Living Through This American Tragedy

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We each possess personal views and thoughts on our social and political condition. These are polarizing subjects that are alienating and even separating and minimizing people throughout our nation. They are subjects that we hear about every day, read about, and even observe and feel in some way in our daily lives.


By Al Garcia

We each possess personal views and thoughts on our social and political condition.  These are polarizing subjects that are alienating and even separating and minimizing people throughout our nation.  They are subjects that we hear about every day, read about, and even observe and feel in some way in our daily lives. 

Our nation is at a crossroad.  The red tide of ageless odious rhetoric and confrontation has found its way onto our shores and wormed its way into the very fabric of our society.  For that reason, it is something that I think about, feel about, and unfortunately even dream about, on a daily basis.  As a result, it is a topic and subject that screams to me from deep inside of me to be put into words, and to be shared, and exposed.

My words are not reflective of my being a Democrat, Republican or Independent.  My words reflect my innermost feelings as an American, and only as an American.  I am not speaking as a Chicano, a Mexican-American, brown-skin individual, or even a Veteran.  My words, as I have stated before in other writings, are a revelation of who I am and how I came to be.  But most of all, my words expose the depth of my despair and exhaustion at the capitulation to the fear that is griping the American psyche. 

I am an American, a Veteran and a writer.  As such, I cannot keep my personal truths quiet or hidden beneath the shadows that are blocking the fading rays of hope from shining through.  For I am ashamed for America, and for what and who we have become.  We have become a nation of sheep, when once we were a nation of dreamers, visionaries and romantics.  But most of all, we were leaders in a world seeking guidance, direction and leadership. 

I have seen and felt the decline of America.  I see it day in and day out, destroying everyone and everything that comes close to the toxicity of the stench of chaos, corruption and greed that now defines our leadership. 

Politicians have ceased their role as the people’s voice.  Spiritual leaders have forsaken their God in place of a human idol promising them riches on earth, here and now, with no need to stand in line at the Pearly Gate.  A third of the population has shown its true heart and soul that they once hid behind civility and tolerance, but who now brazenly march along our streets shouting, “They shall not replace us,” with signs and words that make me cringe in fear and sadness.  In the blink of an eye America changed.  And I am ashamed for America, for letting it happen. 

Not a day goes by that our Representatives and even our ex-President disperses yet another lie, mischaracterizes the facts, or simply keeps the truth from the American people.  It never ends.  It is like an evolving and malignant disease quickly spreading and killing the soul and spirit of a Nation, and the hopes of a world watching in silent horror as it sees America losing strength, prominence and stature. 

Every day another revelation discloses the extent of the corruption, incompetence and moral decay of Republican leaders in Congress, and even State Republican administrations.  The level of ineptitude is on full display for all to see.  Never in the annuals of American history have American leaders, whether federal or state, displayed such open loathing and revulsion at the ideals and principles upon which this great Nation was founded, and which he took an oath to defend and preserve. 

Never in American history have American leaders displayed such animosity for the men and women who have devoted their lives to preserving the legacy of the patriots who fought and died throughout the history of this Republic.  Patriots who fought the American Revolution that helped achieve America’s independence, to American soldiers in trenches and beaches in Europe, or young Americans sweating and dying in rice paddies in Southeast Asia or the deserts and mountains of Iraq and Afghanistan, and countless other battlefields where blood and tears are being shed in the name of freedom and dignity. 

Never in America’s long and prosperous existence have its leaders been devoid of the knowledge of the history of the nation that they help to lead and shepherd through these trying times.  Never have leaders of this nation defamed or insulted our heroes as “losers and suckers,” or attempted to unilaterally obstruct the conduct of governance at every level.  How can you not repeat, and even confuse, history if you do not even know the narrative of the nation or the people that you lead?  It cannot be.  It should not be.  And yet, we are living that extraordinary experience today.

