America's Wall of Ignorance

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I cry for the plight of America. I weep for those that gave their lives to ensure and safeguard the American dream. I find myself in an America that has betrayed the dignity of who we used to be. I find myself in an America angling to realign itself with those so different than ourselves, our values and our character.


By Al Garcia

I cry for the plight of America.  I weep for those that gave their lives to ensure and safeguard the American dream.  I find myself in an America that has betrayed the dignity of who we used to be.  I find myself in an America angling to realign itself with those so different than ourselves, our values and our character. 

There has been much talk of erecting walls and expanding barriers to divide and separate.  I have seen the efforts to degrade and to dehumanize those that come to our border’s edge.  And I have heard the cries and felt the shame of what my country did to those who sought to dream.  What many may not know, is that walls are built with ignorance and with hate.  Another thing that some may not have known, is that not all walls are built of brick or stone or steel.  Ignorance is the most used builder of walls. 

I cry at America’s wall of ignorance – the 41% or so who support and defend the character and the leadership that is unraveling the fabric of American values, American strength, and American governance.  It is a wall of human minds devoid of all that defines the American dream.  And I weep inside when I hear of the unwavering number of Americans who cannot see or hear the madness or appreciate the inevitable approaching chaos resulting from their deafness to the hate-spewed rhetoric or their blindness to the mindless and reckless actions of a jester and not a captain of a ship of state.

It is in sadness that I view and perceive the adherents who have allowed the symptom of our failing democracy to overtake and overwhelm the virtues that had sustained our nation though distant wars, world tragedies and even domestic struggles, rivalries and conflicts.  America was never perfect.  But America was the measure of decency and constancy that the world looked toward for inspiration, guidance and leadership. 

Today, some Americans are called “human scum” for not blindly and thoughtlessly marching in step with dictated views, beliefs and attitudes of those who would undo the dreams and visions of patriots, heroes, and ordinary men and women of every kind and type, who call themselves Americans first, and Republican, Democrat or Independent second.  It’s called patriotism.  A love of country -- not a party, not a man, and not oneself. 

I find myself in an America fragmented by ever-growing walls of every type.  There is division and disunion, and a rupture in the American heart.  There is a hatred that is permeating the American soul that once uplifted us and made us strong.  And I weep, because we have unknowingly unleashed the hate that had been tamed but never conquered, and the depravity of power and greed that we wrongly thought our Constitution would control and restrain.

And it is America’s wall of ignorance that I stand before in utter disbelief.  That wall was built one weak mind at a time, one lie at a time, one corruption at a time.  And It was not paid for by Mexico or any other country.  It was built and paid for by our own apathy and our dormant prejudices and bigotry.  Now, it stands higher than our truths and is stronger than our faith or our decency.  And it will continue to expand in every way, and will continue to divide and eventually destroy the seed of our democracy, as well as our self-esteem and self-respect.  And in the end, we will become the creation of our ignorance and our apathy – a nation of sheep -- helpless, weak and defeated. 

However, I believe America’s heart still beats beneath the daily commotion and disruption to our democracy.  I still hear the faint sounds of wise men and women seeking to be heard above the roar of discontented and disillusioned mindless hordes who seek only deference and subservience instead of hope, confidence and courage.  I still see the brilliance of our history, the lessons of our failures, and the intensity of our character and our integrity, despite the reckless and senseless cries to retreat and withdraw from the world around us. 

I am an American, and I believe that like other walls in other places, America’s wall of ignorance will too come tumbling down.  We are a nation built on hope and dreams and faith.  But most of all, we are a nation of laws and rules and common decency.  We are a nation of patriots and heroes, not a nation of “human scum” as some may think, simply because we dare to think and to question.  We are Americans first and foremost.  We are Americans who think and speak and stand up together as one when it comes to defending and preserving our nation and our democracy. 

America’s wall of ignorance – is a test to our greatness and of our strength.  I believe in America.  I believe we will soon walk out of the dark valley of despair and into the bright sunlight of truth, decency and respect.  I believe ignorance – hate, lies, deceit, bigotry – will return to the shadows where it belongs, and truth, understanding and appreciation of our democracy and all its institutions will again make us feel the passion of what it means to be an American. 

Americans have torn down other walls of ignorance in our past.  In our past we have let voices and ideas erect barriers and obstacles and walls that have divided and alienated us, one against the other.  However, never before have we been told that truth doesn’t matter.  Never before have we been asked to ignore our guiding principles set forth in our Constitution.  Never before have our own leaders, in a partisan display, ignored their oaths of office and betrayed their obligation to country first.  Sanity and wisdom prevailed in the past.  I am hopeful that honor and nobility will once again tear down the wall of ignorance that threatens our humanity and our democratic way of life.

We must all work together to help tear down America’s wall of ignorance – one mind at a time.

Submitted: May 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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