The Heir: The New World Trilogy, Book Three

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Raisa has reigned as queen of Aeon City for two hundred years. Despite a devastating solar flare and an ensuing war, Aeon City has not just survived, but flourished. Now Raisa must face a new threat from an old enemy; a threat she cannot overcome on her own. Guided by a voice from the past, Raisa opens her heart to the greatest love she's ever known, but personal peace alone won't save her people. Now, fighting for the future of her kingdom, Raisa gambles on a young member of the royal family to lead the way. Will he rise to the challenge before time runs out?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter One   Aeon City: July 6, 2270   “Your Majesty, I must insist that you li... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Chapter Two   The queen’s question didn’t surprise Atticus. Even though it would aggravate the prince, ... Read Chapter

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The Heir: The New World Trilogy, Book Three

Raisa has reigned as Queen of Aeon City for two hundred years. Now she must face her greatest challenge, discovering how to let go. With the help of a long-dead friend, Raisa discovers that life is about more than the sum of her years.

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