Chapter 3: Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Emilia sighed as she remained wide awake all through the night. She wanted to fall asleep and dream amazing things again. She only read the first chapter of the book she picked from the store, it was a lot to take.

Very heavy on the descriptions, especially through the narrative of Seamus. She wondered about him, she knew he was a fictional character but his life before being turned a vampire perplexed and allured her. She felt like she was a voyeur reading diary entries more than a first-person account. The writing was strange and foreign. Told in a language of the mid to late 1600s. Irish with early pre-America. It wasn't supposed to be easy to understand, she had to google the translations for not being well-versed in a second language.

The story flowed, it's told in a parochial manner. Seamus wasn't educated, he barely lacked scholarly skills to better his life beyond the farm he labored in daily. There was something compassionate about him that compelled her to figure out just who he was. A God-fearing man of Catholic Irish heritage, obviously with a name like Seamus Murray Harkness, she wouldn't imagine his nationality and religion to be anything else.

He didn't start off being a vampire. A young man of 26 years, his entire life ahead of him, supportive and loving to his family. Attended church, everything about him screamed rural countryside boy, which he was. She smiled as she remembered reading the end of the first chapter.

Montague, Massachusetts
October 1690

Me father worked in the plow until dawn, me mother tended to me brother and I was caring for the beautiful steeds that graced our lovely land. Tiring but useful, I layout and stare at the stars at night. Closing my eyes, drifting off as I always do.

I think of me parents, the love, the affection they share. Wishing on the truest star if this may happen for me.

Me Mother says I need find all I'm looking for attending Church. I pay little attention to the matter but me Mother is never wrong. Perhaps I should take me life seriously now that I'm a man of 26.

A nice lady of faith, does she exist? I ask the Gods each night for this gift. Me heart beats every night in a hopeful rhythm, I do want this. At times I need it.

I promise to start going to Church mass every Sunday. If only to be closer to finding my one true love.

Emilia smiled, it was such a shame Seamus was fictional. Yes, she was wrapped up in a fantasy, just like all the other characters she'd read about. Anyone would call her insane, a child for dreaming with her head in the clouds.

She couldn't imagine Seamus ever being a vampire. He had so much compassion for everything, people, animals, life as it is. Why would any vampire consider turning him into a blood-sucking demon monster?

She heard a knock on her bedroom door and placed the book on the nightstand.

Her Grandma Marcella opened the door slightly so her eyes can be seen.

"Dear? Are you awake?"

"I couldn't sleep. I'm sorry if I disturbed you."

Marcella opened the door completely, walking inside. "Are you alright?"

Emilia nodded.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I was just reading. Got a new book at work. Can't stop thinking about it."

"I feel like you say that about every book."

She shrugged. "I've never had to stop reading after the first chapter to really think about it. Normally I'd read it straight through and move onto the next one. I feel like I need a break after reading just one, it was that intense."

Gran came to sit down on her bed. "What's the story about?"

Emilia felt overwhelmed by answering that question. "That old Irish farm boy turned vampire tale; only it's told in his journal entries. Quite detailed, he describes everything, every feeling."

"I'm sure it's an interesting read. Would you like me to make you something to eat? I know it's early, you may want to sleep, are you hungry?"

Typical Gran, she always ignored or changed the subject when it came to books she'd read.

"I guess I could eat something. Thanks." She said, her empty stomach responding.

When her Gran left she lay back and stared at the ceiling in thought. This has never happened to her. Every time she read a new story she'd put it down and go back to her life.

This story consumed her. She touched the title with the tips of her fingers.


Seamus is an unwilling victim of his own innocence. If he were real, she wondered if he lived in regret. If he ever wanted to be a vampire or if he was tortured, forced into immortality.

Living forever, what kind of life is that? It must be a painful existence. Humans are so fleeting. Born, grow, live, and die.

She sucked in her lower lip and took up the book, continuing on the reading.

Boston Cathedral Church
November 1690

Another glorious mornin' with me family as we walked into the early church mass. Sunday was the day God saved us, from ourselves, and our sins.

Heaven knows I ask for forgiveness. Me family always honored their blessings. I owe every breath in my body to the Lord above, in His teaching, I can never lose my way.

Smiling we took our seats in the middle of the pew. Silently we bowed our heads, eyes as the familiar silent prayer took over.

