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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

I am Enid. I am a mage. I am an adventurer.
I was with my fiancé, hunting a monster, when we found ourselves cornered against the Jade Chasm, an immense pit no has come back from alive.
Before I knew what was happening, my fiancé used me as bait to escape and pushed me towards the monster. I and the monster fell into the chasm and we both splattered against whatever was at the bottom...
But I awoke. Not alive, but risen as an undead; a skeleton. I can still use magic, new magic even, but my old world won't accept me as I am... especially since skeletons can't talk (something I really need to fix).
And out there, somewhere, my ex fiancé. The man who left me to die, and I did.
But still, I arise. Other undead, mindless compared to me. Awaiting direction.
Awaiting a ruler.
I am Enid. I am a mage. I was an adventurer. But now I rise to be a Lich Empress. And with the growth of my empire, I will have my vengeance.

Table of Contents

I didn't make it

I think my leg is broken.  It is raining heavily in the marsh, as if it wasn’t already wet enough. Thick mud clings to my boot... Read Chapter

Captain Flowers

The good news: I found my staff. The bad? It’s broken. Worse, it might as well be compost. The wooden shaft has almost rotten away comp... Read Chapter

My Leg is Definitely Broken

Goal set for the center of the Jade Chasm, I take my first step forward. And my left leg immediately snaps in half. I catch myself as... Read Chapter

The Residents of Jade Castle

Rolling towards me is a makeshift wheelchair composed almost entirely of wood. Sitting in it is a skeleton with a dent mark in his skull ... Read Chapter

A Skeleton for my Skeleton

So apparently I almost killed myself. Skitt pointed out something to me about being a skeleton that really should have been obvious to me... Read Chapter

Not even a Memory

We wait for the Blooming Beast to pass. It descends upside from a large tree branch like a spider cresting from its web. This Blooming Be... Read Chapter

What I am

When I was nine, I broke someone’s leg. The merchant’s daughter that pushed me down the stairs. Even though it had been a couple year... Read Chapter

Step One

It hurts more than I expected. After Skitt and Rend had worked together for a few days to pull out and smelt down the endo-skeletons to m... Read Chapter

Teaching Time

How many soldiers does it take to count as an army? Squads, platoons, battalions, etc. How different are those terms in size? I feel like... Read Chapter

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