The Legend of the Galactic Alliance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

No one knows from where this story came, Bast said. It was already old when I heard it for the first time, and I’ve lived for millenniums. But the legend has it that this is how the Darkness entered the universe, the same darkness we are fighting now. The same darkness that invaded your world, Sky Queen Mitra of Ancara. And it's said that it holds the answers to how it will be defeated. Sit down, and I will tell it to you. As my ancestors told it to me.

Author's note: The neo pronouns xe/xem/xyr are used throughout the story

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A long, long time ago the Darkness came to this universe. A darkness that fed on the light, and all that was good and pure. A darkness that was devouring the stars and the suns, destroying all the light and joy.


The council of the galactic alliance gathered with beings from all the known universes. They searched for a way to protect the universe and the beings in the lower planes. They searched for a way to stop the Darkness from spreading. 


And so they cast spells and weaved the net. They sent power and healing. But to no avail. The Darkness kept spreading and they couldn't stop it from devouring the stars and the suns.


And when all the light was almost gone, the council gathered again and the chairman said


- Enough! It’s our duty as beings from the higher planes to protect the universe and to spread the Light. We need to stop this Darkness. We need to end it, whatever the price will be.


And a Star stepped forward and said,


- I can do this. I will find a way.


And so xe began to gather an army, calling all the beings from all the different star systems to come to their aide. Many of them responded to xyr call and they began to prepare for battle, to face the Darkness one last time. 


It was a battle they didn’t hope to win, but they couldn’t let despair stop them from doing what they believed to be right. And so they set out, and the battle began.


The galactic alliance fought with all their might, but the darkness was strong and they couldn’t destroy it, couldn't annihilate it. 


As time went on the Star became desperate and xe decided to do the last act xe could. Xe would go to the heart of the Darkness and stop it there, to whatever cost. It was xyr duty as a being from the higher planes to protect the Universe.


And so xe set xyr intention and the spaceship began to accelerate to the center of the Darkness. But just as xe almost collided with it, the ship bolted and xe fell to xyr knees and everything went black. 


When xe woke up xe was in a place xe’d never seen before.


Xe shook xyr head, still dizzy from what must have been a fall.


- What just happened?, xe thought.


Around xem were hills, mountains, and shrubs, something xe’d never laid xyr eyes on before.


Confused and lost, xe thought to xemself, 


- Am I dead? I should be, but I don’t think I am. Where am I? What is this place?


Xe gathered the powers from within, trying to teleport xemself back to the battle but nothing happened. Xe tried again but the hills and the mountains stayed the same in front of xyr eyes. 


I can’t go back, xe realized. I’m stuck here, in some unknown world. 


Fury rose within xem at the thought of it. How could xe, a being like xem, be stuck in a world like this!? But then xe remembered xemself and calmed down. This was no way to behave for a conscious being of a higher plane. And xe began to ponder what could have happened. 


I must be in some other part of the universe, a part I’ve never visited before, xe thought. And it’s not as pure as our universe, it feels dense and primitive. Unclean.. 


Xe shuddered at the thought of being stuck in such a place. Loathsome!


But wait!, xe thought. If this world is still here, it means we won. We must have defeated the Darkness, at least for now.


The thought comforted xem. Xe’d done xyr duty and protected the Universe from the Darkness. Xe’d done well. And if this was the price to pay, being trapped in this lower plane for an eternity, so be it. 


Xyr thoughts wandered to home and all xyr friends and realized they were fading from xyr memory. Xe knew it happened when you descended to the lower planes but xe tried to hold on to the face of xyr friend as it slipped through xyr mind and disappeared. Soon none of them remained.


Fury rose within xem again. Xe was trapped, trapped in a disgusting dirty world with no way of returning home. And xe couldn’t remember xyr name either any longer xe realized...


No, xe reminded xemself again. This is no way to behave for a conscious being from the higher planes. Xe took a deep breath and then took comfort in the thought that xe’d done xyr duty, xe’d saved the world. And if this was the price, xe was willing to pay it.


Decision made, xe began to walk, not caring whereto.


The sun was setting in the sky but xe didn’t care. This was just a dirty place xe would have to get used to living in. 


After a while, xe saw someone walking in xyr direction, a woman with a basket in her arms.


