Requime in Red

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the death dirge for the republic party can be heard across our nation.


By Al Garcia

The death dirge for the Republican Party can be heard across our nation.  It is a sad commentary on our political system and on our politicians.  Its lament echoing through the halls of Congress, and in the hearts of all Americans who once believed in the party of Lincoln and the emancipation of the American spirit. 

The unholy alliance of white supremacists, conspiracy enthusiasts, Nazi sympathizers, pandemic deniers, and misanthropists of every kind, type and color, are ushering in America’s new Age of Absurdity.  And caught somewhere between bewilderment and confusion are lethargic Americans, unwilling to question the unfathomable truth, that America has been hijacked and raped of its virtue and long-standing democratic tenets.

The legitimacy of our heritage and our legacy is currently at odds with the alternative facts and fringe beliefs and ideas of the far right and peripheral outcasts that are attempting to “save” America by destroying and extinguishing its very essence from within. 

The Republican Party is defunct and now obsolete, but still undead.  The walking dead within the vestiges of the withering Party are attempting to grasp their last breath at the expense of what is left of an institution of storied tradition and once towering principles, while ruthlessly tearing down the character and reputations of those few true Republicans left standing.

The red-capped counterfeit defenders of our democracy, have become the very enemy they profess to loathe and abhor.  They have become the terrorists and fanatics who would burn down a nation in the name of patriotism and misguided nationalism.  They are the enemy let loose within the sanctum of our republic.  They are the antagonists, connivers and conspirators who betrayed the heroes and legends who sacrificed all for the selfless idea that became and nurtured America.

Republicans have no place to hide.  They have exposed the hypocrisy of their state of mind and their state of being -- existing in a constant state of anarchy and insurgency.  A dangerous and treacherous posture for the state of our Union.  The Republican Party has sowed the seeds of discontent and distrust, and now they reap the disdain and contempt from their fanatical disciples for democratic norms and the rule of law.  And, instead of realizing the threat and danger of their words and actions, the Republican Party has doubled down on its egregious lust for power, control, and the hearts and minds of weak and gullible simpletons.

The Republican Party is dead.  You can hear it, see it, and essence it, as it attempts to snatch and eradicate the very foundation of our democratic way of life – our vote, our voice, our heritage and our legacy.  The Party that once espoused great thoughts and ideas, now championing and embracing the worst of human conduct and action.  It is now the Party of hate, of division, of greed, corruption, iniquity and the debauchery of the human spirit. 

The tragedy, unfortunately, is that there already exists and have existed in the past, governments and nations of cult-like regimes, supported by unthinking and obedient followers who have been betrayed, slaughtered and enslaved simply because they believed in a man, and not an idea or in ideals that outlast the greed and evil in the hearts of men.  America is a Nation of patriots and heroes, not a Nation as the Republic Party would us to believe -- a Nation of sheep, waiting to be led to the slaughter.  More importantly, we are a Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The time is now, for true Republicans of conscience and principle, to seek redemption from the stains and disgrace of their Party, to reform and restore the Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Warren and Reagan.  It is time to repudiate and reject the dishonored party, as well as its insurrectionary agenda, and form a party that embraces the best of what was Republican tradition, practice, belief and convention.  Call it the Lincoln Party, the Conservative Party, the No-Nonsense Party -- anything but the Republican Party. 

America needs a two-party political system.  Two parties that speak to one another.  Two parties that argue, debate, deliberate and mediate.  In other words, just like it used to be, when Democrats and Republicans believed in the same thing – American democracy -- not the overthrow or subjugation of a nation through intimidation or insurrection.

Submitted: May 22, 2021

© Copyright 2022 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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JE Falcon aka JEF

Growing up a Democrat and being a former Republican, (Now an independent for some of the reason you have noted.) I agree with much of what you say here.
I believe that there are Centralist Democrats that would join such a party too. They are Democrats that feel that their party has lost touch with the working class and are blind to what the country really needs. --- Good essay...

Sat, May 22nd, 2021 7:01pm


Thank you for reading this. This is my first day on this site. Looking forward to see what happens.

I write quite a bit, so I'll be posting a lot of my original writings, poems, essays, commentaries, and certainly recollections and memories of my Vietnam days and the many friends I made there.

I do appreciate your time and your comment. It's hard sometimes to expose one's self with their words and thoughts for all to see and read. A comment like yours makes it a lot easier.

Thanks again.

Sat, May 22nd, 2021 1:44pm

B Douglas Slack

A great essay, Al. I am also a Vietnam-era vet and have watched our nation descend into madness so far that at times I wondered if we would ever gain back our national prestige. In four short years we went from a preeminent country to one which became a laughing stock. With care and a watchful eye on how we proceed, I feel we can gain back our status. it may take years, but it can be done.


Sat, May 22nd, 2021 9:00pm


I was hesitant to post this because of the subject matter. However, my writing and my words define me and explain me. And, it is up to the reader, in this and any other of my writings, to think, and decide whether they want to hear me, or listen to what I'm thinking. This is only my thought, and my point of view. Everyone has to decide for themselves.

So far, reaction has been very good and positive. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

Sat, May 22nd, 2021 2:29pm

En Raiter

I did enjoy the spirit of this essay. Personally I’m neither Republican, Democrat or independent, but I do vote and pay attention to politics.

I’m confused you state the Republican Party should go back to the days of Reagan. But the list of issues that we’re seeing today gained precedence under Reagan. Lastly, I think its the fault of liberals not only for trump being elected, but also for his presidency being as heinous as it was.

Both parties have sold out the people in equal degree, just the democrats have done it more subtlety. Both have sold out the people to corporations and the finance industries. From even before Reagan to probably after Biden.

The only solution is Anarchy and the Christ system

Tue, June 22nd, 2021 8:01pm

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