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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just entered my college writings as a good memoir in time.

To one who humble surviving the wild colors of quarantine, 

It is very teased by the open face dancing pitiless with our carelessness,

How wonders mercy on the humble prayers of an alcoholic,

Never stopped God still knows to breathe why stay at home,

Who is happier by last visit of our Maveli who is still at quarantine,

Soft voices still gather the marriage should be simple,

Fully sanitizing an illness Malayalee stopped their hospital visit for any reason,

What preserves that life originates only from kindness for one’s companion,

And the gentle story marched forward to make the water and air clean as ever,

A large crowd no longer stood to see a corpse surviving the cremation,

I feasted this journey led a story seemed short and reads a living habit,

Children knew we are not old enough to live by only eating junk food,

I muttered to myself the real taste of my mother’s homemade food,

I spent time with my family and learned to listen for a while,

I learned to find my replacement in this happier friendliness unquelled,

Realizing that the waste I had made would only keep me alive for a while,

I looked at the old farm and remembered a place where the grass originated with a song,

I forgot myself and played with those collections,

After forgetting what a beautiful life I had to find a friend who has nothing supernatural,

This short time I realized the life walked against so long is the smallest memoir in a quarantine,

Every moment when no income can see the joys of life and enjoy the forgotten fears,

Yet how to leave this memoir for a family that survives on a meager income,

I cannot summarize the story of the very man who lived with the wages he received that day,

They don’t know what to say first thinking of a lost cup of tea in this early morning,

Thanks for the food kit but can anyone help him light a fire in the kitchen so empty,

Due to the extreme weather conditions those who flee their homes still vulnerable in rescue camps,

Ask my deeper anxiety is this the first lesson what quarantine teaches us,

Let us be kind and inspire each other to live by doing good deeds for mankind,

When one day we will ever witness a future teaching us what we must do being human,

May this openness bring us that we are not numbers in any human existence,

But one of us still needs to understand,

And live all the lessons not in doubt and hatred for others,

Yet accepting the great love God has given us,

Why we will overcome this biggest quarantine we face now for a better future that we want?

Let us unite in this infinite faith within,

And let live the highest vision of our greatest teacher the world has ever seen.


Lord, as I grow older, I think I want to be known as . . .
Thoughtful, rather than gifted,
Loving, versus quick or bright,
Gentle, over being powerful,
A listener, more than a great communicator,
Available, rather than a hard worker,
Sacrificial, instead of successful,
Reliable, not famous,
Content, more than driven,
Self-controlled, rather than exciting,
Generous, instead of rich, and

Compassionate, more than competent,
I want to be a foot-washer.
  - John C. Maxwell

Submitted: May 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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