----> "FIND GANON'S SECRET UNDERGROUND CASTLE ! " ------ Frosty Underground Sector #87: Secret ''BASEMENT SLUMS'' & Grandma Dwarf ! -- (PART 2) ---"FIND US, NOAH ! " -> (Video game: ''NIGHT-ZONE'' !) ++

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

------+------- { ''FIND GANON'S SECRET UNDERGROUND CASTLE ! '' } ---------- Frosty Underground Sector #87: The Secret ''Basement Slums'' and Entrance to ''GaNoN's DARK Factory #98 ! '' -- (PART 2) ------------ ''Find Us, NOAH ! ''------------ SECRET UNDERGROUND ZONE ! ----+--- (''Sector #87: Video Game - DARK NIGHT-ZONE ! '' )

''DOWNWARDS to the dark 'Underground Hideouts' you go!''


  Part II: The Gateway to the Underground Secret Hideout of Vagrants and Industrial Slums of the Basement Factory - Lost Children.



Rumbling machinery, mixed with bizarre handclaps and distant voices, rushed by them, roaring in the darkness, echoing in their ears, as they seemed to be falling down a great dark well or underground pipeway passage of some kind.


Roaring, glistening waters flowed endlessly down on one side in the dark as they fell.  The roaring of water and mysterious rumbling noises grew louder the further they tumbled underground. 



 The sides of the passage they were falling down began to take on a cavernous, yet industrial, appearance.

Strangely, Christmas trees with multicolored lights on them were resting in the darkness on bulky ledges, next to what appeared to be flashing television-sets peeking forth from out of piles of sparkling snow. 


 Various pipes led in all directions.  Glistening water splashed along, as waterfalls were cascading down in separate directions in this space.

There was so much to see and they seemed to be falling slower than before, as if a powerful current of fragrant, warm air was keeping them afloat yet still descending quite slowly.



'How very curious.  It's like an abstract art painting,' Noah thought, viewing crooked cabinets, ledges, balconies and bizarre bookshelves that were built into the rocky walls.  Glinting sheens of colorful graffiti were etched nearby in the darkness.


Various Christmas trees, mounds of old car tires and strange pink vehicles sat in other alcoves, illuminated by glowing purple mushrooms.  The old television sets with their long antennas rested next to the pointy Christmas trees, that seemed out of place in such a setting. 



The Rabbit-Creature seemed to be sniffing in the darkness as if to catch an unknown scent.



Finally, after what seemed like hours of slowly descending, they came firmly down upon a mound of what appeared to be discarded outfits and other various items, some of them appearing to be childrens, some adults, lying on top of an oversized and dilapidated silky bed (Red silk).

- A glow-in-the-dark 'Dwarf Skeleton' hung from a crooked red concrete ceiling directly behind the bed, concealed in a bizarre dark area with pink mushrooms illuminating the corners.

Cans of beer and packs of discarded cigarettes were nearby, sitting on a crooked and dilapidated pink couch that was next to a very large wooden television, its screen flashing on and off with a dull green shimmer of light.


  Glow-in-the-dark lanterns were swinging in a dimly-lit area that resembled an underground cavern, however it appeared to be built within an industrial slum or facility complex.

 A black and white checkered pathway led downwards along a kind of underground hallway to one side.

Various sizes of bizarre doorways were built into the crooked walls, some short and unable to fit the doorframe properly, while others were larger and decorated morosely with glow in the dark graffiti.


There were large dripping pipes and abandoned 1950's vehicles, along with numerous bizarre television sets and strange piles of a plethora of random items, that were sitting along the  smoking ground from various regions. 



  A flashing exit sign directly above their heads read, ''EXIT:  TO ATTIC - INDUSTRIAL ENTRANCE #8792.''



He spotted strange Christmas trees that were richly decorated, sitting on snow-filled alcoves and sparkling ledges.

There were many other decorated balconies built into the bulky limestone of the cavern's walls directly above him.

