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These are a collection of Idioms,

The Lamb

The lamb is Christ who was crucified on the cross for the remission of sins.

The Lamb as an idiom stands for an innocent person who is punished.

Many a lamb has been slain in this world.

Potiphar’s Wife

When Joseph was taken by the Egyptians as a captive, he was employed in the house of Potiphar. Potiphar’s wife wanted to sleep with Joseph and lured him, but Joseph did not relent. Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of molestation and had him put in Jail.

Potiphar’s wife as an idiom means cunning seductress who brings the downfall of a person.

There is many a Potiphar’s wife in contemporary society.

Jacob wrestling with an angel

Jacob of the Old Testament wrestled with an angel and did not let go till he was blessed.

Jacob wrestling with an angel as an idiom stands for a divine blessing.

I would like to be Jacob wrestling with an angel.

Laughing Bishop

Laughing Bishop as an idiom stands for accumulation of riches through a windfall.

I would like to experience the laughing bishop in my life.

Submitted: May 23, 2021

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