Rose Takes Charge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rose appoints herself as leader

"Sing for us, Rose.” I smile invitingly at the new girl in our fellowship group. It is her third time here, and I already know she likes center stage, and that she is a therapist and had straight A's at Peppertree University.


Rose acts reluctant. I turn my head to accept a bowl of popcorn. Next thing I know, Rose has a microphone in her hand and is belting out a song, opera style, in the tiny living room. 


“Though my heart is torn...” She has pretty eyes which are emphasized with smoky eye shadow. Her bright green dress is cut low to reveal cleavage. 


"I’ll praise you in the storm!" The music ends. "I'm feeling tense," she says into the mic. "Everyone, let’s have group." Setting down the mic, she pulls her chair closer to the sofa that Edward and I are sitting on. “Form a circle everyone!"


People slowly, hesitantly, scoot their chairs in. This is a first. We have never been called to “group” before. None of us know what the new girl is about to do. Will she lead a therapy session?


“Jenny!” Rose calls. “We are waiting for you!" 


Jenny, the hostess, peeks her head into the room, holding a dish towel in her hand. Rose pats the chair next to hers.  Jenny comes and sits in it, her eyes darting to the kitchen, dish towel still in hand. 


"I'm feeling tense," Rose repeats. She sits cross legged in her chair, looking comfortable. "This is the most chaotic group I've ever been to. I’ve led groups with drug addicts, and they are not this dysfunctional.”


I am stunned. Jenny looks imploringly at her boyfriend, who sits on the other side of Rose. He clears his throat nervously. 


"Hold on, now..." he says.


“I came here for connection.” Rose continues, interrupting Jenny's boyfriend. “Instead I see power plays and egos.” She looks at each person in the circle. I avert my eyes, feeling uncomfortable for whoever she might be accusing. “Now, who is in charge?" 


Donald points to Jenny, the woman of the house. 


"No. I am," Rose says. Evidently she was referring to this circle time. "What happened tonight is unacceptable." 


Clearly I missed something. Edward and I had come late. 


“What happened?" I ask.


"There was a little tiff," Donald says. “It almost came to blows as they were discussing the theology of pacifism. But we don't need to rehash it.”


"NO MAN will tell me what to do!" The force of Rose's tone takes me by surprise. She bends down to pull a notebook out of her purse, showing us even more cleavage. “We need to create a minute by minute schedule!"




One hour later, Rose is putting the final touches to her notes. Her pen moves boldly and swiftly across the page of a spiral notebook. She turns the page energetically to write more. I can hear the pen as she presses it into the paper, vehemently circling something she wrote. 


Loudly and with great flourish, she rips the paper out of the notebook. "There!" Sighing with relief at the completion of her self-appointed task, she looks satisfied. "I at least got the schedule until 10pm. I'll type it up and create a shared Google calendar." 


The rest of us look at each other, baffled. 


Submitted: May 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Netalie. All rights reserved.

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Vance Currie

I enjoyed this story Netalie. It is a pleasure to read something by someone who knows how to write, and whose work is so easy to read.

Sat, May 29th, 2021 10:42pm

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