bewitching venom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

2 am

You’ve come to take me again


Your heel prints upon my mattress 

My peace turns to your madness

I become as wee as the little hare Alice


Creeping in the shadows of my blind spot

There is always the same nagging thought

Spreading faster than black rot

It bites into my flesh leaving the blood to clot 


For I am but a prisoner of bone and cells

Always falling victim to the alluring ways of your spells


They blur and bleed into each tranquil dream

Poisoning myself made heaven

With your 

Bewitching venom


3 am

You’ve made my room your den


Tugging me down off my pillow
My nausea creeps and comes with a bellow 

The blankets torn away like thin phyllo


Never going away till you're done

My terror is your ready made fun

For your only enemy is the punctual sun

However before then I can only wish to run


For I am but a kite in ballet slippers spinning about

Always helplessly gliding through the ceiling air with the same peculiar route


It's a violating feeling that seeps through my sickened flesh

Leaving me weary at your never-ending vendetta

With your

Bewitching venom 



You're an enemy more inescapable than wicked men


I now fear what is supposed to be a peaceful escape

Never will I know your exact shape

My sanity you pluke off me like a grape


I try to say no before you start

You are of no heart

There is no beauty in your art 

In my life you are sadly a part


For I am but your unwilling person

Always you are trying to lengthen our song by putting another verse in


It is what haunts me even when you’re not here

You will always be a soulless being that will never be welcomed

With your 

Bewitching venom

Submitted: May 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Natalie McKenty. All rights reserved.

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