Wha-what?" She stutters in disbelief. The rain has turned into a drizzle, lightning can be heard striking trees in the distance.

"That's the number of times you've done this, comfort yourself, reinforce yourself, and blame yourself for all your problems." He states with a slight frown, clearly disappointed with her.

"But he just died, how could I - "

"Look at the grave; does it seem as if he just died?" He states, rudely interrupting her.

Hesitantly, she looks towards the grave and is shocked at the sight of the bouquet. The pale red lilies have turned into a ghastly white, some withering away, others; barely clinging to life.

"But those flowers were new when I brought them here! How did they just" - she stops; and; slowly looks toward the gentleman - " How long have I been here?" She asks, looking defeated.

"Oh, just a bit over ten years. Though, that is total time. In this attempt? About" - looks down to his watch - " five minutes, give or take a few." He states, looking up at her.

"Oh god, how could I have let this happen? My kids, my life, they're all gone. And you" - walking straight towards the gentleman, stopping an inch before his face, finger pointing straight at his face - " ruined it all! It's all your fault!" She shouts, clearly enraged.

"You know, you really should stop blaming yourself." - clasping the hand pointing at him, lowering it down - " It really doesn't look good on you." He says with a warm smile.

Margert snatches her hand away from him, angrier than before.

"What is wrong with you? I'd never blame myself, and as far as I'm concerned, you can go fu-" 

"Just look at me, would you? Do I seem like a monster? I'd never -"

"You are one! Just look at you" - she looks the gentleman up and down, noting how the red looks paler than before, almost white. Lightning strikes a nearby tree; as she says with batting breath and a sudden realization, "Pe-Peter?"

"Heh, you got me." He says with a slight chuckle.

"But how you're dead. You - "

"As I said, stop blaming yourself." He says, gently grabbing her hand.

She loses herself in thought for a few seconds, processing and understanding his words. 

She comes too, realizes that " I've created this, haven't I? Everything."

She looks around at the world; the pouring rain; the thundering clouds above her, the countless graves in the cemetery; the dead greenery around her.

"Took you long enough; every time you hurt yourself, it hurt me just as much. Eventually, I almost lost hope you'd ever realize it; did lose it, I guess." He states, looking sad at the ground.

"How can I face myself, the kids, you. Oh god, I hurt you so much - "

"Yet you're here now; you've realized your mistakes and, you're fixing them. That's all you can do." He says, looking into her eyes with a smile she hadn't seen in a long time.

"But - "

"Nothing, stop being so hard on yourself. You can at least do that, coming from yourself, right?" Said with a gentle smile.

She sighs, looks at Peter, then herself, and then out in the distance at the hill.

"I can try; it would be better than this." She says, gesturing towards her surroundings.

"Thank you, love. Guess it's time, isn't it?" Choking on the last of his words, as everything slowly fades away.

"I never had a choice, do I?" Tearing up, slowly starting to cry.

" None of us ever do, but that won't stop us, will it?" He says, the last words she'll ever hear from her love, as he slowly fades away. 

Smiling, as the real world starts to appears before her, she looks up and says, "No, it won't."









Submitted: May 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Novice Ovice. All rights reserved.

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