The Night Festival.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

We were all on a night out, but what a night it turned out to be.

The evening had just started, and we were all in a terrible state. Someone suggested that we go to the night festival. It's not far away from where we were. I had heard rumours about this festival and what goes on. I said, ''Guys, we should call it a day, and go fro some sleep.''
One of the guys said, ''The night is still young, we can't afford to miss the festival!''
''Have any of you been to this sort of festival before?'' I asked. It is not an ordinary festival. It is rather peculiar.''
''They've got drinks there, haven't they?'' Another of the guys asked. ''That's what we are going for!''
I was just about to tell them what I heard, when they grabbed me and said, ''Let's be off.''
''Come on,'' they said, ''the night is still young!''

The guy who was to drive us there, had quite a few down him, and I wasn't pleased about it. I said, ''Leave the car here. Let's walk, it's not that far away.'' They listened to me, and we all started out on foot.

There was he tall slim one, I didn't take to him very much. Then there was the fat one always on the drink as if it was the last thing in the world. The third one was a bit shy, but he, too, like his  drink. He had jet-black hair, and well built. I think that I was the sensible one amongst them. You have to put up sometimes with your friends.

We got to the festival, and it was already packed. But there was something I just couldn't understand. There was this image on the stage showing its bare bottom. It wasn't vulgar or anything like that, just odd.

Midnight came, and it slips away. Oh, yes, I forgot, there was me. I like to enjoy myself and have a good laugh. That's when the other guys volunteered me for the next performance.

The presenter started speaking in the mike while I stood there next to the image. I was drunk, I admit that, but still had an idea of what was going on. That's what I thought.

I awoke to find that everyone had gone, and just I alone was there on the stage with a plastic knife in my right hand. There was what looked like blood all over the place, and this plastic woman lying there. I saw the police car, and the policeman and a woman. They came up to me and said,''We are arresting you for murder. Have you got anything to say?''
''You got to be joking,'' I said, ''taste this blood, it's tomato ketchup, and the woman is plastic. I''ve been set up!''
The police woman said, ''I'm afraid, sir, in this County, you're not allowed to mess about with plastic.''

The end.

Submitted: May 27, 2021

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