The Star almost looked away. Would xe have to meet one of these low-living beings too? Wasn’t it enough to just live in this world?


The woman came over to xem and said


- I don’t recognize you, you don’t look to be from here?


She seemed to be a friendly and curious person, but the Star ignored her. Xe didn’t have anything to say to a being like this. What did they have in common?


But the woman kept talking, full of enthusiasm.


- You are a star, aren’t you? A fallen star! I saw so many last night, I believe you are one of them. You must have landed here. You must be lost.


- I’m not lost, the Star replied with as much dignity as xe could muster.


- And you can talk! You understand what I’m saying! I’m Assar, the woman continued. I live here in the summer months, collecting herbs.


She pointed at the basket that was full to the brim of freshly picked greens. 


- I’m a healer, you see. I help people.


And she reached out and took the Star’s hand and then cried out


- Oh my, you are so warm! I always thought stars were cold, like the night, but you’re not. Who would have thought?


The Star almost withdrew xyr hand at the touch. A low-level being, daring to touch xem! Disgusting! 


Now, as you can imagine, not everything was as the Star wanted to show to Assar, and deep inside it felt good to have someone holding xyr hand, even if it’s just for a brief moment. It’s less lonely in this strange world with someone like Assar next to xem. 


But xe didn’t let this show, of course, not even to xemself. Xe tried to focus on xyr duties, of finding a way back home and continuing the battle with the Darkness.


- It’s getting dark, Assar said. Come with me to my hut. You can’t be here by yourself.


The words slowly sank in and the Star realized that not only would xe have to stay the night here, but xe really would have to stay for longer. Xe wouldn’t go home. Xe was stuck in this world. The thought made xem shrink.


After that xe let Assar lead xem back, holding xyr hand as they walked. The Star tried to put on a face of being fearless and pretended that Assar’s hand in xyr didn’t comfort xem. But deep inside xe was confused, lost, and afraid. 


Assar’s led xem to her home, a summer hut with drying herbs hanging from the ceiling.


She gestured for the Star to sit down by the table and said,


- I will prepare you some food, you must be hungry. You’ve fallen a long way.


The Star did as Assar bid xem, but didn’t say anything in reply. Instead, xe repeated quietly to xemself


I’m still alive, and we must have won. I’ve fulfilled my duty.


When the food was ready Assar served xem but xe only looked at it with a disgusted look. They didn’t need to eat in the higher planes and the thought of putting something in xyr body repulsed xem. 


But Assar gestured to the food and the Star realized that in this plane xe wouldn’t survive if xe didn’t eat. So for the higher good, xe began to spoon food into xyr mouth, nourishing xyr body without tasting it.


When xe’d finished, Assar couldn’t contain her excitement of having such a strange being in her home and she asked


- So what happened to you? Why did you fall? And why did you come here?


The Star didn’t reply but looked out of the window, ignoring Assar. But Assar felt that xe was troubled, and she was right, of course, because the Star felt lost and confused in this strange world, far away from anything xe knew. Xe longed for home and was afraid that xe would never be able to go back.


So Assar went to sit next to xem. She took xyr hand and then hugged xem, holding xem in her arms. 


The Star let it be, neither withdrawing nor embracing Assar. But deep inside there was a light glowing, a feeling of not being so alone in this strange world. It felt good to have someone next to xem, caring for xem.


Soon xe started to cry in Assar’s arms and all the worry and fear fell down xyr cheeks with the tears. The war, xyr responsibility to stop the darkness, and the fear of being stuck in this world. Everything came out and fell down xyr face


Assar stroked xyr back and said,


- You’ll find a way, don’t you worry. It will be ok.


- But I can’t go back, the Star said. I don't know how to go back. 


And then xe murmured to xemself,


- But if this is the price for our victory, I’ll pay it.


Assar heard xem and asked,


- What victory? What are you talking about? And where did you fall from? How is the life of the star in the sky? What does it look like?


So the Star began to tell her about the darkness and the galactic council and the war. About the battle and how xe had woken up in this world. Assar held xem in her arms, letting xem talk and cry. 


When the Star had finished, Assar said,


- Now this is your home. And you said that you were looking for a way to stop the darkness, maybe that is the reason why you came. Maybe the answer lay in this world.