Father Flanagan began his sermon as we watched and listened.

Out of politeness, I brushed some hair that fell in me eyes, assuming me Mother was watching me just to be sure. I believe I combed it properly before I left.

As I listened to the sermon my eyes sprung open. The feeling that I had eyes on me back was prevalent.

I hadn't known many people from church, but I planned to change that today. The feeling that I was being watched, I don't know, made me feel...noticed.

Perhaps they were staring at me family, we weren't seen attending church every Sunday.

I turned around and gasped slightly.

A vision, a beauty, her raven-coloured long hair flowed from one side in the hood of her dark green cloak. Her creamy skin glistening under the natural light of the church windows. Her face was heavenly. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her, I didn't want to.

Did she stare down with her eyes closed in prayer? One might conclude that. She slowly opened her eyes and stared forward. Her ruby lips parted, plump, and full, I shook my thoughts of such sins. I should not be thinking such thoughts. Couldn't help meself . I've never seen beauty like this.

She turned to look my way and I stilled. My breathing caught in my throat as she locked her intense eyes to mine. Bewitching my gaze with her dark, penetrating stare.

She brought her lips together in a pressed line. I knew I was in trouble, I had upset her.

Quickly, I turned away and faced forward. Cursing myself for thinking and feeling as I do with someone I never met.

Love at first sight... I believe it exists now. The moment my head became still and just me eyes began moving the girl stood slowly, signed the cross, and disappeared without another word.

I felt me shoulder tapped and froze. Me Mother, she brought her finger to her lips, shushing me. I sighed, staring forward, and closed me eyes again.

I can't speak of this to anyone. So the secret was locked within me, if only I knew her name.

I turned around and she was still gone.

"Seamus?" Mother said, I shook me head and closed me eyes.

Only me Mother knew me better than I knew myself.

Emilia closed the book and hugged it to her chest. The way things happen in stories...was so whimsical to be true.

Seamus was in trouble alright. She wondered what the next part of the story was. Men were not shy like he was. Granted he was in church and near his family, he wasn't going to do anything other than stare, but that was enough.

Her lips parted as her brows knitted together. "How can you fall in love with just a look?"

She picked up her head as she heard her Grandmother's voice.

"Dear, it's ready when you are!" Her sweet voice called out.

"Be right down." She responded, hesitantly placing the book on her nightstand.

She lingered on for a moment, staring at it before turning around. She took a deep breath, forcing herself to walk toward the kitchen.

She smiled as her favorite smells were in the air. Felt like a warm blanket on a Winter's night.

Her 84-year-old Grandmother began placing buttermilk pancakes, bacon, toast, scrambled eggs, assorted fruit and carried a craft of orange juice on the table. She finished with placing down the tea mugs, pouring herself a cup, and offering to pour some for Emilia.

"Gran, you always go all-out. I'm gonna be so stuffed by the end of it."

Her Grandma waved her off like it was nothing. "You tend to skip breakfast, this simply makes up for all those times."

She blushed and took to sip of her tea before digging her. "This is amazing, as usual. You really should start that book."

"I always have time, darling. Besides, who will cook all this amazing food you're finally eating?" She asked her with a knowing twinkle in her eye.

Emilia rolled her eyes taking another fork full of eggs. "Anyway, umm, where's George? I thought he had weekends off from work?"

"Your Grandfather is in Boston right now. Your cousins can't run their families and upkeep our family bookstore by themselves. He'll be back before sundown." She said, simply.

"I keep forgetting our lineage is tied to Boston. We have a strange history the more I keep hearing about it." She took a sip of her tea.

Her Grandma stilled for a moment then continued her meal, side-eyeing her granddaughter with a shake of her head.

"It's not strange, dear. We lived to tell our stories to our children. It's important to understand where you come from." She spoke, sternly.

Emilia's wide eyes gave her embarrassment away. "Sorry, I guess I don't think much about it."

"I thought you liked long stories?"

"I do, when it's your own, it's different. It's a little, too much to take I guess." She commented, her Grandma wasn't buying it. "You know what I mean."

Marcella pushed her reading glasses down the bridge of her nose and glared at her. "They are still your blood young lady, so you will show respect and feel grateful that we brought you here."

