Another One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A bar with a mysterious owner, a bartender with the truth, a promise.

Around this time of year the snow starts sticking to the ground. The long coats and scarfs find their way out the back of closets, and gloves become a high priority for all. Not too many people come out in the cold, they would rather bundle up at home and stay warm. Although there are a few who still find their way around the town to enjoy the leisure they have. Down at Mikey’s you find many people like that on cold nights.

Mikey’s, the “everything bar”, as many of the locals call it. A bar that has become a staple for the town of Junipeer, California. Wide range of characters visit Mikey’s, From Dave the man to have “done it all” without the proof of ever doing anything, to Shun a journalist that lives on the edge chasing dangerous stories around the world. Mikey’s is a beacon to wildlings and those of renown notoriety. 

As impactful and popular this bar has gotten over the years, not one person has ever laid eyes on the owner. For 15 years Mikey’s has been run by several managers and they have only been in contact with Mikey through email and phone calls. Some summize that Mikey either doesn’t exist or he is a criminal on the most wanted list for government agencies all over the world; all baseless rumors that give attraction to the unknown. 

“Bar keep, let me ask you a question” a young man with an unfamiliar face says as he gestures to the bartender, Eddie, to come towards him. 

Eddie: “what can I do for ya?”

Young Man: “I hear everyone constantly talking about Mikey this and Mikey that”

Eddie: “Yea?”

Young Man: “You being the bartender here for so long, you must know who he is right?”

A random voice from the otherside of the bar yells out before the bartender can speak-

Random: “ Ole Eddie here claims to have met the guy, but us locals know Mikey is just made up”

Eddie turns around and looks to see who it is, a familiar face he has seen before. He cracks a smile and turns to the young man, “no matter what I tell you, you will still have your own opinion no matter what” says Eddie. The young man looked at Eddie, quite puzzled by the response before he downed the last of his beer and left.

Eddie now walks to the man on the other side, asking him what he is drinking tonight. The man replies “tonight I’ll have a glass of Scotch”. Eddie replies “on the rocks”, as if finishing the sentence for the man. “Good man Eddie” the man replies in approval. As he pours the drink over an ice ball, the man says “Another One”. Eddie grabs two more glasses and pours himself one and the man another drink. They both talk and drink quietly to themselves, finishing a glass each. The man stands up and motions Eddie to follow him outside. Eddie has his other bartender hold down the bar as he steps out.

Both men outside now in long coats and scarfs, light a cigarette to share amongst each other. “It’s a quiet night out Eddie. Brings back memories”. Eddie inhales from the cigarette, “If it's quiet then it's a good night, don’t you think?”, cut off by a gust of wind strong enough to nudge both men. They stand there in silence, finishing the cigarette. 

Eddie: “Tonight was the night already? Time sure does go by fast”

Random: “Not fast enough”

Eddie: “You going to be ok to get home?”

Random: “Block away after a left turn at the light, I think i’ll manage.”

Eddie: “Good to see you Lou, I’ll come by this week to see how you doing”

Lou: “Hahaha I see you still trying to keep that promise”

Eddie: “Of course, the three of us were best friends after all, I can’t let Michelle watch over us in disgrace”

Eddie: “She would have my head”

Lou: “She was the wildest one out of us that's for sure, and I somehow tamed her.”

Lou went about his way and Eddie went back to the bar, after an exchange of goodbyes. The drink still sat there, ice starting to melt. A random person walks to the bar “hey is this seat taken?”. Eddie with a smile on his face and a calm voice “Yea that seat and drink belongs to Mikey.” 


Submitted: May 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Koa Walton. All rights reserved.

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