Empty Hearts

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It is the empty hearts of the lost and of the vanquished that has betrayed and devoured the passion that once inspired and stirred the imagination. It is the emptiness within that has consumed all emotion of devotion and fidelity.


By Al Garcia

It is the empty hearts of the lost and of the vanquished that has betrayed and devoured the passion that once inspired and stirred the imagination.  It is the emptiness within that has consumed all emotion of devotion and fidelity.  It is the hollowness of aimlessness, triviality and irrelevance that has exhausted and sapped the vigor and the verve from the voice that once was heard across the nation and the world.  It is the empty hearts that now define the faded caricature of what is left standing amidst the smoldering ashes of what used to be.

Gone is the intellect, pseudo or otherwise.  Absent is the adherence to the rule of law, and to loyalty and allegiance to the Constitution.  And, missing, is the financial conservatism that once defined a party of once great men and great ideas. 

The death dirge for the Grand Old Party is resonating across our nation and the world, while millions stand in line to view the remains now draped in the shredded flag that once few high and proud, while the empty hearts, once filled with pride and dignity, now lament and attempt to manipulate and formulate aberrant and divergent means by which to keep alive a heart that no longer beats to the rhythm or the tempo of the very land they seek to lead. 

The party of Lincoln and of Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and McCain, now transformed into the party of chaos and hooliganism.  It is now a party intent on the willful, wanton and malicious destruction of the very institutions that for centuries it helped to mold and strengthened, and which once uplifted and inspired the character and the nobility of a nation and its people.

I remember when the Republican Party had elegance and style, and its members proudly exhibited their courage, valor and integrity in their commitment and obligation to God, to Country and to one another.  How things have changed.  How time has eroded the fabric of their character and their values.

No longer do Republicans utter words that touch the heart, challenge the mind, or fill the soul.  Instead, we now hear words and phrases that frighten and alarm, and actions that startle and shock patriots of any kind and every stripe.  We hear words filled with hate, with scorn, distrust and disdain.  Words are uttered and broadcast that debase, degrade or humiliate. 

Whatever happened to the Republican’s oratory greatness, like Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Teddy Roosevelt's the Man with the Muckrake, or Ronald Reagan's "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”  Instead, today’s Republican rhetoric is filled with a crassness and vulgarity never before heard coming from our President or Congressional leaders and statesmen.  It diminishes us and minimizes our character and our nobility as Americans and as a nation.

There’s a rumor going around that the Republican Party no longer has a heart.  And one has only to listen to hear the disparaging words, the defense of lies, the championing of falsehoods, or their absolute silence and inaction, to believe the rumor to be true.  The Grand Old Party is no more.  It is now a party of empty hearts, when once it was a party that helped build and inspire a nation, and uplift the hopes and dreams of generations of Americans.

I miss it, and I miss those who believed in their values, ideals and principles.  I miss hearing the beating heart of the Grand Old Party, and listening to the voice that once commanded notice, respect, attention and consideration. 

Empty hearts and indolent minds do not a party make, nor they inspire or motivate.  They just exist without reason and without purpose. 

Submitted: May 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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