A fairy tale about a naughty bear bear Mishutka

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A fairy tale about how a little prankster named Mishutka explored the world, made friends and went through trials that eventually led him to something very good

One day, a little bear named Mishutka did not listen to his mother and ran away into the forest far from home. His mother bear was very fond of her son, she worried about him and therefore did not allow him to go far from home without her. But Mishutka was spoiled, and one day when he was allowed to go for a walk, he did not listen to his mother and ran away into the woods.

He was walking through the forest, and there were large and tall trees, cedars, firs and other trees around him. Mishutka remembered how his father bear climbed a tree, and decided to try to climb a tree, although his mother also did not allow him to do this. He chose the largest and tallest tree, a pine, and climbed it. All bears have claws on their paws and so they can climb a tree. So Mishutka wrapped his paws around the tree trunk, began to cling with his claws and climbed up. He reached the branches and began to climb further up them. The branches on the big trees are thick, big, and Mishutka climbed up to the top of the tree like a big ladder. He sat down on the thickest branch, holding on to the trunk with his paw, and began to examine the forest from this tree. The tree was very tall, and from its top it was very far to see everything: the whole forest, all sorts of glades, rivers, streams, copses. Mishutka became very interested in it. He saw that the forest was very large, all the way to the horizon. In the distance, you could see flocks of cranes flying, and far, far away, horses and cows grazing in the glades. I looked at everything for a long time, but I decided that it was time to get back down to the ground from the tree. Mishutka turned and looked down. It turned out that he had climbed so high that even ground was not visible. But Mishutka could not climb down the tree, and he was very frightened. He thought that if he fell off he would break, because he was sitting very high. Mishutka clung tightly to the tree and of course began to call for help from his mother. He tried to shout loudly, but since he was just a little bear, his voice was thin and he could not speak loudly. Of course his mother didn't hear him. Mishutka called his mother for a long time, but his mother did not come to his aid. "Oh, why didn't I listen to my mother and go so far away - thought the bear - who will help me now?" And he felt so sorry that he began to cry. "Who will save me now, who will help me… Now I'll be lost here, " thought Mishutka, crying.

But there are many animals and birds in the forest, and at this time a white-backed magpie flew by. When she saw that a bear cub was sitting alone in a tree without its mother, crying, she flew up to him, sat down on a branch next to him, and asked him:

- Mishutka, why are you crying?

Mishutka turned to the magpie and said:

"How can I not cry? I didn't listen to my mother, I went far away and my mother can't hear me. And I don't know how to get down from a tree, and now I don't know how to get down from here. I don't know what to do now. I'm afraid of falling and crashing…”

-So why didn't you listen to your mother?

-I wanted to go far away without her.

- So how can small children go far away without their mother or father?

-Magpie, I won't go so far alone again. Help me, fly, call my mother… I'll always listen to her now.

-Okay, where do you live?

- I don't know…

Where do I go to call your mother?

-I don’t know, - repeated Mishutka and started crying.

“All right," said the magpie, " don't cry, sit here, and I'll fly and find out from the animals, maybe somebody knows where you live."

The magpie flew down, stood on a stump and began to think how to help the little bear. Then she saw a hare, running nearby.

"Hey, bouncy bunny, long ears, short tail, come here."

The hare jumped up to the magpie, stood on its hind legs, and moved its ears.

- What do you want, magpie, why did you call me?

- Listen to the hare, - the magpie began to tell - here on this tree at the very top sits a bear cub. He doesn't know how to get down from there, he's afraid, and so he cries.

"Where's his mother?"

"He didn't listen to mother and ran away alone so far.

- So far away and without my mother-the hare was surprised-is it possible!

"That's what a bear cub turns out to be, and now he's in trouble because of it. We need to help him.

- Of course we need to help Mishutka get out of trouble - agreed the hare - and what should we do?

"I could fly over and get his mother, but he doesn't know where he lives." Call your hares, they run far, maybe someone saw.

- Okay-agreed the hare-I'll run right away and call everyone here.

A hare galloped through the forest and called everyone. The hares gathered, and the hedgehog also came. He heard from the hares about Mishutka's misfortune and also came. Everyone began to think and decide how to help the bear cub. Then one of the oldest hare remembered where Mishutka lives.

"Hey, magpie, I know where he lives, I'll show you." It's very far away. I'll run on the ground, and you follow me.

"All right," the magpie agreed.

The hare ran to Mishutka's mother, and the magpie flew after him, while the little animals were all thinking about how to help the bear, because the hedgehog said:

"What if his mother doesn't make it, and he falls out of there?" We still need to help him out.

The hares thought, but they didn't come up with anything.

"We can't climb trees, and neither can you." How can we help him?

- Yes, of course, - agreed the hedgehog-it is necessary that someone knows how to climb trees.

"Wait a minute," said the hedgehog judiciously, " we must call the squirrel." She knows how to climb trees well, and she will teach Mishutka how to get down from the tree.

"That's right, that's right," all the hares shouted at once. We ran to look for the squirrel!

