When Time Becomes A Part of Us

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For time beguiles and enthralls us with promises, assurances and vows of unforgettable moments, and of endless days in a sun-drenched paradise, and wonderous nights below the stars.


By Al Garcia

I recently learned of the death of a cousin’s husband in San Antonio.  It is at times like this that some of us may see time as our enemy.  For time beguiles and enthralls us with promises, assurances and vows of unforgettable moments, and of endless days in a sun-drenched paradise, and wonderous nights below the stars. 

But we learn too soon how time betrays and deceives.  Time -- ever moving, ever shifting -- an existence in the void beyond the realm of dreams and man-made fantasizes, and even life itself that teeters and hovers at the whim of time.  And so, we accept the undeniable truth, that life is a fragile affair.  A delicate balance of nature and of time.

And the frailty and elusiveness of life becomes apparent and most perceptible when we get a call in the middle of the night, or during the height of the day, when work and thoughts of every kind consume our energized mind.  There is a sadness and a sorrowfulness in the voice that we hear.  And with the expected, anticipated or even startling call, there comes a pall that overtakes the silence of the night, or shadows that begin to shroud the mid-day light.  And then the tears begin to flow.

To learn of the death of family or friend -- however close or distant, however linked or detached from our daily lives – we feel the impact and the force that betrays our true emotion.  And the moment becomes a frozen piece of time. 

Time is eternal.  Everlasting.  Perpetual.  Without form.  Without substance.  Yet overpowering and overwhelming in very way in our daily lives.  It creates the moments of our lives that define us and astound us.  It confronts us with choices, alternatives and diversities that can uplift us or depress us.  And time eventually consumes us, in unexpected ways and at unpredictable moments and phases of our lives. 

Yet, time has taught us how to accept the unreasonableness of death, and how to cope with the consequences and the fears of loneliness and solitude.  It is time that consoles us and soothes our broken hearts.  And it is timeless memories that sustain us and reassure us that once we were a part of them and they a part of us. 

We each grieve, mourn and remember in our own separate ways.  Yet time has a way of forever embracing the essence and the spirit of our family and our friends.  They become a part of time -- that intangible, indiscernible, unfathomable state of existence in the unknown void of faith and expectation – they become a part of the majesty and splendor that awes and astonishes the fleeting spirit and the pulsating soul.  And it is our sorrow, our tears and our regrets of unspoken emotions and strong devotions that linger in the presence of what had been, and of what could have been, had time only eluded this moment in our lives. 

It is the shadow of that moment in time, when a soul ascends, that forever alters the scope and course of what may follow and what may come to be, for those of us left to remember and to live with the emptiness once filled by the uniqueness of a bond, a passion, a love, a friendship that may have helped to mold, or sculp, or complete the outline of our own soul.  It is the intensity and potency of that life now gone -- lived and shared with us for a moment or a lifetime, that remains behind in us.

When they become a part of time, the blowing winds became their wings, the sky became the canvass of their unfinished masterpiece, and the stars, once beyond their reach – the very stars that twinkle in the silence of the velvet night -- become the soothing light that comforts and pacifies the grieving hearts of those of us who question the grand design that has defined each moment of each life, from before the dawn of time. 

And when they become a part of time, the momentum of our lives slows down.  We begin to sense our vulnerability and our weaknesses with caution and concern, and we begin to recognize our once perceived invincibility and invulnerability with skepticism and trepidation.  Life takes on a solemnness that transcends all logic and all reason.  And we more clearly begin to see the light that shines beyond the endless days in a sun-drenched paradise and the wonderous nights below the stars. 

It is time that forever keeps alive the moments shared and created.  Moments of kindness and of love, and even moments of fleeting anger, and moments that may have been hurtful or upsetting.  It is having lived and shared the shades and textures of life that helped make memories and that now keep the radiance of their spirit and their life alive. 

There is always hurt.  There are always tears.  But when time becomes a part of us, we begin to understand the precious gift of time and the moments shared that outlast a lifetime and beyond.

Submitted: May 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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