On The Front Line of War (Battling Two Enemies)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

There was a cruelty to what was happening in America not long ago, and around the world as well. There was a brutality that was taking place before us and despite us.


(Battling Two Enemies)

By Al Garcia

There was a cruelty to what was happening in America not long ago, and around the world as well.  There was a brutality that was taking place before us and despite us.  There was an outrage and affront that left many of us astonished and perplexed, as we watched in horror as a viciousness and callousness engulfed the fragile minds and souls of those with Simple Simon mentalities that we saw displayed daily at news conferences touting the excellent responses to the pandemic we are experiencing.  All repulsive rhetoric and falsities challenging the fabric of our character, our safety, our health, and our legacy. 

Every day, it seemed as if the patients had taken over the asylum.  We listened to constantly contradicting and ever-changing policies, guidelines and strategies, after which we are given a litany of excuses and justifications for not having done the right thing from the start.  There was no one articulated voice.  No face of confidence.  Just a bunch of discombobulated men and women spewing hogwash over a raging fire burning out of control.  And, instead of attempting to control the flames by dousing the fire with water – the simplest of solutions – they throw lies, misinformation and utter nonsense into the flames – like gasoline -- enraging and expanding the flames.  In this case, the simple truth from the onset may have controlled the flames of fear and uncertainty that overwhelmed and devasted the lives and dreams of people the world over. 

This is what happens when truth is denied a place in our national dialogue.  This is what happens when fear instead of hope is exalted and extoled as a means of control and ascendency.  This is what happens when the dreams of ordinary people are quashed and trampled by one larger objective or ambition – power – absolute power.  And today, Congress continues the assault of lies, misinformation, distortion and disruption. 

Viruses can be controlled and contained.  Ambition, on the other hand, once left to fester in sick and malicious minds, can destroy the body, the mind and the soul of those that get in its way.  Ambition takes no prisoners, and like the whirlwind, leaves no truths or hopes standing in its path.

If we only open our eyes, and listen with our minds, we can navigate through the maze and haze of dark and dank tunnels, gullies and alleys to finally crawl into the mind of ambitious people of every type and kind.  And there, among the shadows and hallowed out remnants of disillusioned, disappointed and scornful men and women of every age, we will find disheartened, fallen people, clinging to their distorted and grotesquely molded Christian faiths and warped values, scavenging through the remains of decency, morality and integrity that once must have touched their hearts and souls.

They are those counterfeit patriots consumed by a passion to simply exist and survive at whatever cost, rather than to simply live a life of value and of trust.  They are obsessed and energized by the look of fear on the face of innocence, and are consumed by power and supremacy that makes men cower before them.  They are possessed by the dark spirits of our past, and the glories almost won but lost, and by the evil that man can perpetrate upon his fellow man. 

It is their hate-filled words and rhetoric that betrays them, and their heartless behavior and conduct and immoral character that exposes their tattered souls -- souls devoid of passion or compassion, and that bear no likeness or resemblance to the beating hearts that strive to keep alive the simple dreams of simple men.

Ambition can distort and mangle weak and fragile minds to the point of no return.  History has recorded the fall of empires and of nations, of kings and of ordinary men, and of despots and of leaders whose ambition caged their human hearts, and let loose the beasts of greed, deceit and treachery in all its forms. 

Only truth, trust, confidence and cooperation amongst ourselves can quash the flames of fear that have spread across the globe.  One of our adversaries (the virus) we can control and contain.  Our other adversary (wicked ambition), we can only refuse to accept or allow to flourish in our midst.  We are at war on two fronts at the same time. 

Do we pick one or the other to defeat and conquer, or do we make the decision to control, contain and refuse to accept both?  I select the latter.  And you?

Submitted: May 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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