Proxima: Rebellion

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The humans took everything from him. They took his world, his family, his identity. It's time to take it back. It's time for rebellion.

In a near future, humanity has joined the ranks of the galaxy's other space faring species. In their expansion, none are spared. Conquering all they can get their claws into, human extremists never hesitate- not even when face to face with another sapient being.

The ahresh were a peaceful people. Having not raised a weapon against another species in nearly a thousand years, they were an easy target for human militant operations and extremist groups. They fell quickly in the face of superior weaponry, their world quickly falling into ruin and destruction as militant groups from Earth overran their cities.

Forced into prison camps- a convenient way to tuck them away until they died out- the ahresh were hopeless. They'd all but lost their will to go on. That was, until what could only be considered a miracle occurred. A child was born. A hybrid son of a human man and an ahresh woman. Ha'zai Maaik- the face of unity. No one truly knew if he was born of love or violence, but military leaders saw the potential there was in a hybrid. It would earn sympathy- it would gain allies.

Ha'zai grew up in war, surrounded by it. He was molded in violence and tried by the fires of war. He has never known peace. With the war still raging after a hundred years of occupation, Ha'zai is ready to bring it to an end. Now an adult- and a commander in the Ahresh Collective Initiative navy starship fleet- he finally has the means to make that happen. Alongside allies- both longterm friends and unlikely partners- he is determined to set his people free. Will he be the savior they need or will he let the once vibrant ahresh fade into history?

Table of Contents


1 Rain. It seemed like here, all it did was rain. The soil stuck in clumps to his shoes. He frowned, blue eyes trained on the tracks ... Read Chapter


2 Five hours passed quickly for Ophelia. What was supposed to be a three-hour endeavor had drug on for hours longer than she’d hope... Read Chapter


3 Time ticked by too slowly after that as Ha’zai mulled over the answers he would give to reporters after the ceremony was over. He... Read Chapter


4 Ha’zai felt his jaw clench. He stared daggers into her as she approached them on the stage. She strode up to them in an identical... Read Chapter


5 Ha’zai, once aboard, found himself to be quite un-fond of the transporters on Lo. On Proxima, shuttles felt a certain way. In spa... Read Chapter


6 The night seemed to pass slowly from that point. Ha’zai drank until the bottle was empty. He slammed into the coffee table with h... Read Chapter


7 Ophelia did as she was told. Ha’zai’s harshness did grate on her nerves a little, especially after what seemed like a form of k... Read Chapter


  8 The crew sped through the air in their shuttle. Less than twenty minutes. Time was dwindling and Jhada and Ka’iil coul... Read Chapter


9 The night following their fight, Ha’zai once again found himself alone in his quarters, wondering why he was thinking- yet again-... Read Chapter


10   After Ha’zai registered what he’d done, he ushered Ophelia out with such haste that one would have thought there wa... Read Chapter

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Great Writing!

Sun, May 23rd, 2021 12:40pm


This was a very engaging opening chapter. I felt thrust right into this world and look forward to reading the next chapter!

Sat, June 5th, 2021 2:48am

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