The Star reflected on what Assar had said. Maybe she was right. After all, stopping the darkness had been the last intention xe’d set before landing in the place. Maybe these lower dimensions held the answer, and it wasn’t a punishment to be here. It made sense, somehow.


Soon afterward they went to bed and Assar still held the Star’s hand as she fell asleep. 


But the Star couldn’t sleep and xe lay awake thinking about the answer that was hidden in this world. But xe couldn’t find it and in the end, xe fell asleep as well.


The next day xe began to help Assar in her work and she showed xem how to collect and dry the herbs and give healing with them. And the Star realized that even though xyr magical powers were gone xe could still heal others, xe could still help. So xe continued to work with Assar.


And days became weeks, and weeks became months, and xe kept helping Assar. No answer came to xem for how to stop the darkness or find a solution to the war and when the autumn was almost over xe decided to return to Assar’s village with her. They had found love for each other in the months since the Star had come and they wanted to be with each other. 


They kept working together as well, and rumors of their healing skills began to spread. First to the neighboring villages, then to the next one and the next one, and soon people from the whole country came to the Star and Assar to receive healing.


As the years passed the Star thought less and less about xyr mission to fight the darkness and find a solution. Xe almost forgot about it altogether and instead enjoyed living a life on this plane, being with Assar, and helping others. Together they grew old.


Then one day, many many years after the Star had fallen to the lower planes, xe was preparing herbs when xe heard a noise outside. Xe went to open the door and outside stood a lion.


- My heart is glad to see your face. We’ve been searching for you for many years, the Lion said


And suddenly, all the lost memories returned to the Star. The Darkness, the war, and how xe’d come to this plane. 


And xe realized xe’d failed, xe’s supposed to find a way back and continue the fight, but instead, xe’d forgotten about it all and done meaningless work in a meaningless dimension. 


Xe began to cry for it all.


- What is happening, my child?, the Lion asked.


And the Star told him about xyr life and how xe’d failed by forgetting xyr duties and obligations. 


- No, my child, you didn't fail us, the Lion said. Because of your actions, the Darkness has stepped back and we are closer to winning than ever.


The Star stopped crying when xe heard the Lion’s words,


- But, how can that be?, xe wondered. I didn't do anything.


- You began to care for this world. That was the answer you were looking for this whole time. You being here was the solution to the problem.


- But the work was pointless, it was nothing compared to the war, the Star protested.


- No, my child. It meant something for the ones you helped. It made a difference for them.


The Star reflected on what the Lion had said.


- You are right, xe said. I’ve found the answer I was looking for. We should come here, to this plane, and continue helping these beings. They are more affected by the darkness than us. 


- You’ve chosen wisely, my child, the Lion said. Now, come with me. I found a way home for you. Come and tell the others what you’ve found.


But the Star turned and looked at Assar who stood in the doorway behind xem. 


- No, xe said to the Lion. You will go. I have my home here.


And the Lion returned and told the other beings what the Star had found.

Many of them followed xyr footsteps and were born into the lower planes, bringing love and healing to it. And by doing so, they defeated the darkness.

Submitted: May 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TheQueerUnicorn. All rights reserved.

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The Legend of the Galactic Alliance

Star wakes up after what must have been a fall, but xe doesn't recognize where xe is. The last xe remembers before waking up here is how xe tried to stop the Darkness by driving her spaceship into it, after that it's black. Now, mountains and hills surrou

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This is our first full short story that’s been published,. It’s gone through so many stages and followed our journey of discovering our genderfluidity. It started as a spiritual story of coming down to earth and the Star was called Star woman, although we always knew xe wasn’t one (but we didn’t have any other word for it).

Then we got a name for our experience, namely genderfluid, and slowly the story started to change with us. The Star Woman became a Star, and we realized xe uses xe/xem pronouns. We still don’t know exact term/label for xem but the closest is agender. (If you have a feeling or clue, do let us know)

Then we discovered that it’s actually a legend belonging to the world where many of our other stories are set and belong to. And then things started to make sense. It was the history of the people we know today in our stories (many of which are non-binary or non-cis).

Would love to know what you get from it and what you feel with the storie

Sat, May 29th, 2021 6:57pm

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