The Experience

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Imagination Station

Another book from shortstorycreator, this will surely be the star of your day! Remember, you can leave quickees on any book for any feedback or ideas for future books. Have fun reading! Also, the chapter names are a little weird. But it does no change the book in any way.

Table of Contents


The year was 2042 and the American Government was on a downfall (As in currency) So one of the personnel has an idea and he shared it wit... Read Chapter

September 29th, 2042 – Atlanta Ga

I hopped in my car and turned on the engine, it rumbled, I was on a trip to go to the broadcasting center, where the project’s Alpha ph... Read Chapter

The Next Morning

I woke up and rolled out of bed and got a bland grey t-shirt on, I then opened my computer and my cat walked in the room and jumped on to... Read Chapter

The Snowy Beach

I woke up on the sand, it was cold, and I heard waves crashing against rocks. I stood up with a sore in my back from leaning against that... Read Chapter

1847 Hours, North Carolina, Fort Brack

I saw the cooks of the camp readying the meat I got for them. They spiced it and put whatever materials on it. Honestly, I don’t care w... Read Chapter

The Drive

As I turned up the radio of the truck, I listened to what was going on. “Another attack on the border making CSTO angry with Germany.... Read Chapter

0400 Hours, Kansas City, Food Mart

I woke up and looked around. I saw a clock and it was 4:00 AM. I jumped up and adjusted my eyes to the darkness. After about half a minut... Read Chapter

Border Checkpoint IV Montana 0300 Hours

I woke up to the sound of somebody speaking German “Wach auf, Kumpel!” I did not say a thing. They were speaking German to me. I then... Read Chapter

Spearfish, South Dakota 1900 Hours, Woodlands

ok, I KNOW the chapter is short, but this is the shortest chapter, so don't worry!
Read Chapter

Morning Search

I got up and Tim-Tim was climbing a different tree very swiftly. “Come on bud.” I demanded as he jumped back down and got on my shoul... Read Chapter


I woke up and light filled the room from the window. I made myself a small breakfast and walked out the door. “Good morning!” I yelle... Read Chapter

Unnamed Chapter

“Recruits Follow me!” I heard the commandant yell at the long line behind him. “STS!” He yelled louder as I walked to a white squ... Read Chapter

Part 4: The Mixed Zone

I quickly turned around and threw both guards out the back and then the major. Then I picked up a pistol and ran up to the front, chamber... Read Chapter

1 Hour Later – Siberia Russia

The blizzard passed us, and we looked around, snow was up about 2 feet and I shivered, I tried drinking some water from my canteen, but i... Read Chapter

0400 Hours – Siberia Russia

I heard a clash outside, I looked around and my flight or fight reactions kicked in. I hopped out of bed and ran to the window, as I brea... Read Chapter

The Next Morning

I woke up and looked out the window, an amazing golden syrupy sunlight poured through the window like a laser beam. I smiled and got some... Read Chapter

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