Dim lights seemed to shine from far above near each of these alcoves.



He gazed further up yet all was glittering and dark.  Neon signs with strange writing on them hung from pipes in the darkness yet he couldn't read anything of what they said.


Noah climbed off the creature's cloak and gazed around him, his flashlight shining in all directions. 

 He coughed in the glittering, smoky haze that seemed to be ever rising from below him, as if natural air vents or grilles were located somewhere nearby in the bulky concrete ground.  Much fragrant steam puffed from vents in the industrial-cavern walls.



  He coughed again, as he sputtered to the Rabbit, "Where are we?  What is this place?  Where is all this steam and strange smoke coming from?"


The Rabbit turned to him and screeched, "My young friend!  Why how noble of you!  This is only the crossroads of the Pipeworks-Zone.  A short detour - an underground hideout - leading to our next pipeway leading further underground.  We still have a long journey ahead of us to our destination.  Follow close!  I must search out its dark hiding place."



Noah gazed around him, shining his light forth.  Pipes lay everywhere leading in all directions.  A bewildering 'Pink Dwarf' slunk from one of the balconies in an alcove in the dark above and Noah spotted it. 

 The dwarf resembled an elderly woman with shimmering, glow in the dark hair and dark skin, yet the face was very young in nature.  Her ears were very long and pointy and her figure slightly grotesque.


When she spotted them, she became very frightened.  She mounted one of the large puffing pipes that was built into a glittery wet wall, then hopped in and disappeared.



'Well!  Now Ive seen everything!' Noah thought,  following behind the rabbit-creature. 



After some time of walking along this path, suddenly a small group of what appeared to be distorted children were holding hands and walking in a dim glow-in-the-dark light that emanated from behind them.


One lone child remained away from the group and had what appeared to be a green bottle filled with liquid which he was spraying onto the walls, graffiti style.  Except it wasnt what Noah had ever seen before with graffiti. 

 Strange symbols and unreadable markings of a bewildering nature were etched on the walls of the passage in this region. 



'Very strange.  What are they doing?' Noah thought, as he noticed some of the children whispering morosely in the dark while the others had a mysterious, innocent countenance on their faces.  -

 Glow-in-the-dark smoke, mixed with fragrant glitter, wafted in the air from behind them.

 Noah flashed his neon light on the bizarre group and they scattered off into the dark, behind a pair of crooked pipes and two dilapidated 'Coke Machines' that sat nearby. 



 Noah couldn't help noticing the strange skin color they had.  One child had glowing neon hair  and light blue skin with grotesque, pointy ears.  He noticed they seemed to be dressed in an odd array of bizarre novelty; strange, avant-garde outfits that glittered in mystical distortion.

One child with neon colored hair, who had two spiky pigtails and pointy ears, was donned in a glow-in-the-dark, polka-dotted vest and striped red and white stockings.

- The rest of the outfit was a bizarre and surreal mix of colorful patches of oversized clothing fashioned in a fascinating yet repulsive manner.   Shimmering, pointy high-heels sparkled upon their feet.


Their attire of dress was grotesque yet fascinating all at once.


 Many of the children had oversized tophats that were sitting askew on the glittering, glow-in-the-dark hair of their heads.  Yellow and pink polka-dotted gloves of silk covered their pointy nails and big hands.



Clothing was heaped on the bizarre vagrant children in a strange disarray.  Almost as if they were from another time period altogether.  A glow-in-the-dark radiance seemed to emanate from a region in the bizarre underground passage but he couldnt deduce from where.


Crooked stopsigns and speckled fire hydrants were peeking forth from mounds of fragrant glitter and snow.  Nearby stood a pink motorcycle with a pair of cigarettes, sitting in a pile of glow in the dark snow.


A red skeleton of a dwarf was hanging from a crooked ceiling, directly above a checkered pathway and a dilapidated orange wall with a chain link fence in front. 

