Date at Midnight

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How did a Date of a Failure and the Woman of His dreams begin?

*11:58 PM*
Just before the Magical night begins, little fairies...holding within the grip of hand a light Mystic wand made their way inside all sorts of houses while awaiting the Clock to Tick once more.
*11:59 PM*
The Invisible fairies moved their wands in an artistic rhythm sprinkling dust of particles into the eyes of the Humans...who swiftly close their eyes, calmly relax their tired muscles, and their sore bones starting from the head with a sole breath, and before the Humans gets to breathe again, they'd find themselves stuck in a different dimension.
*00:00 AM*
"The Magnificent Midnight has begun"
an Ugly creature who resembled the Appearance of a dwarf said, the Human who Found himself stuck in a world clouded by a scarlet fog whom he never Visited asked the Creature in a voice engulfed in worry "Magnificent Midnight?! What is this Place?! Get Me Out here!! Right Now!!".
The Goblin snapped His fingers, and took a Glass that Appeared from thin air, then shoved it into the Human's Mouth whilst saying to Him in a calm tone fueled by Anger "How about a Drink, Huh? It's disturbing Enough that I have to Explain the rules to every Guest...but let me tell You something..." The Goblin Got closer into the Human's Face and with a scary stare, He finished "...I hate loud let me advise you to behave!". As the Goblin backed away, The Human started to calm down...then said in a mannerful tone "Can you inform me of My location...Please!".
"This is Magnificent Midnight, Midnight isn't a time...but a distorted Space. In here, All guests who Manage to reach this Place are allowed freedom for their a Certain extent..." Once the Goblin saw the surprised Expressions of the Human, He muttered to himself "Not just a noisy Customer...but an Idiot as well", then He continued saying in a louder tone "Simply, this Place is what you call the Land of dreams, we allow You...Humans, to experience any desirable Dream in return for...a small part of Your Life span", before the Human had a chance to react, the Goblin said "Just Listen! Is there something You desire to do...something you've always wanted...but never had the chance to acheive?", Before he had realized, the Human's Mouth moved unconciously to Spell Four letters "D A T E", Yet once He realized His doing, He finished "Yes! I guess a body can't lie, All I desire is a Date...Just a Date...", The Human stopped for a moment "I can Have whatever I'd like?" He thought to himself, then His eyes Lit up as He Completed His words "...Make it something fancy...Maybe in Paris....How about a date under the moon...and I want a Pretty Girl..." as the Human's requests added up, the Goblin replied "Oh yes...what else, You want Angelina Jolie to be Your partner?"
*the Goblin hit the Human down with his tail*
"That'd cost You 356 Years, 32 Months, and 156 seconds of Your life Span...which You don't Own!" the Goblin said.
*The Goblin picked the man up*
"Listen, I understand [well Maybe not] that You're a Failure of a human being, an idiot [Most definitely]who has never managed to confess His love for the other person...but the Fact You made it here shows that a Strong will lives within You [Now, that's a lie. Only overdreaming Lonely beings can reach this Place, but I have to get my pay somehow], so why don't You just...I M A G I N E !". 
"What if I was on a Date?" "What if it truly was Midnight and Under the Moon...I'm interacting with the Woman of my Dreams, and...she is Laughing, enjoying her time...What I F..." As the Human started Imagining, certain Pictures Appeared in his mind, Images that were too be a Dream, and before he knew it, He had found himself on a Date...Just like He imagined.
And that's How a thrilling Date...Under a Dark Sky accompanied by Beaming Moonlight of a Failure...and the Woman of his dreams knew its beginning.

Submitted: May 24, 2021

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Ann Sepino

I really like the premise of this! And I enjoyed the characterization of both the goblin and the MC (who I kind of feel sorry for, to be honest). With a little cleaning up, this concept could actually work for a longer story. :)

Tue, May 25th, 2021 12:25pm

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