why i want to write (motivational)

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in this article i have shared some of my thoughts regarding this world and people who are living in this world.


There are thousands of people in the world that we meet directly and indirectly. Every human we see is active.He is engaged in some work and all human beings are the part of this universe. The world exists from the existence of human beings and this is the reality of human beings.
 But I believe:
 "If we look at every human being sitting at a height, it seems that every human being is a complete world."
 Every human world is different from another human being. 
His wishes, ways, thoughts, feelings, social needs, engagements are all different from each other. 
I believe:
 "Every human being is a complete world itself."
 Every human comes into this world and starts walking on a fixed procedure. 
The procedure that is of his ancestors and he has to follow it whether he wants or does not but there are some people who face intersections on the long paths of life.
 Now it depends on them whether they follow the same path or stand at the intersection and take a new turn.
 And we don't learn anything until we take a new turn.
 I believe that walking on the fixed path gives humans the same thing that people have met before, but taking a new turn brings new paths to you.
 You meet new people,new thoughts and new ideas. There are some people who change you from your thinking to action. You start seeing the world through their eyes.
 Life introduces us to two types of humans at every turn, one who is realistic and one who is accustomed to being high.
The realistic man is aware of his reality, he is accustomed to seeing the earth and is happy to see the heavens. Dreaming is not wrong but having dreams after deny your reality or position make us to feel wrong. 
Because lower standard and high dreams often make us criminals and we can go to any extent to fulfill our dreams. 
On the other hand,
The "Realistic men"do  not accustomed to dreams but it does not mean they have left behind the world today they are traveling equally with the world and satisfied. But how? Because they do not be afraid of falling.their wishes or flight is not like high, which are afraid of falling as a season of the weather. Their pursuit is in the lowest and control. They live on earth and fly to the extent where the sharp wind can also not be able to destroy them. Even today, many are the people who hesitate to talk to anyone and afraid from the behavior of the people. They become frightened when someone loudly speak to them. They consider it worship to walk on their ancestor's instructions.
Even today, many human beings who have never thought why they are in this world and what are going on. What was their identity when they come to the world and when they go away? Nobody knows who you are? What do you want? What do you think? No one knows anything. Never come to you as if you do not ask what you want? What do you think? We only do our best to fulfill the desires of people. It does not get time to think what do we want?In order to extract me and all these people like this from this suffering situation.I chose a pen and start to write because in this world is just a pen that connects your thinking, feelings and desires to others. Because every man's life has such a turn that totally changed to him away and keeps his life towards a new destination, where it beats and encourages to fight for himself and encourage the situation. This cord is over and the view of viewing the world turns.
 I want to write so that I can know the thoughts,desires, feelings and mindset of the people. Only the pen is the reason that your thinking and your feelings reach the people's minds. It is said that the reader reads any topic according to his interest but the writer writes his experiences, thoughts and feelings that consider very few people. It is the reason why I want to write so that I may be able to write about me r
or my beloved ones lives and for those people who are  sitting in a corner of the world but having the same miseries of life like us. I want to know all of them and share my own thinking and experiences with them and there's with others.
That's was the story of today.... 
Next story with next turn...
That's the journey of life ... 
Feroza Samer

Submitted: May 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Feroza Samer. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

The truth of many who choose to express themselves through the art of writing.

Thu, May 27th, 2021 10:41pm


Thanks alot for this appreciation.

Thu, May 27th, 2021 10:08pm

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