A Miraculous Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I had this idea for a three panel comic. But I'm not great at art. So have a 2.4K word first draft written on no sleep at 6 am. Enjoy!

A Miraculous Heart



Sora had gone searching for Kairi. That much we knew. And he found her, but in the process, Sora himself was gone. But what we never knew is what happened between. This is but one possible story.


(Author's note: This takes place after KH III, though I am obviously taking some liberties. On the Miraculous side, this takes place early Season 2. Or wherever in the timeline you, the reader wants to put it. Given, you know, Miraculous.)




Sora followed the pull of his heart and landed in a world that both felt familiar and yet... Not. Something was off. Was this where Kairi was? He wasn't sure. But he intended to find out. He stretched, plastered a happy smile on his face, even though his friends weren't there to see it, and set off. 

This city was so familiar, he could almost place it. Almost. Like he had been here before. He rested a hand over his chest. Had he been here before? Or had one of the people who had shared his heart been here? Was that why he felt like he should almost know it? No. Well, maybe. But that wasn't it. It was his own memory. Probably.

Sora looked around at the people on the street, looking for someone to talk to, someone who could tell him where he was. And if they had seen Kairi. He spotted a pair of people talking across the street and headed towards them. But as he got closer, he realized that something was as off with them as was with his sense of this place. Not the same kind of oddness, he didn't have any vague sort of memories like he had met them before. But what he had thought was a conversation was odd. The girl - her dark blue hair in pig tails - began flailing like there was a monster flying around her face, but Sora didn't see one. He started to rush forward when a hand grabbed his arm from behind. He spun around, ready to defend himself. But it wasn't needed.

"Riku?" he asked, startled and delighted. "What are you doing here?"

"What else?" Riku asked, grinning a bit. "Keeping you out of trouble. The others were getting worried."

He pulled his arm free without effort - Riku let him go - and put his hands behind his head, leaning back against nothing as he grinned. "The others, huh?" he asked. 

Riku looked tempted to sock him on thew shoulder but just nodded. "Yeah."

"Do you know where we are?" Sora asked. "I feel like I should know this place, but it doesn't feel quite... Right."

Riku laughed. "That's because we've een to the dreaming of this world. It took me a bit to recognize it too, apparently here they call it Paris."

"Paris," Sora said, tasting the name. "Well, it's peaceful, whatever they call it. Except... Right! That girl needed help!" he spun around to where the pair had been talking, but the blue haired girl was gone. Sora raced up to the blond boy she had been talking to. "The girl that was just here?" He asked of the stranger. "Was she alright? Where did she go? What was attacking her?"

The boy blinked a few times. "Marinette?" he asked, then shook his head. "Nothing was attacking her. Not that I saw anyway. You think she's in danger?" he asked, sounding concerned. 

"She was flailing around like there was something attacking her face, I couldn't see what, then I turned around and when I turned back she was gone."

The boy started to laugh gently. "No, she's fine. She just does that sometimes. Well. Often. I'm Adrien Agreste. Nice to meet you."

"Oh. Okay,. So long as she's okay. I'm Sora. And that's my best friend, Riku." He waved a hand at his friend who simply nodded.

"Nice to meet you both. Are you new in town?" Adrien asked. 

"You could say that," Riku said, dryly.

"We're looking for our friend, Kairi," Sora said. "Have you seen her?" he pulled out his gummi phone and showed the screen to Adrien. 

Adrien studied the photo then shook his head. "I'm sorry, I wish I could help, but I've never seen her. If you want to send me the photo, I can share it around and see if any of my friends have, however."

"Thanks!" Sora said. He turned his phone to face himself again and went to touch the screen. Then hesitated. And hesitated. "Um..."

"You have no idea how to send the photo, do you?" Riku asked, laughing.

"Oh, like you do?" Sora countered. 

Riku pulled out his own gummi phone and sent a different photo of Kairi to the blond boy before them.

Adrien looked at his phone when it pinged. "Got it," he said. He seemed to be considering saying something else, confusion in his eyes, then he shook his head. "I can respond to that number if we find her?"