Suddenly Emilia wasn't hungry anymore. She bit her lip knowing it wasn't any use. Whenever the subject of family in any way was brought up, things were always tense. Emilia didn't know why.

It didn't help that her Grandmother's usually cryptic words would often drive to more confusion, Emilia often let the subject go. It bothered her because each time it just made her more curious.

She placed her fork down and wiped her mouth silently. She couldn't look at Marcella. Emilia wanted to be on her good side but it was difficult. She placed her hand on her plate about to stand up when—

Gran touched her hand. "Don't, I'm sorry, don't be upset sweetie. Let's not be mad at each other. I just hope you understand, that's all."

Emilia felt her hand release her but she didn't want to look in her direction. Whenever her Grandma was like this, she would just avoid being around her. Rarely did she apologize to her. Her Grandma was stubborn and always thought she was right, so was Emilia. Both ladies were like rams, bumping against each other whenever it came to family.

Slowly, she stood up and took her plate to rinse off in the sink. She sighed in silence, her Grandmother hated when she did that. She could almost see her Gran with her hands over her face, laced with guilt. Good, she thought.

She stood for a moment longer before turning to leave, it was the only way to not blow up in another fight. So much was already said, there was no need to make things worse for both of them. If Emilia could live somewhere else, she would. If she asked Eric to help her, maybe that could be arranged.

Emilia turned upstairs without another word and dove back into her book. She didn't want to leave it before, it gave her comfort in such a cruel world. Humans do enough damage, why bother trying to co-exist with a real monster? She asked herself this every day.

She forgot to shut the door and saw her Grandma come forward.

"Can I talk to you, please?"

Emilia grit her teeth almost shaking her head as she took hold of the handle.

"Just for a moment." She said, her sweet voice returning back.

"Fine, come in." She moved away and sat on her bed, moving the book back to her nightstand.

Gran was cautious as she approached her, taking the desk chair and folding her hands together like she did when she felt remorse.

"I'm don't mean to be harsh, Emilia. You're a grown woman, you don't need me to teach you how to act. I am not your mother."

She scoffed. "I don't have a mother."

"Right..." She said, slowly. "Tradition is what I value. Family tradition, I've spoken to you before about this many times. I'm saying it again. I respect where I come from. Regardless of everything that's happened. Being grateful is what's important. God wants us to cherish the life he's given us. No matter what we did, never forget and remember our ways so we don't repeat them."

One of Emilia's eyes closed as she made a face. "You think I don't understand this?"

"I'm not saying that, darling. It's the principle, you shouldn't ignore who you are, in fact, I recommend visiting your Grandfather to see if he needs any help with our store. Just for today. It might be good for you." She encouraged.

Emilia rolled her eyes. "Do I have to? Did he ask for my help in Boston of all places?"

Gran shrugged. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind the help. Especially at night."

Emilia took out her phone, sighing heavily, and checked out the duration of the drive from Brooklyn to Boston. Her eyes expanded at what she saw.

"3 hours?! That's at least half the day on the road."

Gran rubbed her shoulder gently. "Oh, that's nothing. Your Grandfather wakes up at dawn and cuts through that time on the way there. If you wait longer, there will be traffic. You should go as soon as possible while it's still early morning. George might need his lunch break by the time you arrive there."

It was past six in the morning, Gran was right, if she left now she'd beat the rush traffic before she would slowly lose her mind on the road.

"OK, fine, does he know I'm coming?"

Gran nodded, "He does, I'll call him when you leave to let him know you're on you're way."

Emilia rose from her bed as Gran backed away, giving her some room to get ready.

She was about to leave her alone when she called her name.

"You know I love you?"

She smiled and nodded. "I do."

Gran observed her for a moment, Emilia's silence was telling.

"I think about her too, sweetheart."

Emilia's head rose, she became still.

"One day, we'll talk about her."

Gran shut the door, leaving her alone.

Emilia hugged her shoulders. Was she ready to accept the truth about her mother's disappearance? She's going to have to be, eventually. There had to be a reason for why she did that to her own daughter.

"I don't wanna know. Won't change what she did to me." Emilia said, feeling her eyes water, hating herself for caring at all.

She wiped the corner of her eye and began to get ready en route to Boston to meet her Grandfather, George.

Submitted: June 11, 2021

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