The Corn Maze

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Imagination Station

On Halloween night me and my friends, Mia, and Jake, went on a hayride through the biggest corn maze in all of Savannah. As we all soaked in the nice crispy fall breeze, and the astonishing view of the corn maze, when the truck suddenly came to a halt.  

“Why did we stop,” I asked. 

“I don’t know,” Mia replied.  

“HEY WHY DID WE STOP,” Jake shouted trying to get the drivers attention. 

“Jeez Jake calm down, let's go see if everything is ok,” Mia told us. 

We hopped off the back of the truck and walked up to the front of the truck. 

“Umm I'm scared guys,” Mia said. 

“Yeah maybe you can look Jake,” I said. 

“Y-yeah I’ll go look,” Jake said with a shaken tone. 

He peered into the driver's seat. His eyes opened wide. 

“N-no one t-there,” he turned around 

“What your lying,” I walked up to the truck and saw no one there. 

“Umm guys what are we going to do,” Mia looked as though she was about to cry. 

“Don’t worry Mia everything will be ok we just have to look at the situation from the bright side,” I reassured her. 

“Hmm well let's see were all stuck in the middle of as 1000-acre corn maze, we are all alone no food, no water, and no shelter, and we are literally miles away from civilization, it's kind of hard to look at the bright side here Leah!” Jake yelled. 


I walked to the back of the truck with teary eyes. I mean, I knew Jake was right and we are super lost right now, but I need to stay positive. Then suddenly I heard a rustle in the corn. I quickly looked up and walked towards it. 

“Hello, is anyone there,” I asked. 

No one replied. Then I heard another rustle and then a laugh. I was so angry. Jake and Mia are pranking me? I heard another laugh and then started chasing the noise. 


As I sprinted through the maze with corn brushing my cheeks. I was so mad. I cannot believe that they were joking around. Then I sprinted to an open plain off nothing. I was confused. Where did they go. Then suddenly I turned around hearing the laughs again and was face to face with the scariest cottage I have ever seen. Suddenly a crispy cool breeze of wind whistle through the corn. As the rustle began to appear behind me. I tried to turn around, but it was like I was frozen. Then a hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back. 

“LEAH THANKS GOODNESS,” Jake shouted as he hugged me. 

“Never do that again,” Mia continued. 

“What are you doing,” Jake asked. 

“I-I thought you guys were pranking me, I heard a rustle and laughter, and my first thought was you guys,” I replied. 

“Ok that’s weird but why were you just standing out here,” Mia asked. 

“The cottage...,” I said as I turned around. I was frightened to see nothing standing in front of me. I sat down in confusion. 

“Umm I don’t see a cottage Leah... are you feeling ok?” Jake asked. 

“Yes, I’m fine but I swear there was a cottage,” I tried to convince them. 

“Sure... lets head back to the truck,” Mia replied as she helped me up. 

“Which way,” Jake asked.  

“Oh no,” Mia said. 


“Great now were lost,” I said. Then I thought for a moment, “because of me.” 

“What no Leah don’t think like that,” Jake tried to comfort me. 

“Yeah it not your fa-,” Mia stopped.  

She stood still looking right in front of us. 

“Umm Mia are you ok,” Jake asked. 

She did not answer, she looked as if she was frozen. 

“What do you see Mia... Mia... MIA,” I yelled trying to get her attention. But she did not even budge. She was stuck.  

“Mia stop your scaring m-” he stopped as he turned Mia around and saw her face. She turned towards me face as pale as a ghost, her eyes were wide open as she came up to my ear and whispered. 

“Tell me you see that little girl,” Mia whispered in my ear. 

I could not see anything, I was scared. I whispered back. 

“Do you hear laughing,” I whispered back. 

She nodded. 

“Umm what is she saying Leah,” Jake asked me. 

“We need to get out of this maze now,” I said. 

“This place is going to drive us crazy,” Mia replied. 

“I agree,” Jake told us. 

“This way I guess,” I lead the way.  

As we kept walking through the corn, I started to feel tired and dizzy. The corn brushed our faces scratching at our skin. All of us had scars on our faces. It was freezing cold too. We were all getting tired, but none of us wanted to risk the group getting hurt.  


“Guys I don’t feel good,” Mia said weakly. 

“Maybe we should stop Jake,” I tried to convince him. 

Jake turned around from the front of the group and stopped. 

“I-I guess you're right,” he replied. “Where though?” 

Mia stumbled to the ground. I help lay her down. 

“Here is good,” I replied. 

