Able & Sable Hearts in Color & Deed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Are you able or unstable? Do you have a heart capable of empathy towards society or a sable heart that panders to bigotry? Read my poem to know more.

Able & Sable Hearts in Color & Deed
The world is a stable filled with creatures both able & unstable. 
Those who are able have hearts capable of empathy towards their community. 
But those who are unstable have hearts so sable they cripple humanity. 
Their differences define a life of dignity for the rest of humanity.
Able hearts play their parts sorting people by acts
not words in the name of equality & justice.
But sable hearts take part in breaking peoples  hearts
sorting them by color to spread terror In the name of service.
Able hearts have peaceful minds that analyze words
to sort what they fear from what they see or hear.
But sable hearts have broken minds that pander to their fear
blinding their eyes with what their hearts steer.
Able hearts are driven by compassion to foster good even if late
because for them right and wrong are black and white.
But Sable hearts are driven by obsession to spread blind hate
because for them freedom is a bait to catch black enjoying what’s white.
Able hearts will do what’s fair because they care
But Sable hearts will just be there to hunt those unaware.
Like day and night, one is light bringing wealth
the other is dark with crime bringing death.
Show me a man who ran & I’ll show you fear from those near.
But show me a man who stood his ground & I’ll show you justice.
There are many George Floyds and Bryonna Taylors out there
But sadly there are few who truly care or dare
to say times have changed yet sable hearts haven’t
Because right and wrong are not the only black & white 
in a world where grey is for those who chose to bray
blind lies  to hide behind a colorful rind.
In the end, hearts and minds dictate the kind
of life we lead not our colors because we all bleed Red
So how can color decide who is good or bad?
We are all one; color is just one kind of human kind
I’m sure we can agree that deeds can sort  human kind.

Submitted: May 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 pasithea chan. All rights reserved.

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