Clouds by John Eppel

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Enjoy the beauty of John Eppel's imagination of sky
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John Eppel
When I was young I thought that clouds
were balls of cotton in the sky;
now I am old I think them shrouds
and watch them drifting by.

I thought them wooly flocks of sheep
and wondered how they’d learned to fly;
but now I count them in my sleep,
count them as they wander by.
I saw a goose, a safety pin,
some snow, a silvered butterfly;
but now, old comrades, spectre thin,
regard them whispering by.

John Eppel is a Zimbabwean poet. He is the recipient of Ingrid Jonker Prize and NMet Prize, among other literary honors. John Eppel's latest poetry is O Suburbia(2019), and his eighth book Not the Whispering Wild will be published in 2021.

Submitted: May 28, 2021

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