It is embarrassing and even pathetic to watch supposedly intelligent individuals self-destruct every time they open their mouths in support of “alternative facts,” lies and treachery.  In the past we may not have agreed with everything a President or our Congress said or did.  Today, we cannot believe anything they say, and must question every decision they makes or obstruct, because of their documented history of deceit, dishonesty, arrogance and greed. 

This is truly an American tragedy unfolding before our eyes.  We are a part of the decline of the once greatest nation on earth, as we sit idly by and watch and wait -- hoping our form of government will eventually kick in and start functioning as it was intended.  Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, allegiance to ignorance and proven deceitfulness is trumping truth, justice and the American way that was once a way of life, and the envy of the world.

Already the changing wind is attempting to persuade a nation that a free press that utters truths only confuses and complicates the issues of the day.  Why not simply listen to one manufactured truth and not worry about the unnecessary facts that only baffle and confound?  An Enemy of the State should not be allowed to even exist.  And so, it has come to pass in other nations across the globe.  And if things proceed as planned, America may soon join that profane group of nations too.  Already, the Republican Congressional delegation and a majority of Republican State Houses are attempting, and even succeeding, in denying voting rights and privileges to some of his minority citizenry, among other things. 

The very leader of our democracy even questioned our 2020 elections, and continues to do so, with the only two words in his vocabulary – “hoax” and “fraud.”  Instead of uplifting, encouraging and inspiring the nation to vote, he bemoans the legitimacy of an election that had not yet held or decided.  Now, his followers and even Republican leaders in Congress are following suit.  Some have gone even so far as to pledge allegiance to the former President instead of the duly-elected President. 

I wonder why we should send children to school to learn “facts” about America’s history?  Why go to church to learn about morality?  Why have a Congress that foregoes its role in a democracy?  That in fact, may just be the questions that come next from this Administration, and the man who wants to rule for life. 

Children, and even a great many adults ,are learning that “facts” don’t matter anymore.  Make it up as you go along.  Morality?  What’s that?  Do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, so long as you can pay them off, buy them off, or shut them up.  Our religious leaders certainly don’t care, so why should you?  And Congress?  Why not just let one leader make the decisions every time, all the time?  So much simpler.  The Supreme Court – just a rubber stamp, and nothing more.  In fact, as was jokingly stated recently by our President, maybe we should give dictatorship a chance, as he eluded to not long ago when he congratulated China’s leader for his “election” for life.  One less worry for us, the common people, to deal with.  No more “hoax” or “fraudulent” elections to worry about.

If you think all I have said is ridiculous, think again.  The playing field has changed.  The rules of decency, morality, spirituality, democracy and freedom are being carefully and quickly dismantled before our wide-open eyes, and we’re not even blinking.  Just ask Senator Mitch McConnell.

Americans have tolerated many things throughout its history.  We have fought off threats and rumors of war.  We have waited and prepared for an enemy to invade and overtake us.  But the one thing we were never prepared for was to be invaded from within, by an enemy that lurked silent and deep in the grassroots of every city and every town around us, in weak and vulnerable minds. 

How could we have known that the greatest enemy we had to fear was the complacency that comes with freedom.  America’s preoccupation with the “here and now” mentality of wealth, success and greed, signaled the time for the current American revolution against the American ideals that had withstood the march time until today.  We let our guard down, and the red tide invaded our shores, in the dark of night, without a shot or a sound.

Whether America falls or regains its strength, its stature and its morality depends on whether we have abandoned the hopes and dreams of our founding fathers.  Are we still a nation with a vision toward tomorrow, or have we become a nation divided and splintered, seeking to recapture a past no longer there, and a past that should be left in the wastebin of our history?

How this chapter of this American tragedy end depends on American’s sense of TRUTH, JUSTICE, EQUALITY and FAITH.

Abraham Lincoln once stated, “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected?  I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us.  It cannot come from abroad.  If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.  As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

The danger is before us.  It has sprung up amongst us.  It is in our midst.  The only question is, how will we as Americans, meet the challenge and the threat?  Will America live as a nation of free men, or die, as a result of the red tide of ignorance and deceit that has infiltrated and infected the shores of our nation? 

Submitted: May 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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