Forgiveness Without Redemption

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The most famous seven last words ever spoken: “. . . for they know not what they do.”


By Al Garcia

The most famous seven last words ever spoken:  “. . . for they know not what they do.” 

The majority of humankind knows those seven last words.  Luke 23:34 records the words of Jesus right before his crucifixion:  “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  To most, those words now simplified into the seven words quoted above, are supposed to teach the importance of forgiveness.  For the multitude, however, it means a “free pass” to act and behave without constraints or restraints, and discharges responsibility and liability for the utterance and performance of lies, deceptions, smears, misrepresentations and denigrations of every type. 

Every day I am inundated on my computer with the exultation of the evils that confront us day in and day out.  The posts reflect an acceptance of wicked and atrocious acts and deeds committed by or toward ordinary men, women and children of all ages. 

There are massacres of children in schools, rape and violence against the innocent and the pure, exterminations and annihilations of entire villages, families, political and religious factions, and tragic disasters that result in every type of human devastation.  And each and every time, I hear the same receptive and accepting outcry, because we are told that our Creator forgives us, and never leaves us or forsakes us, that HE is our refuge and our strength, and a help in time of trouble, and that HE shepherds us, guides us, and provides and protects.  But most importantly, we believe we are immune from guilt or blame because of those words uttered on a cross, “. . . for they know not what they do.” 

As a result, we attribute all that befalls us, as HIS will – the good, the bad, the horrors and the miseries that touch and affect our daily lives, that in turn define the destiny of our world. 

Yet, our Creator gave us a world in which to freely wonder and roam.  HE gave us a mind with which to think, to contemplate and deliberate.  HE gave us the ability to conceive and perceive the unimaginable, and the will to achieve the incredible.  We are not puppets on a string, or pawns to be flung and tossed about like autumn leaves in a gust of wind.  We believe ourselves to masters of OUR domain, not HIS domain.

We were created with intelligence, abilities and capabilities that gave us power and control over our domain.  So why, I ask, do we presume to blame HIS will for what is clearly conceived and perceived by abhorrent and arrogant mortal minds, touched by the evil that was foreseen and foretold even in the days of a man called Jesus.  Why must we blame HIM for our depravities, and OUR cruel and intentional decisions and actions that result in death, destruction and mayhem?

It isn’t because we do not know what we’re doing.  Rather, it is because it has become too easy to blame HIM for HIS mistakes, HIS inabilities, HIS flawed decisions and actions that result in the tragedies, calamities and misfortunes that befall us.  When will we begin to take responsibility for OUR actions and for the decisions that lead us to destroy the best of us and the best in us?

It is time to stop the blame game, and our attempt to minimize our own frailties and imperfections.  Let us blame the demented and broken minds among us, and the arrogance that precipitates the very evil that finds its way into the hearts of egotistical and vengeful men.

There is always a name, a face and a reason for the despicable actions that assault and offend the normality and serenity of our lives.  And it is not HE who pardoned the actions of bystanders cheering the spectacle of the crucifixion, or HE who created the heavens and the earth, but rather the hidden evil that dwells in the hearts and minds of disillusioned and disenchanted individuals, who have betrayed the Word and the promise of HIS will – to find the bond that holds and joins together HIS Word, HIS promise, and OUR faith.

How many times have we uttered or thought the words “I hate you,” or bowed to the cardinal human basic instincts of self-aggrandizement, physical gratification, and even deification of one’s self or others of ordinary human form? 

We have been told and taught that everything and anything we do that goes against the teachings of the Word, is acceptable and permittable, so long as at some point in time, we acknowledge that we did in fact “know what we were doing, saying or thinking.” 

It is OUR will that destroys, devastates, disrupts and ignores the nobility that is engrained in us.  It is OUR will that kills and slaughters its own reflections, and it is OUR will that enflames distrust, corruption and disharmony among ourselves and within ourselves.  And it is not because we know not what we do, but because we know we can get away with it, and blame HIM for HIS mysterious ulterior motives in making or allowing all OUR tragedies, disasters, catastrophes, misfortunes and heartbreaks. 

Next time a misfortune befalls us, let us look within ourselves and acknowledge the bad decision, the bad choices, or the bad options that WE have made, in times of madness, recklessness, carelessness or pure human impulsiveness.  Nothing is ever HIS will, as HE has given us that burden to carry.  Rather, bad things occur because of OUR failure to master the human mind and HIS Word that clarifies and amplifies the meaning and the reason for that one crucifixion that freed OUR spirit and OUR soul.

Yet still, despite the fact that we do have the ability, facility and aptitude to know better, do better, and act better, we continue living and perpetuating the lie – blaming HIM for not making us do HIS will.  And giving HIM only a few hours on a special day of the week to work HIS miracles on OUR evolving souls, before we return to the reality of the cruel, cold world to fatten the golden calf, and count the pieces of silver that enables us to live another day.

How many times must WE be forgiven?  How many times will WE be forgiven, before HE says, enough is enough?  Especially since HE gave us a mind and the will to be.

Submitted: May 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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