- Shimmering flashes of bizarre graffiti cover the concrete wall behind this, colorful specks of glitter sparkling throughout the underground, industrial slum area.



"Who were they?  Those children?  Why are they down here and do they live down here in this underground space?" Noah questioned the rabbit-creature, who was furiously sniffing in the dark in front of him, leading the way.


The creature remained silent as it gazed forward, alighting the pathway with its glowing tiara. 



Noah glimpsed back to the area where the children were and swore he could hear a distant humming echo of vague voices in the mysterious darkness.


  The passages narrowed here and red pipes with little piles of snow on top of them were located in alcoves directly above.  Christmas decorations and bizarre novelties hung from the various pipes in this region.

Again, more endless glow-in-the-dark decorations and oversized T.V. sets sat along the crooked walls, next to what appeared to be industrial garage doors built into red concrete walls.  The walls in this area were covered in endless specks of bizarre glitter.


- Mounds of crooked wooden boxes and chain-linked fences were strangely built near the underground garage doors.  'Coke-Cola Machines', covered in colorful lights and tinsel and sparkling glitter, sat in mounds of snow nearby.


Red and green pipes twist and turn endlessly through the industrial walls of the passages. 

  Noah started noticing crooked neon bridges and walkways leading off into different directions.

Various industrial-barrels, with multicolored neon flames leaping up from within, were lit here and he saw dark silhouettes and glittering shadows flitting to and fro in the blackness. 



Glittering capes and flashing decadence seemed to spark forth from their oversized, spiky clothing, which was covered in a layer of colorful  glitter and lavish specks of gold.

One child seemed to be wearing bizarre polka-dotted stockings and a pair of glow-in-the-dark boots that twinkled as she ran. 



 Some curious shadows of little children and other sparkling visages of bizarre teenagers were leaping into puffing vent-entrances or hidden doorways, others hopping nimbly into pipes, vanishing into their secretive, industrial depths. 


 The rabbit-creature seemed to give them a phantasmic snare and bore his sharp teeth in a strange fury upon them.



"Back!  Back!  Away all of you!  Back to your tasks!''  A voice telekinetically pulsated forth upon the air.



Many strange silhouettes of vagrant children, some armed with baseball bats or other bulky implements, were standing in groups next to large 1990's T.V. sets,  which were sitting on top of industrial drum-barrels or bulky concrete blocks. -  Bizarre armchairs, their appearance surreal and antique in its fashion, stood next to flashing television screens and broken-down 'Coke Machines' in the darkness.


A glow-in-the-dark haze of smoke and alluring steam wafts from behind their black silhouettes.


 A crooked red concrete wall, decorated with graffiti and Christmas lights, had shimmering piles of clothes and pink limo vehicles  sitting along it from behind the vagrant children. Bizarre entrances to underground closets (Wardrobe Houses) were concealed by silky-satin curtains of bright pink that hung from the low, crooked ceiling above.



''What was that?  What is happening?  Why wont you speak to me?  Or even tell me your name?" Noah questioned of the furry rabbit.


The Rabbit turned around abruptly with such a look of vehemence on its countenance that Noah almost turned away in fright and ran away into the glittering blackness.


However, suddenly, the Rabbit seemed to change its mind and only sputtered, "Silence cretin!  You will do as you're told!  Follow me.  Do not stray.  The  'Secret Gang of Ganandorf' may be lurking in the darkness of these Pipeworks-Regions.  Beware!  Malice lurks within." 


Noah grew strangely curious and slightly frightened at the mention of the name Ganondorf.


 The Rabbit's morosely distorted face was lit up in a ghostly fashion, the light of the tiara illuminating it from above.  His whiskers of glow-in-the-dark light changed colours.  His bodily fur changed colours to a sparkling pink and blue.



Noah heard frightening shrieks in the glimmering roar of the rumbling machinery above him.  Large furry bats, with surreal pink ribbons tied around their ears, were flitting to and fro in the dark above as they swooped low.


