"Dare me" Episode 1 season 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

an overnight app has surfaced in south Carolina where teenagers are playing a dangerous game called "DARE ME" this game however can make you rich or it can break you. there are two types of dares you can sign up for

1 "EASY DARES" That are not dangerous.

2 "Insane Dares" these are very dangerous dares where you can get killed but you can also get rich off these dares.













For ages Kids have dared each other to do Things they either shouldn’t do or just to see what happens. Sometimes you get away with it and you feel like you’re on top of the world other times you get caught and must deal with the consequences of their actions.

 This is a story about one town that gets subjected to an Online App called “Dare Me” that quickly sweeps the nation everybody has heard of it and everybody wants to get their hands on it. However every dare comes with a price.

Our story takes place in South Carolina in the summer. July 5th 2018. I woke up around 6:35 to catch my ride to school. I am 18 and a senior at “Redview High” My name is Elizabeth Jackson. I have a part time Job at a local convenient store I go to everyday after school I am trying to save up enough money to get my first car soon.

*I grab a pop tart from the cabinet and grab my backpack. I stuff a lunch and a water bottle inside and zip it up and walk outside as the bus had begun to approach.

At around 7:30 I had gotten to School and exited the bus and walked into the parking lot towards Skeeter and Fred’s car. *Skeeter was sitting in the driver’s seat of his ford truck smoking a cigarette.*

 “Another day of hell. Man what I’d give to never have to be back here.” You could be in jail.” Fred said. “What’s the difference?” Skeeter said. As he finished his cigarette and tossed it on the ground outside his window. “Pig.” Monica yells at Skeeter as she shuts her car door and walks over towards where the cigarette was lying on the ground and she tosses it inside skeeter’s car. “Hey I didn’t see where it landed.” Skeeter said mad as he started to look around the front seat of his car.

 “Don’t worry about it we need to leave now.” Fred said. “Easy for you to say there isn’t a cigarette in your car.” *Fred gets out of Skeeter’s car and walks over to Elizabeth and hugs her. “You ready for today.” Two months left till we graduate.

 Wahoo. Fred says to be funny. “Yeah then I get to start worrying about what Ivy League college to attend.” Elizabeth says. “Ivy league?” Come on you don’t take that serious do you? I mean why would any sane person graduate high school and immediately go to another school? No thanks not my thing I am going into the army. My dad was in the army his dad was and I am pretty sure his dad’s dad was.

 “We get it.” Fred said. “Come on Uncle Sam we’re going to be late.” “Fine.” Skeeter says as the three leave and walk towards the School.

 *The warning bell rings as the three make their way towards study hall. They walk by Bruce who is the art teacher. “Hey there’s the trouble bunch. “Hey so about this art test we have today can I have a spare sheet with the answers to every question? Skeeter asks.

 “I can’t do that but what I can do is tell you to look up chapter five in the art book and you can study it.” “Ok whatever.” Skeeter says as they continue to walk away.

 As they enter the Study hall room. They noticed everyone was surrounding Jim’s desk. “What’s going on Jim?” Skeeter asked. “Oh hey Skeeter this new app popped up it’s supposed to get you rich if you play.”

 “Really? I’d like to get rich what’s this money making scheme app called?” “Dare me.” Jim says. As he presses a button that turns the app on and a voice comes on the speaker on Jim’s phone.


“Welcome Daredevils. To DARE ME.” I’m afraid you don’t have an account do you wish to sign up?” *Jim hits sign up and puts his email address and Account name into the app.

“Welcome Jim Harris to “DARE ME.” One of the best apps out there and the fastest way to make bank.

Now do you wish to be a dare devil or do you wish to be sidelined all your life?” *Daredevil obviously” *Jim said as he hit the button.* “Good Welcome Now select what kind of dare you would like. *The class watches closely* There are two different types of dares. Dare 1 is “Easy dares” there the dares that will keep you safe but the most you can make is $200.

However dare 2 are labeled “Insane dares.” And these are the dangerous dares where you the player put’s their lives on the line in crazy ways, and you can win up to 20K.

Now select what form of dares you like?” *Jim looked over at Skeeter and said “I want Insane.” So he hit insane. “Ok good now one more piece of information.

In order to pay you we need proof you did the dare so we ask you take pictures during each dare and send it to the private number that will be contacting you in the next several hours to inform you of what your dare is.

 Now at this time you can turn back and not do the dare but you won’t get paid and you will get 1 mark. If you get five marks then you get banned for life.” If you have any questions at all ask now but I can’t go over any questions about the dare at this moment because there isn’t a said dare out yet.”

*Jim hits the button labeled “No questions.” “Ok great a number will text you in a few hours with a dare. Have a good morning. *Everyone got back in their seats as Study hall had begun. It was around noon Lunchtime when Skeeter approached Jim.

“So did that app text you back yet about a dare? “Not yet you know man I think it’s a scam I doubt they will call me back.” *Skeeter and Jim grab two lunch trays and wait in line to get a hamburger.

 “You’re probably right there’s No way that the app is legit it’s a shame but it is what it is. Skeeter says. As they both get a hamburger and fries and a drink. A couple hours later after school Fred and Elizabeth are with Skeeter when when he gets a call from Jim. “So you know that app? They contacted me with a dare. This dare is insane I’m not sure if I should go or not.

 “What is the dare? Skeeter asks as he puts the phone on Speaker so that Elizabeth and Fred could listen. The app contacted me coordinates to a building that has been abandoned and somehow they know a murder had just taken place and they want me to explore this abandoned building at Midnight tonight and stay till three-thirty am.

I have to take pictures for proof.” “What’s the reward?” Skeeter asks. *Fred and Elizabeth look afraid. “$12,000.” “Do it.” Skeeter says. “But the app also told me there is a 50/50 chance the killer is still in the building and I may run into him.

 I could die tonight but I could also become richer. “Do it.” Skeeter says. “If you want I can come to for you know moral support.” No that’s a rule I have to go alone. Skeeter says.

 “Ok I am doing it in case something does go wrong I want you to know the building is “Redview industrial Center.” Its downtown. Just in case something happens and I don’t come back.” “Ok I wrote down the name.” Skeeter said. “You don’t have to go.” Elizabeth says.” “Hey Elizabeth I didn’t know I had an audience but it’s the first dare and I feel like I have to.”

 “Bring a gun.” Fred says.” “I have my dad’s piece. Ok I’m hanging up now talk with you soon.”

*Elizabeth, Fred and Skeeter look at the clock it was 10:30. “Jim will be ok won’t he?” Elizabeth asks Fred. “Yes everything will be alright.” All three of us couldn’t help but be nervous Jim was walking into an abandoned building that possibly has a murderer living there.

 And we can’t go to the police with this not yet.

Where pretty sure Jim will be alright, but there is the chance that disaster could strike and today was our last conversation with Jim ever.

Submitted: May 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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