Happy Birthday, Fluttershy!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Happy Birthday, Fluttershy!:


Have a happy birthday, Fluttershy,

With this gift box filled with many guests

From your favorite guy

For being awesome and celebrating wins in evets as contests!


(People magically started climbing, then walking out of a yellow present Fluttershy just opened.)


The Young twins each brought a Hershey’s bar

From world’s greatest chocolate factory by far


Humphrey the Owl fetched her Digorno’s stuffed crust pizzas

With some baked breads and chicken pitas


Johnny 2x4 carried his pet of hunchbackory and sparks

Whom spoke in such soft, tender meows and barks


The old Winnies bought their ice creams and pops

Taken from Dairy Queen and other frozen shops


Finn McIntosh got a wrapped gift

Shaped a funky album by Taylor Swift


The Wangs lovingly baked rolls and Chinese seafood,

Which were placed on table above her rood


BB prepared the burgers of grilled perfection,

Having hard thoughts on each patty’s inner bisections


Jenny Brown and DF youngsters each found gifts in small wrappings

For entertainment or snacks by every napkin


The Rouses packaged up their Wii and Xbox supplies

For fun alongside their French silk pies


Mary “Winnie” Beth drew a portrait of you and Patchy Sr.

In a field where farmers have left behind gleaners


Judy and Chartwells Winnies never forgot the chips and Gatorade

That go next to products homemade


Kristine “Winnie” Riley and family wore their clown attire

For laughter, cuddles, and merriment in home as wholesome as Shire


Dylan Bunce and family offered you cinemas gift card

To spend indoors or a drive-in next to a subdivision yard


Aunt Potti and Regina proposed watching their flicks

Filled with drama, comedy, fantasy, and real life mix


Queen Kanga with Movie Theater Manager Helen side got their TV DVDs

To joyfully coincide with organic popcorn covered with cheese


Jacqui Warrilow and Joey Price remembered another wrapped treasure

Flatter and definitely perfected to kind pleasure


Church triplets and Fr. Mike donated iTunes

Being placed to gift area surrounded by many balloons


Joe “2x4” Pauwels had the coleslaw,

Pus his red, white, and yellow straws


His co-workers got the salad and deviled eggs

Just before they relaxed with root beer and other drink’s dregs


Mr. Jed--


(All in shock.)


(Smoothly, Jonathan moved his foot upward. BAM!)


(while picking everything up, Tigger and CR close the door right on Jed Hop. His teeth get shattered and knocked unconscious.)


With everything all set,

Time to celebrate proudly for a long time

Until it is the beginning of Stuart Wang’s Tet

For this General Kanga as valuable as a chime!!!!!!


(An ugly looking fat lady saw Jed and decodes to get it on with pure evil being.)

Submitted: May 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JonathanSluty. All rights reserved.

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