Heaven's Gate

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We are bombarded with the dos and don’ts of how to get to heaven and walk through Heaven’s Gate. We are lectured and pontificated to. We are groomed, tutored and prepared for an audience before the Master and Creator.


By Al Garcia

We are bombarded with the dos and don’ts of how to get to heaven and walk through Heaven’s Gate.  We are lectured and pontificated to.  We are groomed, tutored and prepared for an audience before the Master and Creator.  We are told to be prepared for the judgment day to come.  We are told to discard our baggage at the Pearly Gate and enter on bended knees.

And the words to salvation and directions to the land of wonder and splendor, and of everlasting bliss, uttered by simple mortal men, self-chosen and ordained to promise and assure that which they themselves can only speculate and ponder like you and I, and all the rest who look up to the stars and see the vastness and the boundless realm of existence and continuation beyond our imagination.  We are told that they, and only they, are the purveyors of His Word.  We are led to believe that only they can describe and detail the hereafter and direct us to the road that leads to His Kingdom. 

But, like the perfection of all creation, there is in each of us the predestined answer and the chart to how to get to heaven.  The compass is within our very being.  Our dues have been prepaid.  Our admittance proclaimed and preordained.  All we have to do is stay on the road and on the path that takes us to our destiny. 

We are born.  We take the first road that we see, and follow it through our childhood, weaving and zigzagging along the way, but never venturing far from the meandering road.  His road.

We then reach the years when we profess to know everything there is to know.  It is the age of adolescence, of discovery and of questioning.  It is the time when we see the many paths and roads that branch out from His road, and it is the time our arrogance and conceit tempts, seduces and eventually lures us from the endless road ahead to places and spaces to be explored, and at times deplored, and at times acclaimed.  But always with our eyes and our compass pointed to the road that will lead us back to where it all began – to the first road that we saw when we awoke from the womb and breathed and felt the muddled and turbulent reality of our existence.

Finally, there follows the years of contemplation, recollections and regrets.  This is the time of our renewal and our awakening to what lies beyond the confines of our being.  It is inborn in us to understand and accept the withering and waning days of our existence.  For some, these days are restful, pleasing and reassuring.  For others, they struggle, strain and labor to find the road that was left behind.  A hint for those that find themselves lost – always make a right turn at the crossroads – it will always lead back to His road. 

In the end, it is easy to respond when asked “Do you know the way to Heaven?”  It’s as simple as one, two, three.

One – stay on the main road as long as you can.  Avoid the exits and the detours whenever possible, but enjoy the scenery and the view, and stop when possible to appreciate those that you meet along the way.

Two – if you venture from the road, it is wise to understand that no matter how far you’ve veered from His road, and that whatever has been said or done along the way, there is always a path that will lead you back to the right road.  It is just a matter of following your heart and the light of those that shared your journey. 

Three – once back on His road, take each step with confidence and reassurance.  Let go of all the human baggage and obstructions accrued in life – like hate, envy, pride and arrogance.  Listen with your heart and speak with your soul.  And when the warmth of the light embraces the depth of you, you will be at Heaven’s Gate.  Simply open the Gate and walk right through. 

Heaven’s gate has no key.  It is open to all who seek shelter from the brutality and harshness of life.  No membership required.  No color barriers.  No age requirement.  No credit report or bank account needed.  All that is demanded is a heart and soul – pure or blemished, tarnished to gleaming. 

Heaven’s gate – you can’t miss it.  It is the glistening and shimmering gate at the top of the hill. 

Submitted: May 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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