Protect the King

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Review Chain

Even as the pandemic waned in year-end 2021, the world is replunged into chaos and despair when monsters suddenly invade Earth similar to top-hit novels from South Korea. Hope seemed to shine for humanity when a mysterious system that resembled a game moderating AI granted every human a chance for abilities to fight back. But as these abilities were segregated into effectiveness by randomly granted ranks to the people who faced the monsters firsthand, the previous power dynamics worldwide were tousled overnight.

Sitting at the top of this new pyramid are S-rankers who are granted unique titles by the system itself, and Chocolate Sorbetes was both fortunate and unfortunate to be crowned as [The King].


Warning: Contains mature content. Read at your own caution.

This story is still a draft so the content may be subject to change as it progresses. Thank you so much for reading! :3

Table of Contents


A soldier sought answers.
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Monsters invade earth.
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