Immediately, several hares ran in different directions to look for the squirrel. Soon the fastest hare saw a squirrel on a tree. She was sitting in a tree near her hollow house, peeling nuts.

"Hey, squirrel," the hare called, " come here quickly!"

"Who's calling me?" the squirrel replied.

- It's me, hare, come here quickly! We had a disaster in the forest.”

"Trouble? In our woods? Now, now, I'll come down to you.”

Immediately the squirrel came down from the tree and approached the hare.

"What is it, what happened?" Speak, hare, quickly.

- You see, the bear Mishutka did not listen to his mother, ran away far into the forest, then climbed a tall tree, and now he can not get down.

"Why? He has claws on his paws!"

"He doesn’t know how to climb,he's afraid and he cries. Let's go to him, you are good at climbing trees, show him how to do it to get off the tree.”

"Of course, of course, I'll teach him quickly. Show me where to run. You run, and I'll jump through the trees and branches, so it will be faster.”

The hare turned around and ran with a skipping run to the tree where Mishutka was sitting, and the squirrel jumped after him along the branches of the trees, jumping from one branch to another, from one tree to another. So they ran to the tree where Mishutka was sitting.

Hedgehog saw a squirrel, called her and said:

- Hello, squirrel. I'm glad you came. The trouble happened here, the bear cub climbed up this tall tree, but he can't get down and he's afraid, he's crying. You're a smart girl, you can climb trees well. Climb up to Mishutka, help him. We are all asking you very much.

- Of course, hedgehog, now I'll climb up to Mishutka and teach him how to get down from the tree.

Immediately the squirrel quickly climbed up the tree to the bear cub, sat down next to him and touched him with a paw.

- Mishutka, why are you crying?

When Mishutka saw the squirrel, he was happy and stopped crying.

- Squirrel, hello. I'm glad you came. Help me, please. Teach me how to climb down the tree, because I don't know how and I'm very afraid of falling down.

"Don't be afraid. You have sharp claws on your paws. You grab the tree with your paws and step over it slowly from branch to branch.

"I was climbing up selfsame."

"Now go down the same way." Just don't look down to not be afraid. Look only at the branches on which you will descend. And I'll be there for you, so don't be afraid.

"All right, squirrel, I'll try it now.

- Here, look, stand quietly on this branch, which is a little lower, and hold on to the other with your claws.

The bear cub began to do as the squirrel had taught him and slowly climbed down from the tree. From branch to branch, from twig to twig, he stepped over, and held on tightly with his paws and claws so as not to fall. He was already quite down and hurried a bit. He stood on a branch, and it turned out to be old, and broke. The bear cub fell from this branch, flew down. He almost hurt myself, but the lower branch caught his pants on it and Mishutka hung off the ground. The hares were frightened and scattered. Only the hedgehog was not afraid. He sees Mishutka hanging, shouted to the hares:

"Hey, you long-eared ones. Why are you running away? You see, Mishutka is hanging on a branch, we need to help him out again.

They all gathered together again: the hares, the hedgehog, the squirrel, and began to think about how to rescue the bear again.

"We are painfully small," the hares complained, " and you, hedgehog, and you, squirrel, are also small. We can't take the bear off the branch. We need someone big and strong.

The animals were very sad, they did not know what to do and how to help out Mishutka. And Mishutka was frightened again and began to cry.

Meanwhile, the magpie flew to Mishutkin's house, sat down on a tree nearby and called the bear, Mishutkin's mother Maria Ivanovna.

"Hey, Maria Ivanovna, come out as soon as you can, I'll tell you what I know."

The mother bear came out of the house and came closer to the magpie.

"What do you want to tell me, whitebeard magpie?"

"Here's what. Your little son Mishutka ran away, climbed a tree, and can not get down. He is sitting at the top of the tree and crying. He's going to fall from a tree and break himself. Hurry up and help him out.

The mother bear was afraid for her son Mishutka.

"Oh, magpie, thank you for telling me. I was looking for him everywhere and couldn’t find him. Rather, show me where to run to.

The magpie flew to Mishutka, and the mother bear followed her through the forest. The magpie led the bear to a tree where Mishutka was hanging on a branch. The little animals were delighted, they began to tell the bear what had happened. The squirrel and the hedgehog told her to climb the tree as soon as possible and help Mishutka. The bear, Marya Ivanovna, was strong and big. She firmly clung to the tree with her claws, climbed up to Mishutka and unhooked his pants from the branch, put Mishutka on her neck and went down with him to the ground safely.

All the animals were happy that Mishutka was rescued from trouble. The hares even danced, and the squirrel and the hedgehog clapped their hands.

Mishutka was also happy, and began to thank everyone:

"Thank you all for helping me so much. Thank you, hares, thank you, squirrel, and you, magpie, and you, hedgehog.

Then he turned to his mother and asked for forgiveness:

"I'm sorry, Mother, I won't do it again. I will always listen to you now.

She forgave him, did not scold him. Because all mothers love their children very much and always forgive them tricks.


Submitted: May 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Челухин В.А.. All rights reserved.

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