A couple of hours went by and Mia was not getting better.  

“What's wrong with Mia, Jake?” I asked in hope he would know. 

“I don’t know but I’m getting worried,” he said. 

“This is all my fault Jake,” I told him. 

“Don’t think like that Leah,” He tried to keep me positive. 

“But it is, I mean if I hadn’t brought us on this ride we could be at home in the warm watching movies, and if I hadn’t run off we could have been driving back right now, and if I hadn’t led us this way Mia wouldn’t be sick,” tears started to pour down my face. “Plus, you even said there was no bright side.” 

“The cold is getting to you Leah,” Jake tried to wipe my tears away. 

“No, it's not if anything it is making me come to a realization,” there were tears pouring down my face at this point. 

“Leah look at me,” Jake said, “This isn't your fault ok; Mia is going to me ok, the cold it getting to you.” Jake comforted me. 

I wiped some of the tears off my face, “Thanks Jake,” I replied. 

“No problem” he said hugging me. 

Cough* cough*  

Mia finally woke up. I ran over to her elevating her head. 

“Are you ok Mia,” I asked. 

Jake felt her head. 

“SHES FREZZING,” Jake yelled. 

“hypothermia,” I whispered. 

“I-I don’t feel good,” Mia said. 

“I know I know don’t talk,” I told her. 

Jake looked up in fear. 

“What?” I asked. 

“I-I hear laughing,” Jake whispered. “WE NEED TO GO COME ON GET MIA!” 

I ran over to Mia, Jake already disappeared in the corn. 

“Mia, we need to go come on,” I shouted. I tried to pick her up, but she stopped me. 

“L-Leah I need you to l-leave me here,” She whispered as the laughing got louder and louder. 

“NO IM NOT LEAVING YOU HERE,” I shouted as I saw rustles in the corn. Mia stood up grabbed me by the shoulders as she pushed me into the corn.  

“I'm sorry Leah.” The last thing I saw was a hand grabbing Mia and her screaming. 

I could not think, all I could do was run as fast as I could. The laughing and rustling were getting louder. I started to panic as the air got even more crispy. I started to yell for help. 

“HELP,” I screamed.  

Then suddenly a cold hand grabs my arm, I closed my eyes scared to see what was in front of me. The hand turned into hands, that turned me around. 

“LEAH WHEW LEAH YOUR OK,” Jake yelled. 

I then opened my eyes to see Jakes face looking me dead in the eyes. He then asked me what I feared most. 

“W-where's Mia,” Jake asked with a shaky tone.  


I looked to the ground and tears started streaming down my cold face. 

“n-no-no it can't be Leah... it can't be true,” he looked at me. 

He started crying, which was a first, he started hugging me and whispered. 

“Are we going to be ok?” He asked me.  

“I-I don’t know,” I whispered back. 

After a while we both stopped crying and we started to talk about what to do. 

“So, what do you think we should do Leah,” Jake asked. 

“You should think of the plan,” I replied in a soft voice. 

“Why you say that” Jake asked looking at me. 

“Last time I lead the way M- well you know what I am talking about,” a tear rolled down my cheek. 

“Hey Leah look at me... Mia saved you and if anything, it was my fault, I was the one who ran off thinking I could find help,” Jake said.  

“...Well since this is just a square of corn... if we started walking one way, we should eventually make it out,” I suggested. 

“Right great idea... see you have clever ideas,” Jake tried to make me feel better. 

“Let's go,” I said confidently. 

A couple of hours later we have walked about 9 miles. We are both very tired and hungry. 

“Jake maybe we should stop and get something to eat,” my stomach growled. 

“Yeah your right,” Jake stopped and sat down. 

As I sat down, I could see the frost on my pants. I pulled two pieces of corn off one of the stems and gave one to Jake. I started to peel mine and so did he. As I was peeling, I could not feel my fingers until I somehow cut my finger on the skin.  

“Ouch!” I yelled. 

“What happened,” Jake asked with a confused look on his face. 

“I'm fine I just cut my finger,” I replied. 

“Oh wel-,” he stopped.  

As a single flurry of white cold snow feel on my nose. 

“Oh no please no,” I pleaded. 

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME,” Jake yelled. 

We both looked up and was greeted by a village of snow falling on us.  

“UGH,” I yelled. 

“What are we going to do now,” Jake asked. 

“The best thing to not feel that cold for that long is that fall asleep,” I said. 

“Your right we need some sleep to energize,” he said as he bit down on his corn. 

