when did i discover my love for writing

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what is that one thing that gives you intense happiness?
in my case it is writing, i don't know whether everyone who is reading my blog will genuinely enjoy my writing. i'm not making any money by writing. i'm writing because it gives the delight that can't be explained through words. it gives me a touch of how we will naturally feel after...

What is that one thing that gives you intense happiness?

In my case it is writing, I don't know whether everyone who is reading my blog will genuinely enjoy my writing. I'm not making any money by writing. I'm writing because it gives the delight that can't be explained through words. It gives me a touch of how we will naturally feel after the meditation.

It's not about wasting time or not getting the money it is the eternal felicity that I feel after writing and publishing the blog.

A sense of gratification. Putting pen and paper together with our thoughts to instantly discover what unfolds is real magic to me. It is fascinating to anyone who passionately loves writing, and they can sense the mellow vibe that I'm referring to.

When did I discover my unconditional love for writing?

I don't know.

I hardly remember I was having a Journal during school days to pen down the casual incidents but after some time I don't remember keeping a diary because of the fear that someone would read it or I'm unfamiliar with this term called "privacy."

Or When I'm randomly penning rather stuff on the back of the rough note. or can see the brilliant spark in my eyes when someone announces it is an essay competition.

Or When I didn't get a prize for the essay competition and that doesn't affect me in any possible way because on the day of the competition after I finish writing an essay about the given topic I felt therefore satisfied like I achieved something and remembering that is the satisfaction I needed the most rather then the prize.

Or when I voluntarily gave my name for inter-school competitions for the first time for essay writing with so much self-confidence and an instinct that I can perform well and have a thought that you got a chance for writing and I can do it. Winning remains the second thing that I had second thought because it is an inter-school competition, so many likely students will write, and receiving a prize is extremely uncommon.

I gave my name to the competition, but that was when there was no smartphone in my home. I had this button phone with a camera that has access to the mobile internet with no currency on the mobile phone. I couldn't go to the browsing center too due to some reasons that I barely remember. All I have managed is a recharge for some 10 or 20rupees (didn't remember) to instantly access the internet to get the points for my writing.

I can write well but to write about something we should first know what it is. The topic given to me was something related to inflation and its effects, for that 10 rupees the internet lasted for some 5 minutes. I couldn't take screenshots on that phone like we are doing now. I searched and wrote some 10 to 15 short points about that topic in my doctor writing (You know what I mean.) because I have to collect as many as points I could before the internet lasts.

I refer to the points I noted and on top retained some points in my mind. I got an idea about my topic. Finally, the day came 31st Dec is the competition year I forgot. It was a joyous holiday after half-yearly exams but we were called on 31st Dec only for the competition. I was thoroughly unprepared, but I gave it a chance because all I desire at that time is satisfaction when I write something.


After the competition was over, and we were on a vacation and went back to high school. After some days, we got a list of winners in the competition through the mail, and It became a terrific surprise to look at my name on the list. probable that's the instant I would have observed my love for writing...

Or after they arranged a celebration in one of the famous halls in which all the winners from each school had been invited. And also advised that a number of the winners, for two of them, the cash price was there.

The program happened in the afternoon. For half a day I was at school and then went there with my mom. It took some time to get the prizes considering they had been such a lot of students from numerous schools.


After receiving the prize. It's time for announcing the winners of the cash prize. I failed to anticipate that it might be me. After they announced that, I was sitting secure within the centre of the crowd with my mom and other friends.

They called out my name and my heart beats very rapidly, and I felt glad. Went directly to the stage and get the cash prize from the guest, who congratulated me with a beaming smile on his face.

All turned into satisfied and felt very glad for being made my mom glad. That memory still holds a top-notch area in my mind and in no way be forgotten. maybe that could - the instant I thought, I like writing and None other things can give me happiness aside from writing.

Or while I was drawn to the individuals who write very well and, just like me, they too had an outstanding hobby in writing

Or, after I had a gut instinct to start a blog and immediately created one.

Or once I find, randomly, the apps, or internet site that promotes one's writing

Or every now and then, I certainly wonder that I had thought about all those things or who brought about them to me

Or, once I pick to read books in place of watching a film and finding that, how fantastically the authors have written a book and questioning, why not you?

Or when I had imagining situations with imaginary characters and behavior in my head every night time, if I didn’t get sleep and an unexpected idea that why should I not write this as a story?

Or once I refer to my writings and automatically develop a greater interest in writing

When did I discover it? I don't know.

I by no means thought about what others think about my writing. Furthermore, I might also or won't be correct, but the satisfaction it gives me is what I want — not handiest that, but I like writing, and I enjoy people who write.

The writing stays a whole one-of-a-kind aspect. And as I already stated, it is enchanted. And when I’m writing, I sense like I’m in a different world wherein I love to lose myself.






Submitted: May 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abhii. All rights reserved.

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