Poem of thirst and love for someone I know.

Her spirit has possessed
my frustrated heart
as a devil claiming,
maiming his gift.
What must I do,
to not see her wicked beauty
which crushes mountains and stars?
Her unholy image -
I stumble to find
and grind swords
etched with words
to defend me.
Cursed with my vision,
her soft curves that 
rolls my mind into disarray,
I'm dismayed by her
monstrous eyes, gleaming,
tip-toeing into me
seeing me for what I am
A slave wanting
needing her immeasurably so!
She's a cunning devil
with fiery hair
A daughter of the sun.
How can I not want her,
her gentle feet and hands
that touch and move
so divinely as to prove she's a deity!
Even a touch...
A mere touch would be too much (!)
Too much; still I envy
the ground on which she walks
I cry to hear her words
that soothes thunderstorms
And I mourn her vacancy
for then she cannot hurt me.
I fear getting so close
to something so dear, for she is a daughter
of devils and suns.
That devil radiates heat
that dries my throat.
I cannot speak!
holy words to save me
from she who comes with invisible weapons.

What am I to do? (...)
All I can do is want
as she taunts me naturally
with how she moves among other.
Why would I bother
With that devil in my eyes
and in my heart?
Because her body
is nighttime filled with stars
rapturing me to count,
until her sunrise
when I die!
I die when she gets too close,
I almost die simply seeing her breathe.
To wish for ease, a release
from this burden
is futile,
Because her cruel smiles
is a trial no hero can overcome.
Not Heracles
and so too, not me.
To fight gods would be easier,
for then I can speak
with philosophies
and perhaps write prophecies of victories
but there is no victory
When I cannot fight
the daughter of devils and suns... (...)
The movement of her lips
capture a brief moment
of weightlessness in me.
Then, I come crashing
into the Earth
as if she hurled me through the cosmos.
There is almost
no way to survive such a hit,
unless you're sick
from her unshaken, glorious
and death-defying gorgeousness.
What am I to do
about the devil in my heart
that tears me apart!
For she is both death and the undying,
master of life
ruler of my strife.

Submitted: May 27, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Dreaming Mango. All rights reserved.

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