"Yes, please," Sora said.

"Because Sora never remembers to answer his phone anyway," Riku added.

"Hey!" Sora protested. 

Adrien glanced behind him to where a large man with a small head waited. "Ah, my ride's here. I'll see what I can do. Good luck!" he turned and headed towards the man. 

"So what now?" Sora asked, putting away his gummi phone.

"Not sure," Riku said with a shrug. "What brought you to this world, anyway?"

"I wasn't sure where Kairi was, so I tried to follow the connection between our hearts. And then when that didn't work..."

"You just picked a random direction?" Riku finished for him.

"Kinda," he admitted, grinning. Then he blinked and crossed his arms. "Wait, how did you find me? If I just picked a random direction..."

"Let's just start searching for Kairi. If she's here, we'll find her," Riku said, rather than answering. He started walking.

Sora followed, pestering him for answers as he did. Which might have been, Sora suspected, the whole reason Riku wasn't telling him. 




The apature opened on Papillon, the light falling across the silver of his mask as he looked up. Butterflies surrounded him. "A newcomer to our fair city?" There was more than one, but only one of them had pulled at him, hd made him aware of an opportunity. For the moment, only that one mattered.

"He hides it well, but I can deel the darkness roiling within him," Papillon said, a small smile curling his lips. There were few people in this city who were primed to be targets just by  existing, few people he could send an Akuma to without waiting for them to be upset. And this boy seemed to be one such person. 


"Dark and light war within him. An anger so deep even joy cannot obliterate it. Self hatred, rage. Regret. A wellspring of negative emotions I can turn to my cause." 

He lifted a hand and a white butterfly settled in his gloved palm. He brought his other glove over it, cupping it gently as he infused it with his power. Power it would carry to the new boy, power it would give him. And then this boy, this Riku, would serve him. And together, at least, he would have the Miraculous! 

"Fly, my little akuma and claim his darkened heart!" He opened his hands and the butterfly - now purple and black - flew free. It headed straight for the opening at the center of the hidden window. Papillon knew it would fly right for his target. A new and powerful Akuma at his command. Victory would, finally, be his!




"C'mon, Riku, you gotta tell me!" Sora wheedled.

"If that didn't work for the last five minutes why do you think it would suddenly..." Riku stopped and looked up to the sky. He could feel something coming towards them. He had been locked within the Darkness for too long to not sense it coming rushing towards him.  Whatever it was it was small but powerful. 

"Riku?" Sora asked, waving a hand infront of his eyes. "Riku? Riiiikkkkuuuu?" Sora made  a face at him. "You in there, Riku?"

"Sora," Riku began, about to warn him when he fully took in the expression his friend was making. He was tempted to point out that Sora's face could stick like that,, but the sense of Darkness had him too on edge for levity. "What are you doing?"

"You stopped so suddenly that I started to wonder what happened," Sora said.

"You don't feel it?" Riku asked. 

"Feel... Feel what?" Sora asked, looking around. "Kairi?"

If this was Kairi than something was very very wrong. But he was pretty sure this had nothing to do with her, thankfully. But whatever it was, it was getting closer. They were going to have to fight. He felt his power rising within him. The dark and the light. He would have fought the Darkness within him before. He had. It meant he was fighting on two fronts. Using it was a different second battle. But he had found his balance now. He no longer used or fought his Darkness. He accepted it. He wouldn't let it rule him, but he wouldn't fight it while fighting anything else. Not unless he had to. 

He summoned his Keyblade. Sora saw it and his expression changed as he summoned his own Keyblade, looking for the danger.

Riku was looking too. He spotted something racing across the rooftops towards him. It looked like a cross between a person and a black cat. He would have said it was a person in a cat suit, but even from this distance he could see the way it was running on its forward claws, the way its ears flicked and flattened, the way the tail moved to aid balance. 

He stood to face the cat creature, Keyblade ready, tensed and waiting until he realized... The cat thing wasn't heading for him. Or rather it wasn't the Darkness he sensed. It ws chasing the Darkness. "Sora, be ready," Riku said, tense. Ready. 

