A Memory Relived

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Learning to share is a rewarding lesson.

I had begun to really enjoy my new project of going through boxes packed since 2009.  I had packed them up and moved them to the lake house and never opened them.  I had marked the box, Grandmother, so it remained untouched until this weekend.  I decided the lock-down would count for something.

I opened a small cigar box that was incredibly old.  It had been my treasure box when I was a kid.  I was thrilled to find the rhinestones and ball tucked inside a velvet bag.  This had been a special gift from my grandmother when I was little.  The red velvet bag protected its precious contents with a draw string bow with a tiny  key dangling off one end and a tiny pad lock dangling off the other end.

Once when grandmother had offered to baby sit the granddaughter of one of her friends, the gift, was the result a conscious decision I had made.  The little girl was very shy and was apparently new to the family.  I knew all about that kind of stuff, being adopted myself.

I assured the little girl that it would all be okay, and she was in for a lot of love.  I got out my most treasured toy.  My jacks were special, it was the first game my grandmother ever got down on the floor to play with me.  We had two balls and several jacks.  I showed the little girl how to play.  We proceeded to play.  She finally came out of her shell and started having fun.

When it came time for her to go home her grandmother came to get her.  She showed off for her grandmother to show her how good she was at playing the game.  Her grandmother got down on the floor and played with her.  I knew everything would be fine now.  She had a good grandmother just like me.  They got ready to leave.

My grandmother came and asked me if I would give my jacks to the little girl and her grandmother.  I said yes.  I felt good and bad.  I wanted to give her the jacks, but I did not want to give her mine.  I even suggested we give them the money to go buy their own.  I loved my grandmother very much and wanted to make her happy.  I said, okay.  The little girl and her grandmother had left.  I went to my room so no one would see me crying over giving up my jacks. 

 About an hour later my grandmother presented me with this little velvet bag full of rhinestones and one of the balls used to play jacks.  I was thrilled.  We instantly got on the floor and played jacks... with rhinestones.  Years later I found out grandmother had taken the rhinestones out of several pierces of costume jewelry to make up enough for a game.  I remember now.  I used to ask her why she wore jewelry with missing stones.  She would say, “They are not missing, I know exactly where they are.”

Now, sixty years later.  I touched the bag against my cheek and could not stop the tears.  It smelled just like my grandmother.  She always wore “White Shoulders” perfume.  My daddy always got her a new bottle every Christmas.  When Daddy got home that day, I showed him my new sparkly jacks.  He, being a diamond appraiser by trade, got out his gold loop, put it to his eye and examined each rhinestone as if it were a priceless jewel.  "I bet I am the only one who ever played jacks with diamonds."  I was so proud of my wonderful gift and had learned so much about giving from the heart.  When giving is done from the heart it is always rewarded, just from the giving.  I knew the little girl was playing jacks with her grandmother.  I knew I had helped her, not by giving her my toy but giving her an assurance of the love coming her way.

For the first time in many, many, years... I play jacks with my grandmother all day last Sunday.  It was a wonderful day. I know I heard her giggle a couple of times. My unpacking boxes project got short-circuited by an incredibly special memory, relived.  What is wonderful is now that I am retired, I can do it again whenever I want.  Yeah!!

Submitted: May 29, 2021

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This was a great little episode to share.

Sat, May 29th, 2021 6:09pm


Thank you. I was afraid at first that it would not be accepted. Then realized others may also be dealing with the loss of someone they truly love. I appreciate your kind words.

Sat, May 29th, 2021 7:19pm

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