Right place for the weaknesses

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We see strengths and weaknesses as a part of a personality. In our minds, we associate strengths as something good and weaknesses as something bad. What if we change the way we see our weaknesses? Instead of removing or overcoming our weaknesses we use them in a way that they serve us.



"You're so quiet all the time. Speak up! you badly need to speak up."

"You talk too much. Let someone else have a turn this time."

"You're too much into your looks."

"You're just so careless about your appearance."

"Don't just blurt out the first thing that comes into your mind. Think about whether it's appropriate or not."

"Don't be afraid to speak your mind. You might have something to say that someone badly needs to hear."

"You just dive in without thinking and planning, you might get into danger someday."

"Oh my God! you spend too much time in planning, and thinking and rethinking that sometimes there's not much time left to do anything."


We hear all these opinions, suggestions, criticisms, and advice when it comes to personality building, public dealing and personal growth. Starting with overcoming your weaknesses altogether first is overwhelming and not effective in the long run. Initiating the work of personal development with your strengths is much more appealing and effective in the long run too. Polishing your strengths so much so that they outshine your weaknesses is a good idea. It is practical and easier than overcoming weaknesses.

Do we really need to "overcome" our weaknesses? Are our weaknesses a fatal enemy? Why do we see certain personality traits as weaknesses? Are our weaknesses getting in the way or are we getting in the way of certain traits that can help us? We just need to find a way for them to help us rather than hinder us in our path.

I'm sure you know about Tim Ferris and his golden advice of fear setting. Just like goal setting is needed to achieve goals similarly, the fear setting is needed to avoid problems and tackle any challenges that you may face in the pursuit of your dreams. You can call it a plan B. Plan B is not about changing the destination, it's about changing the pathways, taking detours if needed. Fear in this case is not a weakness. It is not an enemy. It is not a problem. It is not a hindrance. It is your assistant in being proactive with your pursuit.

Human beings are very complex beings. You can surely find the place for all your personality traits. For example, your quiet nature is considered a weakness in social situations. Instead of overcoming your silence and becoming an outspoken person, you can enter the discussion from the listening side. You can ask questions. You can ask other people to share their stories and opinions. People love to share. You can become a counsellor or a researcher or a meditation guru. You can thrive in the fields where silence is a great asset. 

Being too much into your looks is not a weakness if you're pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Your friends rely on you when dressing up for important occasions. If you're a fan of the American Sitcom "Friends" then you know the character, Rachel Greene. Despite some of her friends considered being too much into her looks as a flaw, it actually served her in her career and on multiple occasions she helped her friends look presentable.

If you're someone who easily gets brainwashed and influenced. Please, make solitude your friend. I'm not saying don't socialize or don't make friends. What I'm saying is that after any social engagement, give yourself time to engage with yourself. Contemplate what influence you are having on other people and what influence they are having on you. Journal or meditate. The good thing about this is you can choose the environment and people whose influence can help you in your journey. You can support great causes. You can get inspired easily and your inspiration can uplift people around you.

Let's talk about procrastination. This is something I'm particularly struggling with. Do you really think we procrastinate because we are lazy or we don't have the discipline? I don't think that is always the case. Yes, sometimes it is. Ok, most of the time it is. We get overwhelmed by the impact of the work. Sometimes, we are too stressed out about something that we give in to procrastination. Is putting things off always bad? Do we really just have to "overcome" it? Can it be an indication that we need to drop the project altogether? Maybe it's an indication that we need more clarity on the issue at hand. There is a difference between fantasies and dreams. Are we chasing dreams or fantasies? Maybe we need to be better equipped before diving in. We know that procrastination is a great hindrance. My point is instead of seeing it as a problem, if we see it as a symptom, a warning sign, we might be able to make decisions whether to continue on the same path to change the course completely. This rethinking can speed up our progress.

In the end, I just like to say that instead of fighting some of our personality traits we can be curious about them and change the way we think about them. Our weaknesses are not just to be "overcome". They can become our strengths. If it helps we can change the language around these traits. Instead of saying weaknesses, we can say potential strengths.




Submitted: May 23, 2021

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