Signs of Love?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Yeah, love...

It's like a storm:

Confusing and destructive.

Sent by gods

to test and humour

And to act as torturous muse.


The way your voice

springs and chirps,

making my heart flutter

the melody underneath and the tone

soaking into my mind.

The gods must think it a joke

that I choke on it

listening with such intent

that I forget to breathe.

That I find the sight of you

more important

than air and food.


It's like a storm:

Clouds clashing, thundering terror

into my heart and mind.

The beauty of you,

powerful, and demanding attention.


The way your eyes smiles

and cheeks express themselves.

A radiance, shining on me

and I indulge in your happiness

and I want to see it blossom, flower

and that garden to succeed.

The fruits you will bear

and the life that will spring forth,

and I want to be a part of it.


The gods:

Of love, despair, hope and lust;

things of which I have no control.

They pull on the strings

of my heart.

Their art of seeing what I'll do

if I'll love you

if I'll shatter in the heat

if passion is a virtue or vice.


The smell which you exude,

from nature,

of flowers

parading yellows, reds and blues.

Primordial as if from God's garden

as if existing forever

and only now coming into my life,

A fundamental discovery

lovely as daybreak

and relaxing as nightfall.

Smells as all this, and

still more.

Of aromatic petals

dancing in a summer breeze

and the fresh blossoming of spring,

somewhat of the earthiness of autumn

and the air after light winter rain.

I adore this and this and

all the seasons of you!


The gods:

Bringers of storming trouble,

a fear they've place

a fate they've weaved.

The epicentre of the storm

is that cupid's arrow struck only


and not, adored, you.


You seem endless,

a water well with no end

and a blessing

with no tails of deceit or destruction.

To know you,

a gift from God,

but to hold you

to experience you:

the light and darkness

would be worth more than

all the wealth of the universe

and the only experience needed

to fulfil life.


It's like a storm:

Confusing and destructive

like cupid only loading one arrow,

like torrents of waves...

like swimming across the ocean.

With only a hope to find you on the


in a field of flowers...

A journey I will now take,

perhaps forever.

For you.

Submitted: May 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Dreaming Mango. All rights reserved.

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