The Silent Mind

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Marek Piwnicki photographer from Unsplash 


I go to you in my mind when I feel alone and lonely. 
It’s a place I cherish. 
A safe haven.
My retreat.

I cuddle up in the warmth of my soul as it reaches out to yours.
My energy is static whereas your energy is electric.
I have no clue. Maybe you do.
I’m sure you do. 

I enjoy the time inside my mind.
It’s safe and easy to deny the outside world when I’m there.
I can get wrapped up in there, too.
Wrapped up in the sound of the wind blowing down the crowded corridors.

I breathe to integrate the thoughts of truth and reality, not quite willingly though. I’d rather escape to inside my mind with thoughts of aversion. To where the almighty denial lives. The self is in confusion, forgetfulness.
My self is distant, searching for conclusion not in the moment.

It’s not yet time.
But I remember.
Remembrances of ancient past lives are lodged in the recesses of my psyche.
They are thoughts of reflection only, like in a dream.

Was I really there? 
Did I actually live those lives?
Was I always this woman?
Did I love all those life times ago?

Who will tell me? Will I ever know?
Who will fulfill me? Is it too late?
Why does the conscience cut itself off?
When will my psyche connect to my soul to complete the circle?

I will mediate amongst the stand of timbers to make communion with nature’s spirits. I will find there the calm I need to replace the anxiety of my body, mind and soul. My psyche will turn one complete revolution to recuperate within my soul. Enlightenment of the soul in alliance with the will’s conscience encourages healing and acceptance for the mind.


Submitted: May 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Elenore B Rigby. All rights reserved.

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