Hopping Into A Blessing

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Do you find yourself praying and then telling God how you want the blessing completed? Pray and be quiet. God knows what he is doing.

My bunnies had done their job and given me a rather large abundance of inventory.  I had sold all but ten.  I had promised Ray, I would sell them all before Easter.  The mommies and daddies had been separated.  I said a prayer and headed to town.  I knew the solution would unfold.  Never doubt the completion of a good task.

 I had sold two to pet stores in Dallas.  I was on my way back to the lake house.  I had eight little bunnies left.  I decided to stop and eat something and think about what to do.  As I started to get out of the car I thought about my little orphans.  I spotted a large shopping bag left behind from another trip.  I grabbed it and put all the bunnies inside the bag.  I quietly walked inside the restaurant which also had a bar.

I decided to go to the horse-shoe shaped bar and order a salad.  I sat down, ordered my salad and just waited.  The bar was full all the way around.  I stuck up a conversation with the lady in the next stool.  I asked about her children and got to see all the pictures.
My salad came.  I had asked for my dressing to be served on the side.  I picked up a piece of lettuce and dropped it into the shopping bag.  I realized the act had caused some to be very curious.  The little mother next to me especially.  I put my figure to my lips and let her take a peek inside.
"Aw, how adorable, I have never seen anything as cute as this."  She quietly petted the one of the bunnies.  Without even asking she grabbed a piece of my salad and put it in the shopping bag.  Her squeal kind of alerted a couple of other ladies at the bar that there was something going on with the shopping bag.  "Can I buy three of them.  My children would love them for Easter Sunday.  I promise they will have a good home."
I had printed up a little guide on raising miniature rabbits and gave it to her.  I also told her which pet store to go to get the proper cages for her new family members.  She was very excited.  She then picked out the three she wanted and put them in her rather large purse.  She then ordered her own salad.
Another lady strolled by just as the last bunny went into the first lady's purse.  "Oh, I want one too.  Let me see."  She opened my shopping bag and spotted the one she wanted.  I stopped her from pulling it out and motioned for her to be seated on the other side of me.
"Do you have children?  Do you have a place to keep your selection?  Have you ever had a bunny before?  She answered yes to all my questions and followed with the fact that she had prayed for a solution to bring her new stepdaughter a surprise for Easter.  The fourth bunny found its way into another  handbag.  Another salad was order with dressing on the side.
The horse shoe bar was now buzzing all the way around.  I had sold all eight bunnies.  They were inside the purses of the women with salads at the bar.  Suddenly, one bunny poked his head out, wiggled his nose and started chewing on a sliver of a carrot.  "You can't have that in here."  He glanced back at me and then back at the eight other salads around the bar.  He called the manager of the restaurant.  I had noticed that the bar tender always announced  when ever he was left a tip by ringing a bell and saying thank you to the crowd.
I got up, made my way around the end of the bar.  While he was looking for the manager I grabbed the microphone.  "I would like to thank this wonderful bar tender who has helped make Easter special for eight children.  Let's have a hand for the man who put his faith before any rules.  Ladies show your bounty.  Everyone stared at the eight miniature lop-eared bunnies now held up high in the air.
"AWE,"  was heard throughout and the applause followed.  The manager rushed over with a puzzled look on his face.  I got between the manager and the bartender.
"This was my idea.  Please do not blame him.  The need was great and this is the only way we could complete the task asked of us.  The task of bringing Easter to eight children who needed to see their prayers answered.
I held my breath waiting to be asked to leave.  "Lady, we cannot have live animals in the restaurant.  I motioned to the ladies with my thumb pointing down.  Suddenly, they all got up, holding their bunnies and started towards the door.  We looked around and many of the patrons also started to head for the door.  The manager realized this was one time when breaking the rules might not be too bad.  "If you ladies will go to one table with your bunnies you can stay.  You just can not have them at the open bar."
We all went to a very large round table.  Bunnies eating their salads and the ladies enjoying the exchange of pictures of their children.  It was not long before I had to leave.  I said my goodbyes and thanked each of them.  I also made sure they all had a copy of my bunny guide.
Ray was not surprised when I told him how I sold the last eight bunnies.  We got a call from the pet store where I had sold the first two of the ten I had when I left the house that day.  He was sold out of rabbit food, cages, and bedding.  He wanted to thank me for the business.
If someone had told me to go to a restaurant to sell my bunnies I would not have done it.  I would have said it was impossible because of the health department rules.  I would have argued that I would get kick out.  The difference is that I stopped talking.  I got quiet and said a prayer.I have one prayer that is a favorite of mine that starts out as, 
"Shepherd, show me how to go
O'er the hillside steep,
How to gather, how to sow, ---
How to feed Thy sheep;
I will listen for Thy voice,
Lest my footsteps stray;
I will follow and rejoice
All the rugged way."
It was written by a lady named Mary Baker Eddy.
The prayer has never failed me.  When I get quiet and just listen.  I allowed the whole day to unfold.  Every bit of it was joyous and fulfilling for all.  No one was left out of the blessing.

Submitted: May 25, 2021

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