Death, My Only Love - Poetry Collection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of poetry (and poetical prose) about love, hatred, death and life, kept in melancholic tones with a little of morbid satire.

Romantic Poet

I was writing, in a blink
I have run out of all ink,
I have to write down my pains,
I will get some from my veins.

The Nature of the Beast

I was going through a hallway quite late at night,
When a malicious beast appeared in my sight,
It filled the air with menacing tremble,
A creature that could nothing healthy resemble,
Eyes had it unsettling, they burned like fire
of infinite hatred and morbid desire,
The body appeared like it was deceased,
If I was a believer I would call a priest,
I have struck the creature hoping it will fall,
Glass shattered and mirror fell off from the wall.


A cold shiver,
Her presence,
As though she was still around,
She was really there this time,
Albeit 6 feet underground.


I gave my heat to The Sinister Beast,
There is silence in my breast now, at least.


Once I had a dream that I was long dead,
How sad it was to be back in my bed.

Sleep Paralysis

I sometimes see him in the morning. He seats on my breast. I cannot breathe. He strangles me as he wanted to kill me. I pass out. I wake up, I am alone again. I don’t like being alone.


Her face was remarkably beautiful,
But I gouged her eyes out,
For I saw my reflection in them.


Sometimes I look for a little sunray,
The sky is dark and cloudy, however
Something comes through the clouds this day,
Burns my eyes, face and forever.

Submitted: May 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 DagoStein. All rights reserved.

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