"Ready for what?" Sora asked, in his usual ready crouch, but he looked and sounded confused. 

Riku was about to respond when he finally saw what it was that the cat was chasing. A black and purple butterfly. It was tiny. Very. But now that he spotted it, there was no doubt in Riku's mind that it was the source of the Darkness. "Sora, look," he pointed to it with his Keyblade. How either of them were going to land a hit on something that small, he wasn't sure. But they were going to try. He wasn't going to let the Darkness hurt Sora. Not again. And he wasn't letting it hurt himself either. 

"Look at what? That butterfly?" Sora asked, puzzled. He lifted a hand towards it, but not the hand holding the Keyblade. 

Riku grabbed the back of Sora's shirt to pull him away as Sora reached for the butterfly and the butterfly dodging around Sora's hand sped towards Riku. 

Time seemed to move in slow motion. It was like watching a disaster happen, but Riku was moving as slow as the rest of the world. He saw the butterfly dodge around Sora's hand as he saw Sora being jerked back. But instead of pulling Sora out of the way, because the butterfly had moved, he had accidentally pulled Sora directly into its path. If he could have, he would have shoved Sora aside, but it was too late. He couldn't even get his Keylade up without hitting his friend. 

The butterfly landed on Sora's chest and darkness shimmered and pooled there. He thought he heard someone yell. Sora's hand came up and cupped over the Darkness.

Time, at last, seemed to return to normal and Riku let go of Sora to walk around infront of him, unsure how to protect his friend without hurting him. "Sora, what are you doing?" he asked, realizing that Sora's eyes were closed, but that he didn't seem to be in pain.

Sora smiled and opened his blue eyes, pulling his hand away from his chest.  Resting against his palm was a small white butterfly, and the sense of Darkness was all but gone. "Making  a friend, I think," Sora said, smiling at the butterfly. Then he blinked. "So what are we fighting, exactly?" he asked as he reached up to set the butterfly in his hair where it would be safe. 





Sunset draped over the two people sitting on the ledge, looking down at the city below. The girl brushed some hair back out of her eyes, her other hand going to her chest. "Did you just feel that?" she asked in a quiet voice. Talking like this was both new and familiar at the same time.

The blond boy shook his head. "Nope," he said.

She gave him  a look then pushed his shoulder lightly. "You felt something too, didn't you?" she asked again.

He laughed. "Okay, okay, maybe I did. It's just still weird, you know?" he asked.

She nodded. "I know." Her hands went into her lap. "It is a word, like any other, but one we never used to use or understand. But after all that time..."

He nodded. "Yeah."

"What are you two talking about without me?" Axel asked as he joined them, holding out a sea salt ice cream for each of them.

"Nothing," Xion and Roxas chorused together as they took their treats and settled in to watch the sunset together again.




"Ven?" Aqua asked, looking at her younger friend, concerned. 

Ven grinned up at her. "I felt something, just for a moment. A heart connected to mine," he said.

"And?" Terra prompted when Ven stopped talking.

"I think something good happened, that's all," Ven said.

"Do you think Sora found Kairi?" Aqua asked, smiling slightly. 

"I'm not sure, but I hope so. We should go to their island so we can meet them when they get back!"

"Sure," Terra said. "After training."

"Awwww. Aqua!"

"Terra's right," she said smiling. "If he really found her, they'll still be there when we're done. Keyblades up."

"Yes, Aqua," he groaned as he and Terra raised their Keyblades and prepared to spar again. 




On the beach, the young blond girl looked up at the sun, shielding her eyes as she felt the warmth settle on her shoulders. A deeper warmth came from within, and on her lap was a newly drawn sketch of Sora... Surrounded by white butterflies, smiling warmly.




Somewhere, lost and disoriented, she smiled. For a moment she had felt Sora's heart again. Felt all the hearts connected to his. She closed her eyes and held her hands together over a small shape. Sora would find her. She'd be home soon....

Submitted: May 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Chicklet. All rights reserved.

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