 Colorful globs of shimmering syrup was drizzling from their fangs and glistening furry paws.


Noah gasped and kept close to the rabbit, whose tiara seemed to flash forth a brilliant resounding glare of powerful light that smote whatever bizarre, evil malignancy rested within that specific area.



They followed an underground pipe-work's passage for many hours and Noah saw many mysterious, bewildering sights.


He saw strange underground parking garages and hallways, decorated in enchanting zeal, with mysterious honey-paste dripping from above.

The other sides of the dark industrial passage were illuminated dimly with bizarre Christmas trees and dilapidated T.V. sets that flashed on and off. 

 Nearby, snow-filled driveways led downwards into hidden underground closets, hallways and bizarre living rooms or secret parking garages. 


 Were these secret parking garages leading further downwards into the entrance of the 'Underground Factory Facility of Sector 8'?



The graffiti of the lost children etched the walls; some bewildering graffiti shone forth in a glowing nightmarish fashion with pictures and symbols.


At one intersection of the pipes, the rabbit stopped near a flashing T.V. set lying in a mound of discarded clothing, decorated with tinsel and christmas lights on top. 

 A very large and crooked portrait rested next to a checkered 1950's vehicle.  Nearby, a neon sign flashed on and off in the darkness.


The sign read in crooked letters, "Wardrobe Rd.  Follow for 5 miles to Mischief Maker's Movie Theater & Subterranean Video Game Slum."



  In the dark, Noah glimpsed a small group of very bizarre and handsome teenage boys who seemed to be playing a strange game that resembled baseball. 


 There was a glow-in-the-dark underground space here that resembled a small industrial stadium with bizarre t.v. sets and various wares stacked up against the crooked concrete walls.

Surreal decorations hung from the crooked, low ceiling of the area, glistening with silver and tinsel.


  There were neon cement blocks and strange bleachers that were built into the sides of the industrial-cave space. 


Far in the distance, through a dimly lit passageway with snow and Christmas trees distorting its view, there appeared to be an underground skateboard-park. 

 Glow-in-the-dark graffiti shimmered from the shiny walls as many bewildering teenage kids were skate-boarding in many unique styles within the area.


Their garb and clothing was the most curious, bizarre and mysterious thing that Noah had ever seen;  it was quite indescribable, however I shall try.

Glow-in-the-dark, avant-garde glitter shimmered in glinting sheen from their dyed neon-hair.  Endless colours and neon-shades of strange fascination glittered from their clothes.  Large boots and striped stockings and waistcoats with very bizarre hats adorned their bodies.


Noah gasped and pointed to them from the roaring darkness of the mysterious passage they were standing in.  A great furry 'Red Bat' flapped above them slowly and then whirled upwards until it came to rest on top of a shiny pink neon car that was sitting in a little enclosure above.


A red pipe glowing nearby seemed to illuminate the dimly-lit area. 

 The teenage boys before them, playing the game of bizarre baseball, were very handsome and built guys with shiny straight hair  with long bangs that hung down in front of their eyes.  Some of their hair was tinted icy-blue while others were various other rainbow colours.  Bewildering capes and pointed boots adorned their bodies. 



When they caught sight of Noah and the rabbit, they seemed to grow very frightened.



 Dark whispers echoed upon the air.  The teenage guys dropped their sparkling baseball bats and quickly disappeared through a secret vent that lay behind a large Christmas tree in a dark corner.

Noah squinted in the dim neon-light of the dark to catch a further glimpse but they were gone.

The rabbit seemed to be determining which direction to go. 


 'I hope we're not lost.  At this rate, anyhow, I'll never find my way back home anyways.  Whatever will I do now?' Noah thought to himself. 


"Ah!  Not to worry my little one!  This way!  I've remembered the forgotten location of the secret entrance leading out of these living spaces of the 'Industrial Slum Crossroads' and further underground,"  the Rabbit  whispered, just as if he had read Noah's mind. 






Submitted: May 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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