We both finished eating in a matter of minutes. We decided to lay down. By then there was already snow piling up. We both laid down, and somehow managed to get some sleep. 




I woke up but for some reason could not move. I tried to yell back but no words would come out. I started to realize that I was trapped underneath a pile of snow. It was so cold. Then thankfully I saw Jakes hands clawing through the snow. 

“LEAH are you ok,” Jake yelled. 

“y-y-y,” no words could form from my mouth. 

“Oh no,” he said pulling me out of the snow. 

He pulled me close to him and started trying to warm me up. He started to rock back and forth.  

“You're going to be ok... You're going to be ok,” tears started to pour down his face. 

“J-jake don’t c-cry,” I said trying to wipe tears down his face. 

“I-I am going to be ok,” I reassured him. 

“You are sure,” he stopped crying. 


I started to warm up a little bit. I decided we should keep moving. 

“We should probably start moving,” I suggested. 

“You sure your up for it,” Jake asked. 

“Yes,” I replied. 

We continued our long walk to find a way out. By now our parents should be looking for us. Then the temperature dropped rapidly as the skies darkened.  

“Great just great,” Jake seemed very mad. 

I was still freezing cold when the temperature dropped, so that just made things worse. Our noses were running and red. Our fingers were frozen blue. I heard the rustling again, as Jake peeled off into the corn. He pulled me in and told me to stay still. 

“Don’t move,” he said. 

I nodded. 

Then I saw shadows pass by a long with laughter. As each of the shadows passed by one of them seemed more curious than the rest. It stopped exactly where we were. My heart dropped, its cold hand reach in the corn and tapped the stem of corn in front of me then pulled its hand out. 

“I think there gone,” I whispered. 

“Shh,” he told me. 


Then suddenly the hand whipped back in and teared the corn stem from the ground.  

“AHH,” I muffled a scream with my hand over my mouth. 

The shadow passed by with a wicked laugh. 

“Now they're gone,” Jake said. 

“Y-yeah,” I stuttered. 

We stepped out and kept walking. I started thinking what if one of us got hurt what will happen.  

“UGH,” I yelled. 

“What’s wrong,” Jake asked. 

“We're never going to get out of here,” I complained. 

“Yes, we will... don’t think like that,” he told me. 

“Your right I can’t think like that...thank you,” I felt weird, as if something were about to happen. 

“Besides, you can’t be loud, or they will find us,” Jake said. 


Then laughing started to pick back up again. 

“Oh no... RUN,” I shouted as we both sprinted down the path. 

The laughing getting closer and closer. 

My throat was frozen, and the corn scratched our faces. The shadows were right behind me as I slowed down, I was too tired to run any farther. The laughing was right in my ear that it was almost soothing to hear. Then a cold hand pulls me to the side. I stumbled as I saw Jakes fear on his face rise. I felt numb, like I could not move but it was hard to explain my mind was not thinking right, all it was thinking was about the laughter. I thought about it so much I am sure I started laughing to. 

LEAH WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING,” I heard Jake yell. 

I could not stop though, but eventually I did. As we burst through the tall corn to a parking lot full of police. I fell to the ground and started crying. 

“Finally, Jake we made it,” I yelled. 

“YES,” Jake shouted. 

Police and Firemen started gathering us into beds and asked if we were ok. 

“Are you both ok?” a paramedic asked us. 

With tears rolling down our faces we both replied, “Yes...” 

Our parents ran over to us.  

“Oh, sweetie you're ok thank goodness,” my mom said with tears rolling down her face. 

“W-where's Mia, Leah?” Mia’s mom asked me with a worried look on her face. 

I looked over at Jake, he glanced but acted like he did not hear. I walked up to Mia’s mom grabbed her arms and said, “I sorry I really am... she saved us all...” 

She started balling as she walked away and drove off. My mom came up to me and whispered, “What happened in there?”  

“Thats a story for another day,” I replied. 

After the parking lot was empty expect for mine and Jakes moms and us. I walked up to the hill where you could see the whole corn maze. Jake walked up next to me and grabbed my hand. 

“It's over Leah we did it... we did it together,” Jake said. 

“I know it's just that...” I could not finish. 

“Hey, no more surprises ok... it's over once and for all,” he tried not to talk about it. 

“You’re right.” 

We sat down and watched the sunset together. I was uniquely beautiful. 

“Honey its time to go,” My mom yelled at us. 

As I stood up to walk away, I took one last glance of the maze, and saw a hand waving goodbye followed with a laughter. 

Submitted: May 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 shortstorycreator. All rights reserved.

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