The Speed of Earth

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

No idea. Really. Just wondered how fast the Earth Rotated around the Sun!

The Speed of Earth


By Alexander Guinevere Kern




A minute more or less on the sidereal

Becomes Romance slipping in sideways

10 minute ablution - 30 seconds of Chanel

18.5 miles per second Face Painted.

45 minutes Mirror Sartorial.

Earth tries to leave the Sun’s Power gravity

Like I try to leave you, but can’t.

Wind me back to my station, Sun god.

“We had to put them all to sleep

In order to adjust their Sun,”

Said a Soul In Past Life Regression.


One wonders about fiery smoke

With all those celestial rotations.

67,000 miles per hour is fast - isn’t there

Some class of action, resistance, traction?

Where’s the freakin’ brakes on this

Runaway Solar System? Now!


Watch me slide sidereal out of Sight.

World-wide knowledge, fibbing

At 1,000 miles per hour about our capers.

Expression of Appetites, secret-keeping lovers,

Chanel #5 I stole from my dead Momma

What is the mph of an Astral Vigor Demon?

Your girl is 1,000 miles from here, Djinn.

Can you smell my sin? My Ticklish Grin?


Tours along the Equator, I like Brazil

At 460 meters per second, smiling,

Loving your Tattersall vest, vast chugging.

Downing Cachaca, too sugar cane for me.

Baby, you’re so sweet, is that Rum

Hidden In your Smoking Silver Pocket?

A knife? A private flask? So Brand me.


Although I carry one with a Raven mount,

You fly too fast for me < pause > Zap!

I ponder the epileptic son of a Hollywood

Gal, went to bed, woke up dead. Hit Heaven

In a split second. The Night Light Angel,

Flicking, Blasting Seizures like

Lightening bolts in his head. Went Home

His birthday yet! No time for a hot cigar.

Wild dance with me in his honor?


I love our mornings slow, black coffee, no

Hand-held whore device, spreading her data legs

For our rapt attraction - a trillion

Trillion of Pixelated smiles, Borgian tropes.

Our Status? Love. Refined Sojourners,

Valises, umbrellas, booze, Doc Martens.

Passports, current currency, Red-eyes,

Maps refolded and forgotten. Now!


Not a spicy note, warm, damp palms,

Sandal leather odor, rising church bells,

Walls of plaster Saints, blowing God

A realm of kisses. Kiss me, fast, now slow. Go!

This is Mexico now, after all. Whoa!

Dead Saints under glass, dried flowers

Preserved incorruptible for over 100 years.


2 Billion computers delivering

Trillions of chaotic content, as Earth, Sun

And Solar System orbit the Milky Way

At 140 miles per second. Thoughts?

The Energy of thoughts and kisses -

How fast do thoughts move jazzy in the brain

Some at 156-270 miles per hour.

I love you, roasted, just that fast! Wow!


I think of mighty Earth Man, Dirty Dude, you -

Gold dreadlocks, twigs, glass beads and feathers,

10-15 times per second - the humming bird’s

Wings beat. How fast does my heart beat?

The sparrow’s bird’s nest over your pool.

Blue eggs hatched when we were’t

Watching. Nature’s fast dial Delivery.


2001 FO32’s Asteroid’s in town again

A chunk of whatever ice and lava

Asteroids are made of

Barging around Space, thinking of nothing,

Forced along by Mysterious Forces

At 76,980 miles per hour. How quick

Did I trip over your Birkenstocks?

On board the starry QE II?


Just fast enough for you to catch me.

King of all my Four Directions,

At the speed of Holy God! ShaZaam!

Let’s go to Hell in Greece. Amen!


To be continued . . .

Submitted: May 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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